How to improve online reputation for Dentists: Guide

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The American smile costs the nation an astounding $138 billion a year, with 189 thousand dental offices and 1 million medical staff servicing the patients. A reason for a dentist to smile is to receive a positive review on social media, Google business account, or other review platforms. Naturally, with the digital word of mouth […]

by  TrustAnalytica |  October 30, 2020 |  Read 5 min

The American smile costs the nation an astounding $138 billion a year, with 189 thousand dental offices and 1 million medical staff servicing the patients.

A reason for a dentist to smile is to receive a positive review on social media, Google business account, or other review platforms. Naturally, with the digital word of mouth gaining more weight in the SEO algorithms, the value of a review is a given for any business owner.

Read on this practical reputation management manual to find out:

The Power Of Online Reputation

61% of potential clients will first read reviews only to proceed with purchasing based on the outcome of the research. 6 out of 10 people will check to see what other patients of your dentist office think about your services before booking an appointment.

What will they find in your case? How often do you check reviews? How do you reply to them? What’s your policy regarding negative reviews? Do you keep an eye on the reviews of your competitors? How do you approach your happy patients for a review?

The weight of the online reputation is only getting more substantial with time. The importance of online reputation management is not there just to acknowledge anymore. It should be spurring everyone into action.

Let’s see what can be done to improve dental clinic online reputation.

How Do Customers Check Your Reputation?

Before we provide you with a 7-step algorithm to boost your image on the internet, let’s quickly go through the platforms that allow patients to vent their anger and say the words of gratitude to their doc.

Regrettably, though, many happy patients will never remember your service until they need another treatment. Upset clients, even if disappointed with something minor, will make sure to find 5 minutes to let the world know how inattentive your receptionist was on that day.

Channels you should check to see where you stand in terms of the ratio of positive vs. negative reviews:

How To Improve Online Reputation Management For Dentists: 7 Effective Measures

Develop A Dentist Practice Website With Local SEO

First things first: a website is the only digital property that belongs entirely to the dentist clinic owner. This is the right channel to portray yourself in the best possible manner: educate, inform, persuade, and convert your users into patients.

Collect Reviews & Feature Testimonials

Review collection should be an ongoing process for any business that relies on local SEO. Future clients keep checking the dentist’s reputation across all channels, and negative reviews tend to stick on top of the list unless a constant stream of positive reviews finally overpowers.

Review generation and posting is a critical part of a dentist’s reputation management. Mind that TrustAnalytica’s 30-day free trial includes Review Management Inbox, Premium Review Widget for your site, 100 SMS review requests per day, and 1000 email review requests. That’s what we call a solid start to your dental clinic reputation.

Fuel Your Dentistry Blog With Engaging Authentic Content

SEO’s major pillar is content. When you fill your blog with authentic professional sought after material, you attract traffic and raise your expert profile in the eyes of colleagues and patients.

Listen To Your FanBase All The Time For Insights

Your marketing pays a top buck for the surveys and other means of getting customer feedback. Social media insights are free and most effective. TrustAnalytica tools allow businesses to hear and convert such user sentiments into efficient actions.

Own All of The Online Listings

Local catalogs and industry forums may allow users to leave reviews to businesses. When you claim such sporadic listings and have them on your radar, you get notifications whenever somebody posts something and you have a chance to react quickly.

Nurture Your Image On Social Media

Social media can be a great lead generator for dentistry professionals, as white teeth look so good in the Instagram feed. Ensure to use respective localized hashtags so that you can be easily found. For example #teethwhiteningnyc

Grow your fan base with giveaways and discounts. Ensure high engagement with informative posts for best SEO results.

Monitor, Prevent, Minimize Negative Reviews

Negative reviews have an overwhelmingly bigger power than positive ones. One of the major functions of TrustAnalytica is negative control management.

We monitor any negative sentiment, prevent it by establishing a client feedback and minimize its impact by timely responding to them with the right tone of voice.

Set Up Notifications For Google Alerts

Tracking your brand mentions helps to react timely to both negative and positive feedback. Google Alerts service literally needs 2 data points to be set up: your Gmail account and your keyword or brand name you need to be notified about. Free and easy.

Interviews And Media Outreach

Backlink weight is the second biggest pillar of the high SEO ranking. Building the network of reputable industry websites leading to yours is no easy task, but it brings impressive ROI. Speak at the conference, conduct a free webinar, become a guest on a podcast – any brand mention on the web is a plus into your Google karma.

Trustanalytica Solution For Reputation Management

If your company understands the importance of reputation for dentists through the bad experience or positive one.

If you are looking for the right Reputation Management Software For Dentists now to boost your online image.

If you cannot decide on the online reputation management tools that are right for your dentist practice.

We have an offer few could refuse:

TrustAnalytica has a 7-day free trial that includes a plethora of tools and actions to whiten & strengthen your online reputation.

Let’s get more patients gifting this world a broad professionally-taken-care-of American smile. Start a free trial now.

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