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1 week ago
Excellent services and interventions offered! Therapists are easy to talk to when it comes to my mental health needs
1 month ago
The quality exceeded exceptions the installation of the Tesla Power wall battery, EV charger & solar panels by Robert at Sun Solar Memphis From start to finish. The experience was exceptional, and I am thrilled with the results. The team at Sun Solar Memphis demonstr...
4 months ago
My experience with Evernest so far has not been great. There have been issues with the house since I moved in and when you put in a maintenance request, there is not a response in a timely manner. Also, I was told and have email proof that the yard would be cleanup up b...
5 months ago
Our experience with Mortgage Investors Group was marred by several issues, leading to a negative outcome that prompted us to choose another lender. Initially, agreeing to work with them resulted in a barrage of irrelevant sales and marketing spam inundating my email acc...
5 months ago
Spyder Moving is top Notch moving company to move your items. They work with care and efficiency that is hard to find now. Management has improved a lot too. Highly Recommend!!!
5 months ago
5 months ago
Great Service .... billing sucks! They billed my insurance for services they did not get approved. Rather than fix the problem they put my account in collections. They can't be reasoned with and don't care. I would not recommend them to anyone!
5 months ago
Dr Whorman is an awesome compassionate dentist. Anytime I have an emergency he doesn't hesitate to get me in. I'm so grateful for him and his staff!! Complete professionalism.
6 months ago
DO NOT RENT FROM PROGRESS!!!!!!! We moved into our home on October 2, 2023. We noticed quite a few things that needed to be fixed. We let Progress know multiple times but never received any response or resolution. After the first month, my husband and I refused to pay ...
6 months ago
I am Denise Ellis love miss Shirley in the guy work with her to the left by the front door in Mrs Shirley off they was so nice I thank the guy for coming in pick me up to get my car a red Chevy Cruze LS love it I will give them a 10. And A thanks guys I told some people...
6 months ago
I am NOT happy with my results. I am almost 3 months postop. I’ve voiced my concerns at my 2 post op visits already. Dr Colon did not complete the procedure as discussed. No new belly button and skin was not pulled as tight as It should/could have been…. Because the...
7 months ago
My husband and I moved into Kirby pines 2 and 1/2 years ago and are so glad we did. The residents become family. We have a wonderful caring community where you never get bored. Great staff. Everything under one roof. jean and Raymond harvell
7 months ago
I bought a truck from them cost 32000 it was something was wrong the truck took it back they said was nothing wrong 3mouth later I try to take back to fine what wrong they would not look at it no more the warranty told me it was going out but I try to take it to ...
7 months ago
MS Erica is a outstanding, understanding, and humble young lady and she really work you u go girl thanks you
8 months ago
Great team.
8 months ago
All I want to say is stay away! I had a checkong and saving account with them. 2 months later, I realize this is an organized fraud, not a bank. I stopped all dorect deposit and removed all major autopay. I had aboit 3 small autopay combine of about $40 a month. I depo...
8 months ago
Excellent haircut from the owner, looks exactly like the picture I showed him.
8 months ago
Provided excellent service to our church, Friendship Baptist Church; Pastor Walter Green. Thank you!
8 months ago
Pete started out years ago, taking care of our ANCIENT sprinkler system and has continued to keep the old thing running well so well. He was then a life saver as we covered from massive tree damage that destroyed our front yard. The sod he put down has thrived under his...
8 months ago
Kismet Property is the embodiment of everything terrible about trying to rent from a property management company and not actual humans. I moved to the Memphis area, and before even touching down, I called LaTasha Smith, one of the realtors handling a property for $550/m...
8 months ago
Robert Lofton reviewed his own business below. I would give Sun Solar Memphis 0 Stars if that were an option. Robert Lofton and John Monahan, who Robert referred me to as his installer, of Sun Solar Jonesboro, AR collected $ 8000.00 as a deposit to install a solar syste...
8 months ago
I hate that I have to even give them 1 star. I dropped my 2 year old Great Dane at 7am and at 9am I saw him being humped and called and told them. I then picked him up at 4 pm and took him home. I looked at him and he is missing chunks of fur on his back and blood on h...
8 months ago
No communication what so ever. I called this company literally every day checking to ensure that our documents were successfully processed and uploaded. I was assured that everything was completed. Called back and was told that our application was denied due to pay scor...
8 months ago
One of the WORST investments and experiences in my 20 years as a business owner. If I could give NEGATIVE stars I would. RUN FAST AND NEVER LOOK BACK! I paid for their most expensive package in May. Since may I have been using their service for 6 months to give the...
8 months ago
Awful experience, read on. Right from square one you could tell Progress was a mess with poor internal communication, and you felt you were dealing with a huge uncaring money making machine that built into the lease many opportunities to rip you off. You will find that ...
