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Reputation management is a buzzword of the 2010s that turned into a powerful promotional tool in 2020. How can construction companies improve their online reputation weaving it harmoniously into their digital marketing strategy for consistently high results? TrustAnalytica gladly shares the expert tips and best practices on how online reputation management works, how to manage […]

by  TrustAnalytica |  October 30, 2020 |  Read 5 min

Reputation management is a buzzword of the 2010s that turned into a powerful promotional tool in 2020. How can construction companies improve their online reputation weaving it harmoniously into their digital marketing strategy for consistently high results?

TrustAnalytica gladly shares the expert tips and best practices on how online reputation management works, how to manage construction company reviews, and more.

The Importance Of Online Reputation For Construction Industry

There are few industries in the world, whose market size in the USA alone exceeds a heavyweight figure of 1 trillion dollars. The US construction industry market is $2tr.

More interestingly, there are 3.2 million businesses employing 8.7 million contractors. This means there are a lot of small contractors out there competing with each other alongside more prominent building companies.

With that much competition locally, nationally, and internationally, it’s no surprise that big companies integrate construction industry reputation management into their marketing plan.

A positive review increases the chances of your product or service being used by a massive 92%, while a negative review will deter 82 %..

How Do Customers Check Your Reputation?

8 out of 10 people read local business reviews.

How can your potential clients check a construction company’s reputation? When looking for a reliable contractor to take care of their building and construction needs, potential customers are likely to use ones of these services:

Online Reputation Management For Construction Company: Why Bother

Isn’t being a diligent, ethical business with great pricing and impeccable construction services, not enough?

Not in 2020, no.

Our advice is to treat construction company reputation management as you would treat word of mouth in the early 20th century.

Just as you wanted to speak to the right people with the right connections. Just as you needed a big sign so that everybody passing by could see it. Just as you would need to pay for an article in a local newspaper to spread awareness about your brand.

You now have to do all the same things – but online. Reputation management has gone digital. And this is good news for smaller players. You can come across as big on the net with little patience and minimal investments.

When a business improves construction company online reputation, you automatically get the benefits of these side effects:

Ways How To Improve Online Reputation For Construction Company

Build A Website: A Foundation For Your Online Reputation

This is one type of building, that’s not your type of construction, we know. But online real estate is as precious as offline buildings.

A website is your business card, your yellow pages, your encyclopedia, and the sales & marketing department. So, all in all, the ROI is worth the effort.

A website is a chance to describe what you do ON your terms and IN your hand-picked terms. You don’t get that privilege often on the internet, so use it wisely.

Construct A Blog

A blog is a must-have for big construction companies, like Bechtel, Flour Corporation, Turner Corporation, AECOM. But smaller private construction contractors can benefit hugely for local keyword search with a blog, providing the know-how and sharing expertise locally.

Let Your Client Testimonials Be Seen & Heard

You work so hard to ask your happy clients to share their reviews. It’s a pity to let all those warm words go unnoticed. Reviews and testimonials belong on a home page in a section with social proof.

If your company decided to go full-fledged website, not just a landing page, a testimonials page could also help your site rank higher in local SEO.

User Review Management: Grow Positive Reviews, Minimize Negative

Reviews are the new WOM. With TrustAnalytica services, businesses can monitor their user reviews across major platforms, request reviews via different channels and generate reviews with the business-relevant keywords.

Social Media: Not Your Side Project

Social media has become part of the Google algorithm long ago, so it’s vital to provide a consistent set of activities across channels to ensure:

  1. High follower numbers & constant growth of the fan base
  2. Regular posting of original content
  3. High engagement rates with your content

Backlinks: The Pillars Of SEO

Google is all about customer experience. They want people to keep using them, not some Bing or a local provider. They want to have all the traffic possible to be able to sell those sweet spots for advertisement.

And one of the major factors in Google rankings is how popular your website is with other industry websites. To put it simply: the more reputable sites link to yours, the better.

Give them a reason to link to your site: attend industry forums, speak at events, become a guest on a podcast, write a thorough guest post.

3D Virtual Tour Of Your Office

Incorporate the 3D Virtual tour of your office to bridge the gap between the online and offline. Make your users feel at home with your team and company by raising credibility. TrustAnalytica has the 3D tour creation as a service.

Track You Brand Mentions

Google Alerts is a free tool that takes under a minute of your time to set up. Use it for checking your construction company reputation and mentions online. Warned means armed, right? With a timely signal, you can quickly react to great and not so great news.

TrustAnalytica Solution For Reputation Management

A positive online reputation is an asset that costs money, time, and expertise to build and maintain. Construction industry reputation management is our specialty. TrustAnalytica offers a wide selection of online reputation management tools as well as years of know-how on the market.

If you know the importance of online reputation management because you keep getting one upset customer out of a hundred venting their dissatisfaction online or because you know your competitor’s hundreds of reviews help them steal your share.

Whatever the reason you decided to deep-dive into this topic, we have the offer you cannot resist.

Get your reputation up and working for you with this 30-day free trial offer, that includes:

Let us show you how great a job your construction company is doing!

Let us help you convert an undecided construction service potential client into your customer.

Let’s build the impeccable online reputation your company deserves!


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