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The beauty industry is definitely in its best shape ever in 2020, and the future looks promising. Instagram and self-care driven society pays a premium dollar for staying fit and young-looking. Currently valued at $525 billion, the industry is set to grow by another 5-7% in just a few years. Excellent online reputation has become […]

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The beauty industry is definitely in its best shape ever in 2020, and the future looks promising. Instagram and self-care driven society pays a premium dollar for staying fit and young-looking. Currently valued at $525 billion, the industry is set to grow by another 5-7% in just a few years.

Excellent online reputation has become the primary lead driver for many smaller players, like cosmetologists, nail technicians, hair stylists, estheticians, massage therapists. But many beauty salons and private practices suffer from negative reviews, losing clients every day to one dissatisfied client’s rants online.

How do you improve the online reputation for beauty salons to achieve a constant stream of customers and be in a position to drive rates gradually?

Read TrustAnalytica’s full guide on how to manage salon reviews, how online reputation management works, and more.

The Power Of Online Reputation

To start with, let’s check some review management stats:

Needless to say, online reputation is even more critical within the beauty industry, where the status of specific authority figures drives companies. For example, it’s an individual colorist’s work that people are checking before getting an appointment, however great a salon may be, people book with beauty specialists, based on their personal portfolio and reputation.

How Customer Find Beauty Industry Specialists

The beauty industry is unique for several reasons:

So how do clients check if the salon they heard of is worth a visit?

Google [beauty salon near me is a frequent search].

Google maps [this type of search can be sorted by ranking, which proves the importance of having a Google Business account, where users can leave reviews].

Facebook business page




Why Manage & Improve Your Online Reputation?

There are quite a few positive rewards awaiting businesses who acknowledge the importance of reputation for beauty salons and start proactively working on a positive online status.

    1. Higher conversion. According to stats, the more negative mentions you get, the more clients you lose, with 22% of users falling victim to just one negative remark on the 1st page.
    2. Increased brand awareness. As we ascertained, Instagram is a robust reputation management tool for the beauty industry. Ladies look for colorists and tattoo salons via hashtags. The more comments, the more people will see a post, find out about your brand, and start following your business page.
    3. Cheaper advertising costs. Review management is part of SEO as well as an overall digital marketing strategy; when done well, it has the power to drive your advertising cost down. Big companies like Google and Facebook take into account the overall authority of the domain when providing a spot in users’ feed on a paid basis.

The online reputation management system for the beauty salon is complex and has a myriad of benefits, these being only the main ones.

Steps How To Improve Online Reputation For Beauty Salon

Design A Website

The website is a way to inform, educate, convert, attract, and nurture your clients. You own every word that users read on your website. This is a privilege business wished they had all over the internet. So make sure to tell a beautiful story to your website visitors.

Engage in Social Listening

Hearing your user is one of the most vital parts of marketing you can efficiently leverage and convert to a positive surplus in your bottom line.

TrustAnalytica monitors all major social media websites and other platforms to timely register and respond to accordingly: minimize or amplify.

Feed Your Blog With Authentic Informative Content

SEO is a lot of work, true. But this is the only way to a sustainable business model across the board, and the beauty industry is no exception.

This is your chance to portray your beauticians as top pros, showcase your work portfolio, and provide lots of social proof to choose you.

Online Reputation Management For Beauty Salon: Testimonials Everywhere

Don’t be shy about exhibiting your reviews anywhere and everywhere that has your name on it. You spend so much time collecting those genuine opinions, go ahead and let them see the world. Website, social media, YouTube, ads copy – share the words of gratitude wherever you can. Let your clients be your salespeople.

Tackle Negative Reviews Strategically

One negative review can bring an incomparable expanse of harm to a brand, that entrepreneurs and business owners may fail to attribute to it.

There are different schools of handling negative comments in the reputation management realm. TrustAnalytica pays a sizable amount of attention to negative review management minimizing its impact, or at times, converting them to a positive leverage with a proper timely response.

Take Social Media Seriously

Instagram is huge for beauty salon reputation management. Ensure you pay extra attention by replying to every comment and DM in seconds, posting regularly, and using recommended hashtags.

Track Brand Mentions [Google Alerts]

There exist different online reputation management tools that allow you to get a notification every time somebody mentions your chosen keyword online, like your brand name. Google alerts is one such tool, which is easy to set up and free.

Reputation Management Software For Beauty Salon

There are several SaaS solutions that offer reputation management software.

Features offered by these tools include:

      • Response management
      • Review generation
      • Review monitoring
      • Social media monitoring
      • Sentiment analysis

TrustAnalytica is a new addition to the family of such sophisticated review management solutions, that can elevate the weight of this workload for a modest monthly payment.

Trustanalytica Solution For Reputation Management

Do you keep checking your beauty salon reputation with little bases to be proud of time and time? Do you realize you need to improve the salon’s online reputation urgently? Do you acknowledge the importance of online reputation management? Are you looking to delegate your hair salon reputation management to a reputable vendor?

TrustAnalytica knows everything about beauty salon business reputation & we are offering you to arrive at your own conclusions free of charge.

Try 30 days of free access to sophisticated yet intuitive reputation management software to boost your SEO, increase brand awareness, and drive more clients through the doors of your beauty salon.

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