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2 months ago
My children have been attending Great Lakes Montessori in Vaughan for a total of 7 years ( My son for 3 and my daughter for 4 years). My daughter will be graduating in June and it makes me sad to leave this wonderful community. Teachers My kids have had Miss Illumina...
3 months ago
My name is Philip Parsons and I was charged with mischief under 5000 and I called what the law for help because I was losing my mind mentally from my mental health problems Mustafa and his team took my case on with no hesitation and understood my situation and told me n...
5 months ago
Terrible experience with Mortgage Commitment after 2 1/2 months and over 10 thousand in fees 12% jumping through a dozen hoops ended up going with another company which approved me in a week with no hassle just look around maybe the guy I was dealing with didn't hav...
L & A
5 months ago
Worst experience of my life. Deadlines not met. Misinformation.Misled.
6 months ago
Awful group of individuals. They haven’t a clue, what they are doing or what their drivers are doing. Then they lie to cover their mistakes. No safety equipment, not even a measuring tape . How these guys claim to get awards is shocking . The people giving these so ...
Broad Business
6 months ago
Expect to be treated with dignity by this very busy law firm. Their professional code of conduct has always been in the best interest of their client(s) that begins with a focused administrator Danelle operating the nerve center balancing out Anthony’s scheduling. Whi...
7 months ago
Satisfaction in providing needed service thoroughly.
7 months ago
I reached out to GB Law in relation to an employment issue I was having. Godfrey was a great help and dealt with my matter expeditiously and was able to resolve my case very quickly. They were with me every step of the way ,and Kinesha was always there to answer any qu...
8 months ago
They are overconfidence, they do work less and advertise more to promote business.
8 months ago
My visit with Dr.Matta is an excellent experience every time I go. Today I went for a vertical vein treatment my feet and legs had a lot of vertical veins they looked bruised and as the result from last treatment to this treatment they look like a 20 year ol...
10 months ago
They offer swimming lessons to children with 4 kids in a class for 30 minutes. There has been no improvement for 2 months! All they teach is kicking and breathing repeatedly. Their manager Harry, is not willing to listen to parents’ advice and find excuses. Swimming ...
10 months ago
I met Anna back in July after being diagnosed with pre-diabetes. She has completely changed my life for the better. She is a genuine caring soul, who listens and offers great advice. Our shopping trip was informative as she explained the importance of reading labels and...
11 months ago
It was my first visit to this place. As much as I was so excited after a few hours I developed pain. However, I thought that is normal. Not so much. On Sunday I saw bruises on my back, for that I will cancel the rest of my visit. I'm in so much discomfort now.
11 months ago
Terrible company I’ve tried contacting them multiple times no call back got my car maintenance the other day and he noticed tape around the engine wires which was there when I got the car and my air bags don’t work either I was a stupid 17 year old and they took adv...
11 months ago
Shaving, waxing, and depilatory creams became a never-ending battle that left me with irritation, ingrown hairs, and a dwindling sense of self-esteem. Frustration was my constant companion until I stumbled upon a life-changing solution: Laser Hair Removal. The treatment...
11 months ago
I admitted my girl with bright path Rutherford when she was just 14 month and I was so worried as she is my first child. But I had an amazing experience And to leave my girl in started giving tears in my eyes as I felt nervous of it. But once I admitted my girl in brigh...
11 months ago
Both my boys have enjoyed their swimming experience at DZ Academy. Both are now licensed Swim Instructors and have undergone many years of swimming lessons with Delana. Delana is a great teacher, leader and role model to her students. She is a teacher at heart and trul...
1 year ago
They provide such a great learning environment for the kiddos! I love the structure and all of the new and fun activities they provide each day! It gives you comfort knowing your child is in good hands and is learning, playing, and interacting with other children their ...
1 year ago
I want to express my sincere appreciation to Mr. Schneider and Mr. Kabain of Schneider Law Firm for their honesty and integrity in response to my initial request. They provided me with invaluable advice and useful information, helping me avoid paying unnecessary consult...
Ras K-man
1 year ago
I have always been pleased with the service I receive at your office professionalism and ability to get to the bottom of the situation Thanks.
1 year ago
Awesome place, learned so much! Would definitely recommend using their services!
1 year ago
I strongly advise against doing business with this company or its owner, Erez, based on my personal experience. It was evident that he had no knowledge of digital marketing and appeared to deceive unsuspecting business owners who didn't have much understanding of it...
1 year ago
Ali did an outstanding job on my transaction. He was fast, efficient and most importantly patient with my many detailed questions. I would highly recommend Ali and Vantage Law.
mohammad reza
1 year ago
Everything from beginning to end was perfect
1 year ago
They are not open to kids with disabilities and claim to have experience with them they already told our son he can't come back because he as Autism and needs extra help so he can't do any activities with them don't