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Customer reviews are super important to every business, whether you are running a B2-C or a B2-B business. But it can be tricky to encourage customers to write positive reviews about a company. It is highly fortunate for a company that their happy customers would review them online. Mostly unsatisfied customers are the ones who […]

by  Brad S |  April 30, 2022 |  Read 5 min

Customer reviews are super important to every business, whether you are running a B2-C or a B2-B business. But it can be tricky to encourage customers to write positive reviews about a company. It is highly fortunate for a company that their happy customers would review them online. Mostly unsatisfied customers are the ones who take out time to give your business a review.

So, the question remains there. How do you get satisfied customers to give positive reviews for your company on public sites? We have compiled a list of best tips and recommendations from top marketers to get customer reviews. Let’s have a look.

According to experts, the best way to make people give positive reviews to your business is to; directly ask them. It does not look bad on your part, nor does it sound desperate to the customer. A happy customer will be more than willing to write about your excellent services, product, or overall business.

Displaying badges on your website compels customers to write reviews for your business. It’s also a reminder for previous customers. Displaying positive reviews will also help your business get more conversions.

Facebook can be an excellent place for getting customer reviews. You might have seen business accounts where customer reviews are not visible, and this is because they turned off their review tab. To make them visible, you need to adjust your settings.

If you want to be successful, create a process for your team to ask a customer for a review. Accurate planning and process development lead a company to success.

Automation of the customer review process would make it easier for your team to evaluate the progress. Here are a few ways to automate the process of asking for customer reviews:

  1. a) Follow-up emails
  2. b) Pop-up forms
  3. c) Monthly emails for requesting customer feedback
  4. d) Online booking system
  5. e) Review acquiring services

You are not only looking for reviews. What you need are good reviews from satisfied customers. The best way to ensure that your business gets only positive reviews, start targeting customers who showed satisfaction.

Personalizing your business communication is the key to success. Ask your customers on a personal level. It will maximize your business ratings and will get you positive reviews. Create a personalized review funnel for each service your business provides. Asking them personally for a review will have a few chances of getting a no.

Educating your customers on the importance of reviews will increase your chances of getting positive reviews. Customers will support your business with their positive reviews. Before running a review campaign, let your customers know and ask them to participate.

While writing an email to your customers, keep it short and make the customer feel special. Include the direct link to your business review site. Remove any friction from the process of writing a review. Exclude any unnecessary information and get the procedure done in the least of their time.

Creating a template of the responses you want to get is the best strategy. It will make the process easier for your customers. Write some part of the review form to make it convenient for the customer to fill in quickly. They won’t have to think a lot while writing a review. It might influence their responses a little, but it’s alright if the customer is satisfied.

If the customers get a response on their review, it will encourage other customers to give reviews on your site. Respond to negative feedback and try to mitigate the issues. It will create a positive influence on the readers. Responding to positive reviews with a thank you note will also create a positive image of the company.

Giving your customers an incentive will get you a sudden boost in the number of reviews. Some of the ways you can give incentives to your customers:

  1. a) Discounts/Credits
  2. b) Free Publicity
  3. c) Charitable Donations
  4. d) Free Content

Figuring out the right time to send review requests is the key. If you want to ask for product reviews, ask right after the customer has purchased. If you have a service-providing business, ask for a review once the service or the project has been completed.

Asking for reviews is one of the most effective ways of getting positive reviews. According to experts, asking for once is not enough. You need to send follow-up emails to those who agreed to review your business before. Sending reminders after calculated time intervals is essential.

You need to work hard to get positive reviews from your customers. If you get what you’ve worked so hard for, share them on your social channels. This will give your business exposure and compel more visitors and customer reviews.

If you have a website, you can put CTAs (call-to-action) on various locations and say, “Leave us a review.” If you send regular newsletters, they are another medium for adding CTAs.

Your customer services team should be well-trained and knowledgeable in responding to customer reviews. An exceptional customer services team can give your business an 11-star rating instead of a 5-star.

Turning a negative review into a positive experience can be valuable for a business. Learn the technique to tackle dissatisfied customers. Never ignore a negative review. Respond to them in a way that they get satisfied with your services.

Keep an eye on positive and negative reviews. Businesses won’t work without proper monitoring. You need to see which reviews require adequate attention and well-planned feedback.

Keep the customers in the spotlight who positively review your business. This is a way of appreciating your valued customers. And it will encourage more customers to leave positive reviews on your channels.

Be the best at what you do. If your products or services are well-appreciated, positive reviews often follow.

Google Reviews & Their Benefits

Google reviews allow companies to prove their success to potential customers. People go online and search for the products and services they need. While selecting a specific business to get what they need, they give google reviews a closer look. Positive Google reviews boost the credibility of the products and services of a company.

Google reviews provide businesses with a Google ranking for SEO and increase their digital reputation. And companies don’t need to spend a penny on getting these benefits.

Reputation Management

Online reputation is fundamental to the growth and survival of any business. In this digital world, your reputation is always in the limelight. It is necessary to manage your business reputation. Google reviews play an integral part in this regard. Your business should have a predefined set of practices for reputation management and encouraging positive google reviews.

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