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The rising complexity in the world of the internet is making things harder for businesses, especially local companies, to stand out from the rest of the market. The rationality index of customers and prospects is getting higher with each passing year and they expect to learn more and quicker about a company they are about […]

by  Brad S |  July 30, 2022 |  Read 7 min

The rising complexity in the world of the internet is making things harder for businesses, especially local companies, to stand out from the rest of the market. The rationality index of customers and prospects is getting higher with each passing year and they expect to learn more and quicker about a company they are about to place an order with.

The start and end of this hunt for the perfect company are other clients’ reviews and testimonials. After placing the order and getting products or services in return, these “prospects” will leave comments according to the quality of experience they had.

Google Reviews is the foremost choice of clients when it comes to the most reliable testimonials and rating clients. Managers and marketers of businesses use modern online business reputation software to keep tabs on these developments.

It is a common observation that business websites like e-commerce stores have Google Reviews on their website where clients and prospects can check them out without leaving the website.

In this article, we will explore;

Why Adding Google Reviews To A Website Is Important

According to studies, over 86% of modern consumers rely on Google Reviews and other testimonials before making a purchase. They look for all the variables that can make or break a deal for a company, such as pricing, delivery, the behavior of representatives, and the overall experience of placing an order and receiving it.

After going through this, what other way to leverage this immense potential than by incorporating Google Reviews right on the website.

Here are some short and long-term benefits of displaying Google Reviews on a website.      

A Solid Social Proof

There are two distinct characteristics of modern consumers:

Having Google Reviews on your website will make sure that they have all the things they need to understand the business better right in front of them. They would not have to leave the website to do “essential” research.

Having social proof that your business is legitimate and has already paying clients gives confidence to new customers that they are making the right decision.    

In Line With “Google” Trend

These days, hardly a new thing comes to our knowledge and we do not Google it to learn more about it or to at least verify it. The search engine is a repository of knowledge and wisdom no matter which topic or area you are targeting.

Google Reviews on a website is the extension of that knowledge-seeking demand and supply. Once you have them right in front of the eyes of consumers, they would not have to go somewhere else and they can determine whether that business is right for them or not.

The focus here is to be trendy and sleek where clients can have everything they need to be in intuitive length, even if that is Google Reviews.     

Trust Index For Reviews & Testimonials

The line of demarcation between personal recommendations and online reviews is blurring over time. In this day and age, there is a vast majority of people consider online reviews and testimonials to be as sincere and legitimate as personal suggestions.

But not all the online reviews are the same, especially the ones that are not carrying the Google logo. It is because customers would readily know that the reviews could be fake.

Google Reviews, on the other hand, comes directly from the people who post them. This is the biggest difference.

Targeting Prospects The Right Way

Trends and preferences are changing or at least they are modifying through different means. A study has revealed that around 69% of millennials trust online reviews more than TV advertisements.

There is no denying that TV ads have become a thing of the past but this is not the sole reason for distrust. Google Reviews seems like the modern iteration of “word of mouth”. People think that people like them are talking to them and addressing them about the virtues and vices of a company.

Estimates put the number of reviews that the average millennial prospect goes through before making the purchase is 10!     

Improved Search Engine Optimisation

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the bread and butter of modern businesses. With the volume of content pumped out on the internet, this is one of the most essential things that is keeping businesses afloat.

Google Reviews, when embedded on the website, can serve as the anchor point for internal linking and optimization. Since they are directly responsible for other metrics such as consumers’ purchasing decisions, click-through rates, and so on, businesses must implement a balanced strategy for Google Reviews to gain points from local search results.  

Low Bounce Rate Leads To More Returns

Bounce rate is inversely proportional to the time a user spends on a web page before moving to another. As it is evident that it should be lower because it would mean that users are spending more time on the page.

Google Reviews can be solicited and highlighted as fresh content. This makes it a commodity and there are cases when people become entrenched in Google Reviews before making the decision.

Ultimately, this leads to better gains and more earnings per unit invested in bringing more money and traffic to the website. Even research on hotels’ room rents has shown that establishments can jack up over 10% of room rent prices against each increase in review star without losing customers. So, a big win-win for businesses! 

Top 5 Google Reviews Tools To Link Google Reviews To Your Website

Now, after going through all the benefits and merits of having Google Reviews embedded on a website, it is time to take a hard look at some of the best Google Reviews tools and widgets that allow companies to incorporate them right on their website.

