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Google Maps is a proud billion-user club that allows users to locate a specific company or business around the world. Users can add and customize places and locations and make sure that they can have complete control over the discourse. Like many other online options, reviews and peer feedback is the most important aspect of […]

by  Brad S |  August 4, 2022 |  Read 6 min

Google Maps is a proud billion-user club that allows users to locate a specific company or business around the world. Users can add and customize places and locations and make sure that they can have complete control over the discourse.

Like many other online options, reviews and peer feedback is the most important aspect of the functioning of Google Maps. Businesses seek positive reviews to stay on top of the market competition. This allows them to have better exposure and discovery index online resulting in improved revenue streams.

That’s why many businesses and marketing agencies use online business reputation software to keep tabs on developments.

On the consumer end, the question remains: Can you get paid to write reviews on Google Maps? Since businesses earn much through positive reviews indirectly, there should be a way for frequent reviewers to make a buck.  

Getting Paid For Google Maps Reviews

The complete cycle of reviews and customer acquisition is based on the feedback loop. Businesses with a modern outlook toward technology implement processes to make sure they are always in the ring to fight for the customer pie. That’s why they are always urging and appealing to clients to leave them a positive review with high star ratings.

So, businesses earn a lot in both revenue and future capital but a reviewer can earn anything? The simple answer is YES!

Brands often reward positive reviewers with discounts and gifts. These are legally not the payments for those reviews or positive comments but gifts. In this light, there is a fair example that people cannot turn the idea of reviewing Google Maps for businesses to earn money. It is not that businesses do not want to reward the well-wishers, it is because they are barred by Google policies.

Google has adamantly chalked out in its policies and guidelines that businesses cannot generate reviews through monetary rewards. And those who are found in violation of this could be penalized through poor search engine rankings and even removal of Google My Business profile – the home and hub of businesses to enjoy Google services.          

Spotting Real Reviews From Fake Ones

There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to discriminating fake reviews from the original ones. Most of the time, it is a trained eye of a digital marketing professional with intuitive insight or gut feeling. Other times there is a pattern in fake reviews where people cannot only spot one but many fake reviews.

The simple rule to flush out fake ones from a lot is in the content. In most fake reviews, reviewers do not have first-hand experience with the services or products of a seller. Instead, he would blab about the things that are easily available on the internet. 

True reviewers explore more about the experience, the quality of services, and other things instead of beating around the bush for generic things.   

Turning Google Maps Into a Service-Offering Site

There are many ways an ambitious and learned person can turn Google Maps into a paying website for himself. Keep in mind that Google Maps are not merely drawings of roads and ravines but pinpoints for locations, commercial locations. These locations can benefit a lot if they become easily discoverable and get the exposure that can give them an edge over the competition.

Following are some of the ways people and companies turn Google Maps into a service-offering platform, including reviews and ratings.

We will discuss these services in detail in a later section. But first, let us explore the seed or kernel through which these services sprout and reach businesses and companies – drop-servicing!    

Drop-Servicing – A Feasible Business Model

In most cases, service-providing businesses deal with a lot of cost heads, including permanent salaries and overheads. This could lead to burnout and even failure of a business. Drop-servicing is a great way to start and manage a business that can thrive on Google Maps.

Drop-servicing puts the owner in a supervisory role where he can connect with businesses and offer services that are revolving around Google Maps. The best part about this idea is that there is less and less costly to deal with. For instance, instead of hiring full-time employees with all the benefits and perks, the owner can go for freelancers who work for either fixed projects or per hour basis.

There are some small downsides to this such as supervising all the ins and outs of the business, including customer acquisition, quality assurance, finances, and so on.

Still, what you can save from these can be bigger and could be worth all the trouble.     

Connecting With Businesses

After deciding to do the drop-servicing work, the most important thing is to get the new clients rolling in. This needs a little bit of practice and then an internal procedure to make sure there will be no void in the client deck.

When a person starts a drop-servicing business, he wants others to assume that he is good at selling things. Perhaps, the real test is selling your services in the first place.

Cold calling is a great way to start. Even businesses that do not have any Google Maps profiles will have their phone numbers or emails online. For future partners, this is the initial point of introduction where they get to know each other.

Everything should be done with utmost respect and consideration for businesses because pressing or harassing someone will not get you any new customers. Instead, relying on past achievements and showcasing them to potential clients will open new avenues of success that are around Google Maps and other related services.   

Services To Offer Associated With Google Maps

Google Maps is not a simple or static platform. It is directly connected with what businesses can do or achieve on Google as a whole suite. That’s why there is immense potential to get work done on Google Maps. This is where the following tasks and projects can help individuals and businesses to become better and more efficient at rendering services and making it a positive sum game.     

Google Maps Reviews

As mentioned in the earlier sections, Google Maps reviews are still relevant for both the businesses that are reviewed and the reviewers. As per Google guidelines, businesses cannot reward reviewers monetarily because it would kill the spirit of free and fair reviews. 

Also, fake reviews, when crafted and posted poorly, can be detected from a mile away. Instead, professionals use online business reputation tools such as TrustAnalytica to monitor and keep tabs on online chatter regarding that business. 

Google Maps reviews are still the best source for prospects and customers to find reliable businesses in and around their vicinity.      

Optimization Of Google My Business Profiles

Google My Business is a platform where businesses can make profiles and get in the game where they can employ all the tools and software that are designed to help businesses stand out online.

The problem is that many businesses do not understand how to optimize and fully furnish the details on the profile. From adding a consistent name, address, and phone number to adding strategic photos and multimedia to let consumers know all about the business are some of the things that are covered in the optimization of Google My Business profiles.

Enhancing SEO

Search Engine Optimization is about following the best practices that are laid out by search engines, such as Google, for businesses. Proper SEO practices allow business websites to rank higher and enjoy more visibility across the board.

Google Maps play a central role in improving a business’s SEO. In modern practices, Google employs local signals to determine its worth in online currencies. The closer and more trustworthy a source to a business are, the more points it would get for reviews and locations.

That’s why this route is taken by many professionals to help businesses grow in the virtual world.    

Digital Marketing Services

SEO is merely a part of the digital business world. There are many other dimensions to it, including but not limited to, Search Engine Marketing, Link Building, and Social Media Marketing.

Having a solid base in Google Maps allows businesses to perform extremely well in all of these spheres. The mere opportunity to showcase positive reviews leads to the bandwagon effect allowing more people to review and become a part of the brand.  

Multimedia & Social Media Services For Businesses

Much of the online content is about images and videos. People who are adept at taking spectacular shots or filming movies are better off compared to static trades. 

Google Maps allow businesses to add images and pictures of their locations. Also in reviews, it adds authenticity and appeal for both businesses and customers.   

Summing It All Up…

Google Maps is a great resource for businesses to not only become discoverable in the online world as well as add more value and worth to its name. Google Maps reviews remain a crucial part of the Google ecosystem. 

Professionals who understand their ways around Google Maps can earn a lot but keep in mind that Google Maps reviews are not the only thing that they can capitalize on. This article has chalked out all the possible ways. It is best to go through it before taking on a new role.          


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