8 months ago
I would give a 0...who in the hell sets you up with a therapist when you suffer anxiety,panic attacks,agoraphobia and just lost 3 siblings and then i payed for a prescreening over the internet all to have to people, I'm not calling the end ...
9 months ago
THE WORST. Will take your money and never call you back. AVOID this scam artist at ALL COSTS
9 months ago
On May 5, 2021, I purchased my home at 3270 Scenic hwy Memphis TN 38128. My closing agent in the transaction was Mike Fearnly at Apperson Crump PLC. Mike Fearnley and Apperson Crump PLC allowed the sale of the property without properly notifying me that there was a curr...
9 months ago
If you guys are promoting Belong Property Management Company on your site…. Then people should have no trust in this referral company. Belong Homes Property Management Company Are Complete Scam Artists!!!! They rip their tenants off by trying to take all of your secur...
9 months ago
My first time dealing with a personal injury attorney, and I couldn’t be more disappointed with the experience. Accident happened April 24th, demand letter sent July 24th, it is October 4th and my attorney Eric Mogy doesn’t return calls, hasn’t represented my cl...
10 months ago
The Attny never got my Reaffirmation agreement signed by my mortgage co. So NOW yrs later & previous mortgage Co sold to another, I start questioning why my Mortgage payment & loan doesn't show on my Credit report...I call the office & this is what I'm told. So....
10 months ago
This particular school has been an issue since I started. They definitely show favoritism and they help who they wanna help. The instructors talk to you anyway they want to. Very disrespectful. Worst school I’ve ever been to.
10 months ago
Overcharged terribly. Service was adequate and the technician was knowledgeable..
10 months ago
My original review of this salon was VERY positive. However, after being a regular client ( appx every 2 weeks) for over a year, I have decided to take my business elsewhere. What remains positive is the location, the newness of the shop and the support staff. What ...
10 months ago
Terrible property management company and worst experience ever! Lived in our house for almost 2 months now and they are still ignoring our requests to fix a serious water leak that is directly above a light fixture and a fire hazard. Don't waste your time or money w...
10 months ago
Damiens law staff made me feel confident that they would take care of my tax issues . So far I’m very pleased they keep me informed on my case.
10 months ago
On 9/5/23 I called Roto Rooter to come unstop a clogged sink in our master bedroom. They came in the afternoon of the same day. The technician, Jacob, was dispatched to unclog the drain. After about an hour, Jacob tells me that he was not only unable to unclog the dr...
for better or worse
10 months ago
10 months ago
If you want to have your fur baby in the worse uncaring hands do take them to this clinic. If you want to be told that because of the breed of you dog will be killed if they try to bite any of the most uncaring staff, do take them to this clinic. If you want to watch th...
10 months ago
Terrible company. Terrible customer service. Second time in a row I could not see hardly any fertilizer in my grass. Called to talk to a supervisor and got a run around from terrible customer service person that told me they did not have a phone number for a supervisor....
10 months ago
For the first 35 payments towards my auto loan i-bank charged a $15.00 "convenience fee" in order to make payments using their online portal. My guess as a way to force you to open a bank account with them or mail a payment in (who in their right mind does that ...
11 months ago
I am a current resident of Meridian Property Management (Memphis, TN) and my family and I are preparing to go 5 days with no central air conditioning. Our air went out on Tuesday, Aug. 15th. I have two young ill children which I made EVERYONE I came in contact with aw...
11 months ago
Best Barber Shop in Memphis!! Very professional, courteous and a overall good environment.
11 months ago
Best Commercial cleaning company Hands Down!!
11 months ago
Thus has been the worst experience with a lawfirm that I've ever had. Rosalyn Dobbins was my initial attorney and I only heard from her twice about my case. Then the lawfirm went through some changes but I was assured that it wouldn't affect my case. 2.5 years l...
11 months ago
It's imperative that you do research before hiring this firm. They were not honest and upfront with me, never returned numerous calls, texts, and emails. When they did they were unprofessional and rude more times than not. They told me I would be charged 33% of my s...
11 months ago
Predatory money grabbers with unfair and uncaring management. They booted my car when I dared to park in their parking lot without purchasing one of their overpriced parking decals even though I'm a longtime paying member. Yet today I overheard the manager "J...
11 months ago
My house at 7**7 Maple Grove rd, was literally struck by lightning last week (8/4/23) and we've gotten no follow up once we got someone to first come out in response to the emergency work order. The contractors from Omega Construction were nice and fixed the door fr...
11 months ago
I had a terrible experience with this law firm. My lawyer was rude, condescending, and always too busy to discuss my case.
11 months ago
Great company