How to improve online reputation for Plumbers: Guide

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Online reputation management for plumbers is as crucial a success factor for your business growth as the quality of your talent pool in a company. It doesn’t matter how skilled and customer-oriented your HVAC team is if you cannot keep them busy because of the poor online reputation management. How to improve plumber online reputation […]

by  TrustAnalytica |  October 30, 2020 |  Read 5 min

Online reputation management for plumbers is as crucial a success factor for your business growth as the quality of your talent pool in a company. It doesn’t matter how skilled and customer-oriented your HVAC team is if you cannot keep them busy because of the poor online reputation management.

How to improve plumber online reputation in a manner that is natural for both: for customers and Google algorithms? The bad news is: it’s a lot of work that needs to be done religiously. The great news is: you can delegate it to reputation management companies, like TrustAnalytica.

If you prefer to DIY it or to delegate this critical part of your digital marketing strategy, this is the only choice you have.

The point is: you cannot ignore it anymore. You have to acknowledge the importance of online reputation management.

Need a reason? Your competitors have. And they are working their way to the top of every imaginable review site there is.

Online Reputation Management For Plumbers: Why Care?

90% of consumers will check business online before visiting it.

Well, there goes your first impression. Do you remember you only have one chance to make the first impression? For 9 out of 10 people, it’s now taking place online. Your physical contact is already a layer on top of your online presence.

67,7% of purchasing decisions have been impacted by online reviews. 2/3rds of purchases were based on the reviews. Pretty major, right?

Moreover, as the online consumption over the world grows, eCommerce share grows compared to total retail sales each year, overall customer culture shifts more and more towards checking & trusting online reviews.

Ways To Improve Online Reputation For Plumbers

Let’s review some of the concrete steps on how to improve plumber reputation management online.

Start With A Website

Websites used to be the privilege of the most advanced companies just a decade ago. Now a student can put a WordPress website in half a day. If you don’t feel like DIYing it, a landing page creation can be as cheap as 100-200 dollars on a freelance site.

The best thing about having your website is: you create, post, and own every single letter on that piece of digital real estate. Nobody else. Not an upset client, not an ex-employee, not a competitor. It is your chance to tell your story in the positive words you hand-pick.

Encourage, Showcase, Promote Testimonials

If you are looking for an answer on how to manage plumber reviews, it’s great to start with a review widget placed on your website. Alternatively, you can create a section on a home page or an entire separate testimonial page, that will be fed with the new reviews coming from your customers.

Have a system in place where all of your sales managers have a KPI to encourage your customers to leave a review – be it on Google, Facebook, or your website.

Go Full-Fledged Social

Social media is there to stay. All major search engines recognized the importance of social media by including its activity into the ranking algorithms. Ensuring your website is connected with your social media is the best practice. Keeping fresh and engaging content is as essential as encouraging client reviews on social channels, like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.

Collect User Reviews

Review Generation is a meticulous process that requires consistency.

TrustAnalytica has 2 services to enable review request collection: via SMS and emails. Even if your user leaves as much as 5 stars – great, but we also encourage them to use keywords in their reviews for best SEO.

Nurture A Plumbing Blog

There is so much wisdom given away for free nowadays on the web: the best companies share their insider secrets, housewives share their granny’s family recipes, and top speakers give endless speeches for free viewing.

That’s because they get traffic in exchange. Traffic is one of the most valuable assets there is nowadays. Just like online reputation, this is the 21st-century gold.

Feel like your company’s marketing funnel could benefit from some constant stream of traffic to your website? Create a blog, that’s fun to read for experts and rookies. Write articles that help professionals and amateurs. By sustaining a high-quality blog, you are establishing yourself as an expert in HVAC & plumbing matters.

Manage Negative Reviews

1 negative review is worth so many positive ones, we all know that. They drag your online reputation down.

TrustAnalytica helps customers counteract, prevent and minimize negative reviews for increased overall score and higher rankings.

Claim Ownership Of Your Company’s Online Listings

It’s a good practice to find out about where your plumbing services are reviewed without you owning the profile. Claiming your business allows for more control and a better representation of your company.

Keep Your Radar On Brand Mentions

Setting up Google alerts is the easiest and free way to monitor if somebody mentions your company on the internet. The Google Alerts set up takes less than a minute, so it’s time well spent. Start following who mentions your plumbing services so that you can address any potential issues timely.

Master Guest Posting And Podcast Guest Speaking

The rule of a thumb is straightforward: the more websites mention your brand, the more authoritative you come across to the Google algorithm. There is nuance to backlink management: spammy website backlinks can do more damage than good.

But there is only good to come out if you start sharing your wisdom regarding the HVAC and plumbing across the reputable industry resources. Growing a mass of legitimate website backlinks is an integral part of the online reputation management system for plumbers.

Reputation Management Software For Plumbers

For the US $106 billion plumbing market that employs over half a million people, the SaaS market offers a variety of solutions to online reputation management tools.

Among such players, there are solutions like:

Usually, review management systems and reputation management software will feature such modules:

Trustanalytica Solution For Reputation Management

TrustAnalytica knows exactly how online reputation management works and is happy for you to delegate this mundane but crucial activity to us.

A team of professionals who know precisely how to create, drive, and promote your positive reviews.

The digital marketers who have the know-how of dealing with negative reviews so that to minimize their impact.

The experts who developed the software that automates most of the routine work for you.

With packages starting as low as $99 per month, our clients receive:

You will know this investment is working within a couple of months when rankings gain the weight to go up in algorithms.

The time to act is now. Your competition is doing it. Let TrustAnalytica tell the world how awesome your plumbing services are!

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