We will keep our eye on value over mere pricing and factor in all the auxiliary benefits and perks businesses can enjoy without paying extra.

So, let’s get started!  

When it comes to embedding Google Reviews on a website in a hassle-free manner with added benefits and control over metrics, there is nothing in the market that can beat what TrustAnalytica brings to the table.

It is a foremost online brand reputation brand which means the company has diverse experience and expertise in handling all the variables that are responsible for a business’s or person’s online perception. The company offers a vast range of services but here we will discuss the Google Reviews widget.

Since the motto of the company is about empowering small businesses with the muscle of automation to become more competitive, the process of getting onboard with TrustAnalytica’s Google Reviews widget is simple.

Browsing through the website, go to the “Products” and choose “Reputation Management”. Clicking on it will take you to a page. Scroll down and you will see a sign that says “Add to your Website”. Clicking on it will take you to a sign-up page with an overview of the services you are about to get. What sets it apart is its bundle of services that come free with Google Reviews widgets, including WebChat, appointment booking, secure payments & invoices, as well as bulk text messages.

So, if you want to turn browsing users into paying customers, it is best to start now!

The online commerce industry is all about converting browsing users into paying customers. Since the users there have always the intention to purchase, the task becomes easier but not all that simple.

For integrating Google Reviews on a WordPress-based e-commerce store, WooCommerce Google Customer Reviews is a great widget.

It allows businesses to show the aggregate of ratings at the bottom of each page which makes it simpler and easier for clients to make up their minds. Also, to boost trust and an unbiased approach, the monogram of Google Certified partners is displayed along with ratings.

Since online stores often struggle with getting reviews and positive ratings, this tool offers an automated opt-in survey to ask customers to write reviews after the purchase.       

If the name of the tool is any hint, readers will know that it could be a frictionless experience to get Google Reviews on your website, whether it is based on WordPress, Squarespace, GoDaddy, Shopify, Weebly, and so on.

The onboarding process for this plugin is a breeze. All you have got to do is submit a form with all the essential details and the rest will be taken care of by the developers.

In addition to the basic incorporation of Google Reviews on the website, businesses can take advantage of the shortcode provided by Easy Google Places Reviews to take advantage of the feature on individual pages and posts.  

Google Reviews Widgets is a leading plugin by Google, which is the largest and most widely used online search engine in the world. The tool allows complete control to users to import and showcase Google Reviews on their websites in a seamless and hassle-free manner.

For improved performance and less reliance on Google Places API, Google lets you save reviews on the local site-building database, resulting in better site loading and optimization.

Another merit of this plugin is that it can shorten and trim long reviews without losing the context and show them in the widget.   

Everest Google Places Reviews comes with a minimal yet industrious look to give the in-depth look at the Google Reviews embedded on your website with a single glance. In addition to this, managers can customize the dashboard to make it more suitable for their workflows.

It offers five different templates with both slider and list styles. The control for users does not end there. Even after choosing the type of template, businesses can customize badge designs, animations, navigation styles, and so on.

The cherry on top is that a business can add multiple Google Places to get reviews from multiple sources. 

Essentials Before Incorporating Google Reviews On Your Website

The task for marketers does not end after incorporating Google Reviews into the business websites. They need to be on top of the developments, especially that are happening in the digital marketing and SEO realm, to take full advantage of embedded reviews and testimonials.

Following are some of those developments that should be prioritized by marketers and managers across the board.         

Updated Google My Business Profile

An updated Google My Business profile is a must as it helps customers in getting authentic and latest information about a business. 

Balanced Approach Toward Reviews

Both positive and negative reviews are for a reason. The best way to deal with them is by taking a balanced approach and avoiding both bribery and confrontational situations.  

Timely Responses & Replies

Customers leave reviews and testimonials in the hope that they will be read by the company as well as other customers and prospects. So, a company should set some time aside to furnish the reviews and testimonials with apt responses. 


Getting Google Reviews for your products and services can be a game-changer. The need of the hour for businesses, especially local companies with poor financial resources and limited reach to harness the power of feedback.

This article has shed ample light on the importance of Google Reviews and the tools that can help marketers to embed and display Google Reviews right on their websites. They should make a rational decision based on value and money ratios to get the best experience from the widgets.    

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