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How can we choose the best booking automation software in a world where being “the finest” is subjective, partly because everyone claims to be the best? It’s exhausting and near-impossible to try every piece of software on the market and then pick the one that works best for you. After all, you can’t test-drive every […]

by  Brad S |  May 5, 2022 |  Read 6 min

How can we choose the best booking automation software in a world where being “the finest” is subjective, partly because everyone claims to be the best?

It’s exhausting and near-impossible to try every piece of software on the market and then pick the one that works best for you. After all, you can’t test-drive every car on the market before purchasing one. Automation tools can save your time and scale your business, allowing you to grow even faster.

However, to take full advantage of automation, you must employ the proper tools. Are you in search of the best appointment scheduling software? Then, you are at the right place.

Numerous tools are available that claim to make it simple to automate your bookings. Nonetheless, not all of them are what they appear to be. It is difficult to understand the best software that will work for YOUR company.

In this article, we will reveal to you some of the most amazing booking automation tools free for small businesses and how marketers can use these tools to save time and accelerate business growth.

Before we get into that list, let’s start with a simple booking automation definition to ensure we’re all on the same page.

What Is Booking Automation?

Booking automation is a method of automating your digital marketing tasks so that you can concentrate on the big picture. The best booking automation software allows you to connect with your users more quickly while appearing wholly unique and natural. You can automate bookings, send messages and execute online marketing campaigns.

You can help automate your business by using the appropriate tools and software with automation features. By automating your routine tasks, you can save thousands of hours. Because all of your tasks are very well managed with tools, there is less chance of human error, and you have more time to work on other essential tasks.

How Booking Automation Can Help You? 

Automation can help you generate new leads, build customer trust and loyalty, and grow your business. It also helps in the creation of reports, allowing you to identify trends over time and optimize your business yet further. It is essential to educate your marketing and sales teams about using automation tools to save time.

Now that we’ve established that let’s focus on the best booking automation tools for growing your business.

What to look for when finding booking automation software 

Before we get into the specifics or the pricing, it’s important to understand what to look for.

I have several peers who subscribed for booking automation software only to discover a month later that it was incompatible with their CRM. Ouch.

It’s also very simple to be taken leverage of by pricing structures and surprising extra costs.

Now that we’ve established that let’s look at the finest automation tools for growing your business. I am going to list the booking automation reviews so you can easily make a choice of which tool to select.

Consider Trustanalytica to be the Ferrari of automation. It’s fully stocked, provides outstanding service, and is reasonably priced. One of its key factors is the time it spends teaching and assisting customers in making the most of the product. They have an excellent marketplace with numerous integrations with third-party services. Even if you are looking for vacation rental booking software this is the right tool for you.

vacation rental booking software

Why do you need it?

TrustAnalytica is the best online engagement solution for assisting businesses in growing and being found online. It is also the software for scheduling appointments.

Using modern technologies and a universal business toolbox, TrustAnalytica can assist businesses in providing great experiences and retaining customers.

TrustAnalytica is used by businesses of all sizes for Internet marketing and bookings, connecting with clients and prospects, and conducting research surveys.

What does Trustanalytica do?

Trustanalytica is the most adaptable and user-friendly software for creating effective campaigns. It enables you to test and fine-tune your marketing strategy in real-time.

Although you may already have traffic, Trustanalytica ensures that users do not leave your website without acting. It’s the ideal tool for converting your disinterested leads into paying customers.

Trustanalytica has a drag-and-drop builder and a variety of campaign types to help you introduce your marketing automation advertisement in a matter of minutes. You can get one of the pre-built promotional types or create your own to attract users. 


Trustanalytica costs $99-$692 per month, depending on usage and your services. They provide a variety of plans based on your needs. You will also get a free trial period of 14 days.

AppointmentPlus is a virtualized appointment scheduling software appropriate for all sizes and industries. It provides:

Appointment plus

What does Appointmentplus do?

Users can create and manage personal calendars and also calendars for their employees. Account access levels can be set to control who can edit information and change appointments. AppointmentPlus, among other things, allows users to book rooms, create waiting lists, and set available hours.         

Clients who use the software to schedule appointments receive email and text notifications to remind them of their appointment times. Users are also notified when clients make or change meetings, make purchases, or are added to a waiting list. AppointmentPlus keeps track of clients’ appointments and can export data in Excel or HTML format. Users’ existing websites can include a “Book Now” button.

Why You Need It

Appointmentplus allows you to create bookings in just a few clicks. Personalization software automates your business.


The price can skyrocket when you add marketing automation and savvy content features to Appointmentplus. The plans range in price starting from $50, depending on your services.


Calendly is your one-stop-shop for professionally and efficiently scheduling meetings, eliminating the trouble of back-and-forth emails so you can get ready for work.

What Does Calendly Do?

Calendly, which is already known as the intuitive scheduling leader for over 50,000 businesses and 10 million people worldwide, now extends its capabilities for teams with solid collaboration functionality, the robust assumption holds, and enterprise-grade security.

 enterprise-grade security.

Calendly is trusted by everyone from Twilio and eBay to Dartmouth and Gartner, thanks to integrations in Zoom, Salesforce, Google, Microsoft, Slack, Zapier, and more.

Instantly connect

Give your visitors and customers the quick and flexible access they expect to your business.

Assigning automatically

Time is running out. Based on the conditions you specify, automatically route the appropriate meetings to the right people.

More interactive meetings

Reduce no-shows and cancellations to keep things moving. Send reminders and follow-ups to everyone involved automatically.                                            

Why Do You Need It?

Calendly allows you to automate one’s booking schedules entirely. It is ideal for all types of websites, along with eCommerce stores.


Calendly costs start from $16 an goes up, depending on the number of communications. The first month is completely free.

10to8 is an all-in-one online booking and appointment scheduling software that is trusted by dozens of companies worldwide, according to the vendor. Small businesses can take advantage of a ‘Free Forever’ plan.

What Does 10to8 Scheduling Do?

Companies can use 10to8 Appointment Scheduling Software to provide a convenient online booking page for clients to book appointments and avoid interruptions. Companies can also customize this page with their branding to increase their online visibility and professional appearance.

According to the vendor, 10to8 allows users to notify clients of upcoming appointments via SMS and email reminders, improve communication and overall customer experience, and reduce no-shows by up to 90%.

Users can also enable two-way calendar sync with favorite calendar apps to avoid double bookings. There will be no more uncomfortable situations such as two clients arriving for their appointments at the same time.

clients arriving for their appointments

Why you need it 

10to8 Scheduling is one of the top booking automation tool. In addition, they provide SMS services too.


10to8 Scheduling provides a variety of plans, including one that is entirely free. The paid plans starts from $6.

Zoho Bookings is a scheduling system for small businesses that provide services.

Customers can book one-on-one time with your staff, book resources you rent out, such as rooms, vehicles, or equipment, and enroll in classes as groups or individuals.

groups or individuals

What Does Zoho Do?

This tool is intended to assist your employees in managing their day-to-day activities.

Why Do You Need It? 

Zoho can help you increase sales and grow your business over and above your wildest dreams.


It is a top-quality automation platform with monthly fees starting from $6. You can organize a demo and begin testing the software with a 14-day free trial.

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