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All businesses need to have a positive perception in the minds of their clients as well as prospects. There is no exception to the industry or modes of providing the services, including medicine, legal services, and so on. Doctors walk on a thin line and need to uphold their reputations to keep on practicing. With […]

by  Brad S |  June 14, 2022 |  Read 5 min

All businesses need to have a positive perception in the minds of their clients as well as prospects. There is no exception to the industry or modes of providing the services, including medicine, legal services, and so on.

Doctors walk on a thin line and need to uphold their reputations to keep on practicing. With the rise of the internet and social media platforms, both the best practices and malpractices are highlighted by the patients and clients.

Still, there is not always fair play going on. Often, people post fake or false reviews and testimonials that can hurt their reputation across the board. That’s why they use medical online reputation management software to keep track of the online chatter.  

This article will cover;

Reasons Why A Doctor May Need Online Reputation Management

Doctors need reputation management to make sure that they are ahead of, or at least in control of, the chatter going on online regarding themselves or their trade.

Following are some of the reasons why doctors may need a solid online reputation management suite:

Doctors Have Volatile Reputation Online

Compared to other professionals and businesses, doctors are more susceptible and even vulnerable to defaming campaigns. People their lives in doctors’ hands and expect predictable results. And the expectations are rising and delivery channels for services.

According to recent studies, over 60% of patients reached out to their doctors online during and after the pandemic. Other statistics revealed that around 84% of the patients looked for new medical practitioners before making a new appointment.

Prudent Approach Toward Bad PR & Negative Reviews

Two things are clear about bad PR and negative reviews:

There are many ways to deal with the antagonistic forces on the internet. But when a business reputation and even that of a doctor is on the line, it is necessary to take prudent steps and should abstain from rash replies and counter-attacks.    

Positive Content For Negative Coverage – A Perfect Tit For Tat

Third-party review platforms like Yelp and Google Reviews are community-based and rarely delete a negative review. On the other side, everyone knows that fake and false reviews are rampant on the internet. So, what a legitimate doctor should do if his or her name is bombarded with bad reviews and vicious comments?

Positive content!

For every negative review or comment, doctors should get at least a dozen of positive reviews. It may sound like a lot but it is not, although it is not easier either.

Whatever a doctor needs to do to save his reputation, it is necessary to keep in mind that there are white hat marketing techniques that they must follow. Getting fake positive reviews or paying someone to put in a good word is as damaging as a negative one, if not more.        

How To Handle Online Reputation Management For Doctors

Still, all is not lost when it comes to keeping a healthy online reputation for a doctor and his practice. There are many ways marketing professionals build online brands from the ground up. It takes constant and perpetual work but it is done.

Following are some of the best and most effective ways to build and handle online reputation for doctors. Keep in mind that none of these practices are one-off things. These are practices that must be taken up for the foreseeable future.       

Building A Website

This is a no-brainer if someone wants to build a reputation as a doctor. Having a website that is dedicated to the doctor or his practice gives a necessary peak into the business for new clients.

In addition to this, this is a solid marketing channel for the doctor to tell his story and let others know the values and objectives behind his vocation.   

Starting A Blog

People rarely compromise on the integrity and capabilities of their physicians. They want someone who has extensive knowledge of his field, has solid communication skills and has empathy for clients. In other words, they need a leader in their industry.

Starting a blog is a clear way to show everyone that a doctor is aware of the recent developments in his field as well as others in the overall medical world.      

Guest Posting For Other Renowned Publications

Many online publications have become industry giants in their domain. They have millions of new visitors on their platforms and drive millions in revenue. 

For a doctor who needs to build a solid reputation, it is necessary and even prudent to take advantage of this opportunity and write for these online publications. With extended readership and exposure, they will be able to create and sustain their reputation for better and longer.     

Creating Effective Social Media Presence

Social media is here to stay for the long haul. It is at this point that people have designed and prioritized their lives around it. According to estimates, there are over 4 billion active users per month on Facebook alone.

This is a gold rush for marketers s they can connect with these people and more through hassle-free channels. Doctors should take advantage of social media channels in both proactive and reactive manner:

Claiming Google My Business Listing

Google My Business is a flagship platform of Google that provides a space for businesses to provide information that can help clients in discovering more about companies. Apart from basic information, businesses can add multimedia, such as pictures, to let clients and prospects know what they are dealing with.

For a doctor, this is a must to not only have a solid presence online but also improve online visibility through enhanced SERPs.     

Replying to Reviews

Reviews are may be left by clients as a one-off thing but in reality, they are not. It does not matter whether reviews are positive or negative, doctors must respond to them.

For a five-star or any other glowing review, they must thank the user. For the negative review, it is best to;

Targeting Specific Business Directories For Doctors

Online business directories are not a new thing. They have been around for quite a while and offer great insights to everyday consumers. For doctors, many online directories are targeted toward medical practitioners.

Following are some of the best online business directories for doctors:

Participating in Q&A Sessions

Many online Q&A platforms drive immense traffic toward brands. For instance, Quora is a leading name with millions of users that are always either seeking answers or giving out answers. 

For Doctors who need to build or retain their online reputation, it is a great way to connect with people on these platforms and start building a brand there.  


Doctors are more susceptible to malicious campaigns and bad reviews online because of their position. They must hire the best marketing agencies to nurture and protect their online reputation.

Agencies have the right management, personnel, and tools, such as Trust Analytica, to keep tabs on the online chatter in real-time. Thus, they can produce results quickly to get the ball rolling.

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