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With the USA roofing contractor market sitting at $47 bn and a quarter of a million people employed, it’s safe to say that some competition is going on in the industry. How do you get ahead of that massive competition in the 21st century, when just one negative mention on the 1st page of Google […]

by  TrustAnalytica |  October 30, 2020 |  Read 5 min

With the USA roofing contractor market sitting at $47 bn and a quarter of a million people employed, it’s safe to say that some competition is going on in the industry. How do you get ahead of that massive competition in the 21st century, when just one negative mention on the 1st page of Google shakes off 22% of your potential customers?

How to improve the online reputation for roofers in 2020 to get a sustainable influx of positive authority to your website and increase rankings of your business?

Read our comprehensive guide in just 3 minutes: to fix more roofs than you did yesterday; to fix more roofs then your competitors do.

Online Reputation The Almighty

If you type in the broadest keyword “roofer” in Google, you will see the most searched terms at the end of the page. Many of them are general inquiries, like “Roofer job description”, “Roofer synonym”, “Roofing Contractor”, but there are at least 2 out of the 12 suggestions, that embed interest towards checking roofers reputation:

At this point, Google doesn’t know if we are potential roofing company customers, belong to the roofing industry, or just heard the word for the first time. But a massive 17% of this very general query already indicates that online reputation is of major significance.

How To Check A Roofer Reputation? Customer Perspective

First things first: many local services will be researched via Google maps with a predetermined area or with the term: “roofers near me”. This is why you need to make sure to have a Google Business account.

USA consumers are well familiar with the leading platform in genuine reviews online: Yelp. But most people come there to vent their negative experiences. So roofing companies need to ensure positive reviews are continually coming in too.

Facebook reviews are most trusted, as they can all be attributed to an account of a person, hardly ever come from competitors or anonymous accounts.

Other highly-regarded sources to hire & research roofing contractors are:

Why Bother About Roofer Reputation Management

Importance of reputation for roofers is so vital for these reasons:

  1. Stop losing your potential clients.You pay to drive clients to your website only to scare them off with negative reviews. Not ideal.
  2. Work on your SEO. Increase your rankings in search engines, like Google and Bing.
  3. Keep up and beat the competition. They are doing it already. It’s time to catch up and overtake their reviews in quantity and quality.

How To Improve Online Reputation For Roofers: The Algorithm

Design A Killer Website

The best thing about web design in 2020, it doesn’t have to be expensive. A solid-looking landing page with these sections:

can cost as low as a couple of hundred dollars on or Fiverr.

The overwhelming expediency about having your own website is that this is the only piece of digital real estate, where you have full control of all facts and statements about your business.

Own All Business Listings

Many websites allow any user to review any business out there. If a company doesn’t claim that business, negative reviews will go unaddressed and may hurt your business.

Get control and improve roofer online reputation by claiming all the reputable business directories out there.

Create a 3D Tour Of Your Office

Build up that trust between your client and your company starting with an online medium. Blur the lines between the digital and offline by inviting your users onto a short walk along your office.

This way, viewers may appreciate the scale of your business and end up seeing your business as trustworthy.

Feed Your Roofing Expert Blog With High-Quality Content

A professional blog allows your company to position yourself as an industry expert and capture your audience early during the marketing funnel as an awareness stage. Fresh and in-depth content will help your website dominate specific keywords and basically put your lead generation on steroids.

Create A Testimonials Page

Reviews, testimonials, and user cases are a fantastic method based on one of the most powerful purchasing triggers: social proof. Ensure your website has extensive testimonials from bona fide customers for better conversion.

Pay Due Tribute To Social Media

Social Media is part of the search engine rankings. The more fans you have, the better reviews you have on Facebook, the higher your engagement with your content, the better it is for your rankings on different search engines.

Review Management

Ask your happy clients tirelessly to leave reviews on all platforms possible. TrustAnalytica allows you to send out review requests via SMS and email to hundreds of clients a day with review requests.

Making it easier for users by providing links to review sites is always a good idea.

Work On Your Backlinks

The math is simple: the more reputable high-authority roofing industry resources link to your website, the higher your ranking is. Ensure active presence on industry forums, conferences, become an expert speaker, do a guest post to extend your backlink network.

Keep An Eye On Brand Mentions

Know when your company comes up or gets a mention on the net to react to positive and negative content about your company quickly. Google Alerts is a free and easy way to start.

Online Reputation Management For Roofers: Trustanalytica Solution

TrustAnalytica has extensive expertise in online reputation management for roofers, particularly in terms of positive online reputation.

Our solution is a great starting point for those who only begin to have concerns about how to manage roofer reviews. We also have packages that will help businesses with an advanced comprehension of the importance of online reputation management to ensure sustainable reputation management.

Our Free Trial package for 30 days includes, among other services:

It’s a no brainer, as it’s an entire month of free reputation management services and access to online reputation management tools, we know.

To start a new era in your business, where your online reputation is even better than your anyway excellent roofing services, start your free 30-day trial with TrustAnalytica.

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