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In this digital era, the online reputation of an organization can make or break a company’s online reputation. All business owners should be extra careful about the reputation of their business. Bad reviews about your enterprise can put you at greater risk of losing potential customers. However, reviews are not everything when it comes to […]

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In this digital era, the online reputation of an organization can make or break a company’s online reputation. All business owners should be extra careful about the reputation of their business. Bad reviews about your enterprise can put you at greater risk of losing potential customers. However, reviews are not everything when it comes to online reputation management. In this digital world if you want to professionally manage the online reputation of your business then you need the assistance of reputable reputation management software.

We have prepared a list of the most reliable and cheap online reputation management software of 2022. We have also listed the best reputation management software of 2022. Online reputation is no trivia matter and you should never take it for granted. However, you should only invest your time and money with the correct software. Therefore we have prepared this list of the software after extensive research.

Brands are not in isolation, especially in the virtual world. They are connected with the people, products, and services that they provide to the customers. Since users are more conscious than ever to select who they choose to get in business with, it is important to protect the personal reputation of everyone surrounding that brand.

What Are Online Reputation Management Tools?

Online reputation management software helps you manage reviews, chats, and all client feedback from a single platform. These tools also help estimate the growth or decline in a brand’s online reputation. In this modern era, these tools are vital to managing the online reputation of organizations. They not only save your money and time but also provide end-users with great value and an easy-to-manage platform for managing everything. According to a survey report, a whopping 94% of users see 8-10 positive reviews before making a decision about buying a service or a product. Customer feedback from online platforms like Yelp, Facebook, and Google help clients decide whether they should or should not buy from an online store.

After extensive research, we have come up with all the best online reputation management (ORM) tools that are both powerful and reliable partners of any business owner. These ORM tools include social media monitoring tools, analytics tools, and review management tools. We have also listed the best overall reputation management software therefore carefully read this article from start to end to understand all the benefits.

Best Personal Reputation Management Software of 2022

1) Trust Analytica (Best Overall)

Trust Analytica

Best Over All Reputation Management Software

Trust analytical is by far the cheapest and most reliable online reputation management tool of 2022. This tool offers a complete package when it comes to managing a company’s online reputation. From web chats to social media monitoring, and google reviews trust analytical covers everything. Unlike other reputation managing software, Trust Analytica is not just limited to managing online reviews.

Trust Analytica is a powerful and reliable tool that can help you with:

Get More Online Reviews

Trust Analytica provides all of its users with a user-friendly client portal. This all-in-one portal helps clients manage and respond to all reviews from google, social media, and websites all in one place. Using Trust Analytica’s online review management tool you can also request reviews from happy customers to get customer feedback about your service or product.

Help With Booking Automation

The booking automation calendar enables your client to book your calendar according to their time of convenience. This helps business owners avoid confusion and preparer for meetings with real-time reminders and notifications. The AI-Based platform also sends automated SMS reminders prior to a meeting to easily manage all your bookings with clients.

A Single Messaging Platform

Unlike other reputation management software, Trust Analytica provides its users with a single easy-to-use messaging platform to send and receive messages through MMS, SMS, webchats, social media, and emails. Other than that this platform also helps you with data of online leads.

Manage Web Chat & Action Buttons

Trust Analytica takes control of your action buttons like the “sign up” button, “buy now” button, and other important buttons to generate real-time reports about leads and other information. Getting messages from all the customers from various platforms in a single portal will help you manage and reply to all these messages in real-time. This will help you enhance your online reputation by capturing leads on auto-pilot. This platform also allows you to answer customer queries even after they have left your website.

Manage Payments & Sales

Trust Analytica is not just some ordinary reputation management software. This amazing tool can help you automatically generate invoices and then send them to customers through both emails and SMS. This artificially intelligent platform also helps you with payment monitoring for your local business.

Helps You With SMS & Email Marketing Automation

This platform can do email automation to enhance the online reputation of your business. By using this tool business owners can thousands of emails to clients within minutes.


2) Birdeye


Birdeye is another online reputation management tool that can help you manage reviews and chats from social media platforms, yelp, google, and other popular platforms. It can also help you manage positive and negative reviews from online review sites. Birdeye provides a reputation management solution to all its customers and works as a social media management platform. It is not just limited to managing chats and collecting reviews as it also helps business owners convert more leads.

BirdEye can help your business online reputation in the following ways:

Here are some more benefits of using BirdEye:

3) Yext


YEXT is also one of the most reliable online reputation management software that helps brands build and retain a good online reputation. It offers a cloud-based network with different apps, search engines, and more. Yext also syncs your business with 150+ online directories that include Apple Siri, Google, Yahoo, Yelp, and Google Maps. It also provides a unified platform to manage all your chats and reviews.

Here is what YEXT provides:


Yext is currently offering 4 pricing plans that include Emerging for $4 / week, Essential for $9 / week, Complete for $10 / week, and the premium version for just $19 per week.

4) Reputation


Reputation, an online reputation management tool provides solutions that help your business become a popular brand and become chosen and endorsed by all your customers. This tool uses customer feedback to help improve the online ranking of your business. It provides users with real-time review monitoring to help monitor reviews from customers from all online platforms.

Here are the main advantages of using Reputation:

Why You Need Personal Reputation Management

Many times, when you are not on top of the developments happening in the virtual world, you can be caught by surprise. That way, you and your related brand can get into trouble without knowing and doing anything to neutralize it.

But when you have a modern reputation management tool in your corner, you can be informed about happenings before anyone else and then take care of them.

Top Tools For Personal Reputation Management In 2023

There are many online tools that can help people of interest with their online personal reputation management. Being in the business, we can help users with the best options. So, here are the best tools for personal reputation monitoring and management in 2023.


It goes without saying that this is the best tool that you can get for the money. It comes with an intuitive dashboard where you can keep tabs on all the factors surrounding your brand. The pricing is just perfect, depending on the package and scope, whether you are a small business or a large corporation. If you are interested in unified messaging and other peripherals of the online business, TrustAnalytica is your trusted partner.


Birdeye is another exceptional tool that can help brands with online mentions, sentiment analysis, and more. You can get notified the moment your brand gets a mention on the chosen platforms. The pricing is dependent on the number of locations, but it is overall a good deal.


Want to set up a dashboard for personal reputation tracking and management and then forget about it? This is the best tool for you in 2023. Yext makes sure that your brand stays in the right light when it comes to perception and online chatter by users. This is more on the expensive side but the bump in price is worth it, especially if your brand knows how to make use of extensive services.


Apart from being an exceptional tool for online personal reputation management, ReputationX has a wide range of blogs and articles on useful information. Again, this is more of a pricey option, with a lot of bells and whistles under the hood. You can book a demo for free and then pick a plan to unlock all the features.

Summing It All Up

Picking a tool for online personal reputation management is a tough nut to crack because many things depend on this action. We have covered many options for you in this blog, with the editor’s choice at the top. So, be sure to check out the platform today and earn exceptional rewards.

In conclusion, online reputation management platforms are vital to growing and then maintaining the reputation of your business. Business owners should never take their online reputation for granted as it can result in huge losses. Use one of the powerful and reliable reputation management software and say goodbye to the trouble of managing reviews from hundreds of platforms.

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