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If you do your accounting job right, you don’t need to improve your online reputation; it’s going to be great anyway, right? Wrong. For accountants, improving online reputation is probably even more critical than for other businesses, which, say, produce physical goods. In niches, like accounting & tax services [whose results are often confidential], social […]

by  TrustAnalytica |  October 26, 2020 |  Read 5 min

If you do your accounting job right, you don’t need to improve your online reputation; it’s going to be great anyway, right?


For accountants, improving online reputation is probably even more critical than for other businesses, which, say, produce physical goods. In niches, like accounting & tax services [whose results are often confidential], social proof means a lot.

It is the upset customers that take to the internet and vent their slightest upset with business online. Happy customers don’t go blessing the world with positive reviews, whenever they encounter excellent service. Unless you create a system for them to do so.

This is why having a strategy for nurturing a positive online reputation for an accounting firm is a must measure to stay atop of the competition.

The USA accounting industry is worth $113 billion and employs 569 thousand people in 95 thousand businesses. That’s a lot of private and corporate competition out there.

So how exactly do you improve the accounting firm’s online reputation? For a step-by-step algorithm, just stick with us another 3 minutes.

High Authority Of Online Reputation

Here are just a few online reputation stats to comprehend the importance of reputation for accountants – or any business for that matter:

Moreover, some of those people you pay to find your company online, only to later lose them due to poor handling of accountant reputation management.

How Do Customers Check Your Reputation?

There are several ways to check user reviews for any business, and checking accountants’ reputation is not much different:

Google Maps search: however many results, you can sort by business rating.

Better Business Bureau allows clients to launch a complaint and leave a review.

Online Reputation Management for Accountants: Why Bother?

Now that there is an understanding of the importance of online reputation management let’s see specifically why every tax and financial services company needs to get a firm grip on online reputation management tools.

  1. Your marketing funnel stops leaking. You invest lots of money into SEO and SEM only to end up losing up to half of the traffic due to bad reviews.
  2. Better rankings everywhere. When you create a way to feed positive reviews into review engines, you automatically start going up in search across all channels.
  3. More leads and higher conversion. All you need to do is to encourage positive reviews and reply negatively systematically. Easier said than done. But the ROI is so worth it.

Ways To Improve Online Reputation For Accountants

Tell About Your Business On A Website

You control every letter on your website. That’s why having one is the default setting in 2020. Precisely so, as it costs as little as a couple of hundred dollars for a landing page.

Feed Your Blog With Expert Content

Blogging is a lot of work, indeed.

But it’s also a sure-fire way to demonstrate your accounting firm’s expertise and propel your website to the top rankings due to SEO.

Testimonials – The Powerful Weapon Of Persuasion

Social proof is a powerful purchasing and decision-making trigger. Ensure you have a page or at least a section on your website with client testimonials. In the best-case scenarios, they will link to a live person’s profile on Linked In.

Own Your Accounting Firm’s Online Listings

Pretending you have no idea about the company with the same address and name as your company, which people review, is no winning strategy.

Claim every listing you can on the web for control. To stimulate positive reviews. To minimize the damage of the negative ones.

Engage In Social Listening

Accounting and tax services are too delicate a matter to put them out there in full for other people to comprehend the nuance of business. This is why any social feedback oozing on the review websites and social media is too valuable not to pay attention to.

TrustAnalytica helps businesses recognize the eminence of social listening and convert them into actionable insights.

Pay Attention To Social Media

Social media is a powerful leverage to boost online reputation management for accountants for two reasons:

  1. There are reviews that clients check.
  2. Engagement of your business and clients with social media is part of the Google ranking algorithm.

Monitor Google Alerts

Google alerts is a 10-seconds and 0-dollar mission to set up. The insights you get from seeing your brand mentions on the web are immeasurable.

Wanna spend the most productive 10 seconds in your career? Set up Google alerts.

Manage Negative Feedback Like Your Business Depends On It

If a negative review concerns poor customer service and has nothing to do with your professional team executing their accounting duties seamlessly does not matter. When potential clients encounter negativity, they tend to react in one way overwhelmingly: leave.

TrustAnalytica focuses substantially on the negative review management, minimizing its harmful impact in the short and long term.

Ensure Media Outreach

Guest posts, interviews, being a guest on somebody’s podcast: all these actions bring extra authority to your business. When people search for your company online and see other websites mentioning you extensively, the trust index goes high, and the conversions are so much more likely.

TrustAnalytica: Reputation Management Solution For Accountants

Building an online reputation management system for accountants is painstaking work that is both: rewarding and tedious.

Rules of the game keep changing, and it takes a professional to monitor and timely address all emerging signals, ensuring your company’s image online is flawless.

TrustAnalytica knows how to manage accounting firm reviews or how online reputation management works in general. We offer an accomplished suite of services that help elevate the accounting firm’s reputation.

Our business development packages start with just $99 per month and include:

To provide you with a scale of the workload done for under $100 per month: the Basic package includes a massive 50 reviews per month, 20 local directories postings, and 20 social media boosts!

The time to take control over your online reputation is now, CPAs and Tax preparers.

Allow us to pleasantly surprise you and show just how great your company is, in fact!

Try TrustAnalytica today, boost your online reputation with little investment, and zero hassle.


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