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Are you wondering how long does it take for a Google review to show up on a Google Business Listing? Are you having trouble seeing published reviews from your happy customers? Google business reviews certainly help towards building your online reputation. According to a report people tend to read 8-10 positive google reviews before making […]

by  admin |  February 26, 2022 |  Read 7 min

Are you wondering how long does it take for a Google review to show up on a Google Business Listing? Are you having trouble seeing published reviews from your happy customers? Google business reviews certainly help towards building your online reputation. According to a report people tend to read 8-10 positive google reviews before making an online purchase. One thing is clear google reviews can either make or break your online reputation. However, not seeing your own google review or google review from customers can be very frustrating. Therefore in this article, we have compiled the most significant reasons why a Google review is not showing up or how long does a google review takes to post.

Read this article from start to end to know how long does a google review takes to post or why google reviews disappear from your google maps listings.

Dynamics of Google Reviews For Businesses

When it comes to custom reviews and testimonials, there are more than one influential platforms that businesses, particularly small and medium enterprises, can explore. Google Reviews certainly comes at the top with its immense reach, trust with users, and integration with other online business management tools. When leveraged and taken advantage of, Google Reviews can yield exceptional results for brands. In this section, our focus will be on what happens when people post Google Reviews surrounding their name, products, and services.

According to the in-house sources from Google, perhaps the best way brands can improve their online presence is by collecting and consolidating Google Reviews. Here is how the search engine giant ranks businesses based on the quality of reviews.

When someone searches for a business, Google crawlers rank and index pages from brands, based on the integrity of their customer reviews and testimonials. Those who have better Google Review posts get to climb to the top of SERPs. Those who do not, remain in the oblivion of the internet.

In addition to this, Google selects local businesses in its Local Pack, a block of three or five businesses against a search query. Since it has proved to improve sales and outlook for businesses, it certainly pays to maintain the best reviews from customers.

Modern buyers are wary of flashy sales promotions and deals from brands. Instead, they rely on peer-generated content to make their purchasing decisions. For example, when a potential customer sees a glowing review from another user, it will have a more positive effect on him than seeing a marketing copy from the business.

That’s the reason it is not enough to simply collect Google Reviews from customers. Businesses need to display them in such a way that prospective customers can see and get influenced by them.

Whether a review is good or bad, it can always reveal insights for brand managers. If a review is good, it means that everything is working fine for the users. But if reviews are not good and many users are highlighting the need for improvement in certain areas, it is time to do some introspection. Successful brands understand that and even start by teaching users how to post a review on Google. The more testimonials they receive, the easier it will be for them to understand their operations and improve them for the sake of their customers – and ultimately for their business!

How Long Does It Take For Google Reviews to Show Up?

Usually, when a customer posts a review, they can almost instantly see their review as published however in reality these reviews may still take some time to be published. According to reports, some reviews get published in 2-3 hours, however, some reviews may even take 2-7 business days to get published. There are various reasons why some reviews take so much time to become published. There are some articles that claim that you need at least 5 reviews for a rating and reviews to appear, well that is the thing of the past. Nowadays we can see many business listings in google search results with Some online reviews may never get published at all. Some fake reviews may even be taken down from the Google business page as these reviews violate google’s policies. positive reviews or negative reviews that are posted by customers may not even be published after a manual review from the Google team.

The Google Team Answer For How Long Does a Google Review Take To Post

A typical reply from a Google representative regarding review publishing delay typically looks like this:

Reviews posted by customers as positive or negative feedback are subject to moderation. Moderation of reviews includes some manual and automated (AI-based) checks. This is done to make sure that all google reviews are compliant with Google Review Policy. This is done to make sure that the reviews don’t contain any prohibited or restricted content.

Moderation can take some time, the time it takes for moderation may delay the publishing of google reviews. The AI-based automated moderation tool is very accurate but it is still not 100% correct, this means that sometimes the legitimate reviews can be tagged as fake google reviews and can be filtered unexpectedly.

If all of your reviews are being filtered out or more google reviews disappear in up to three days of being published then you should Ask for Help From Google.

Top 10 Reasons Why Google Reviews Take So Much Time To Publish

It is possible that Google might be facing some problems on their end that can cause a delay in publishing reviews. Here are the most significant causes of Google Reviews taking a long time to get published:

Because of staff shortage problems during Pandemic Google team might also be facing problems with manual google review moderation. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the google team was not providing support for Google My Business Account and Google Reviews for 2-3 months. After the pandemic, the workload was so much that the Google team is finding it hard to manually review and resolve review problems. This might be causing a delay in the publishing of google reviews.

It is possible that there may be issues with your google my business listing. These problems can prevent the reviews from appearing or being published on your google maps listing.

Incorrect Business location or other information can prevent google reviews from appearing. It can also negatively affect your SEO and negatively affect the online reputation of your business.

If this is the problem then you are lucky there is an easy fix that can resolve your problem. Simply log in to your google my business account. Go to the info section of your GMB account and click the marker that appears in front of the address section. A popup will appear, enter the updated address and edit any other inaccurate information about your listing. Click the Apply button to save these changes.

Inaccurate Information About Your Business

Doing this will most probably resolve your problem after the updated information is processed by Google in 24-48 hours’ time.

Search your own business on google with exact keywords and location and see if there is a duplicated listing of your business. This way you can find out if your customers are posting reviews on the duplicate listing and not on the real one.

If that’s the case, you can report the duplicate listing to google for review immediately. Reporting the listing help you take down that listing. A duplicate listing will not only make you lose positive feedback from potential customers, but it will also confuse your customers and negatively impact the customer’s experience.

Sometimes when you remain inactive from your google my business profile then there are chances that your Google may have unverified your listing. According to Google, being inactive for more than 6 months can cause this problem.

If that’s the case, then immediately log in to your google my business profile, regain verification, update your listings, and mark your business as open. If this doesn’t work then you should consult Google Support.

If there is no problem with your google my business profile, there are no duplicate listings, and your listing is still active, then there are chances that the problem is with the review.

Google has a strict policy towards what reviews are appropriate and inappropriate. If any review violates the Google policies then it may never be published even after 2-3 months. These are the reasons why a Google review may not get published or taken down:

If the issue is not with your Google My Business listing, chances are that there is an issue with the review itself. If a review violates Google’s policies, it will be removed.  Let’s run through some of the common reasons why a Google review might get removed. 

No matter if there are bad reviews or good reviews from an Employee, google will not publish that review no matter how many times the employee leaves reviews. New reviews are also monitored from local search and a fake review is detected through AI. Remember that Google reviews are used to show genuine feedback of original customer experience and google will never compromise on the authenticity of the reviews.

Google does not allow reviewers to add links to other websites and businesses while adding online reviews about a business.

Google does not allow reviewers to post reviews with links and URLs to other websites. 

Google AI-Algorithm can detect if a business owner has paid people for posting positive reviews about a business to improve their rating. If this is detected then Google may penalize your business listing causing your search rankings to sink.

Customers who leave reviews with aggressive or profane language no matter how positive or negative will not be published. Educate your customers about what language is appropriate while adding a review to your GMB listing so that you do not lose positive feedback from your customers.

In Conclusion, google reviews are one of the most important factors that can either boost or hurt your online reputation. Being cautious about customer feedback is good for your business and keeping an eye on your Google reviews may also help you attract more customers.

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