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In this day and age, businesses cannot thrive by merely providing “quality” products and services. They need to be omniscient in the lives of the clients and prospects. The age of social media has diminished the barriers to communication and reach but there is a catch. Companies often found themselves in the dilemma of which […]

by  Brad S |  April 23, 2022 |  Read 4 min

In this day and age, businesses cannot thrive by merely providing “quality” products and services. They need to be omniscient in the lives of the clients and prospects. The age of social media has diminished the barriers to communication and reach but there is a catch.

Companies often found themselves in the dilemma of which mode to choose to connect with existing customers as well as prospects. There is old-school email; there is Instagram and Facebook, and there is a short and sweet SMS. As a side note, all of these modes can be streamlined into your system through specialized applications and business reputation software.

Every mode has its list of pros and cons and they are often justified at some level. Still, there is one mode that often comes up on top be it a humble start-up or a large corporation – bulk SMS marketing!

Introduction to Bulk SMS Marketing

The answer to “what is bulk SMS marketing?” is straightforward. It means forwarding company-tailored SMS to a large group of people. They could be existing customers or they could be prospects on their way to becoming paying customers. This is one of the most prominent uses of bulk SMS, irrespective of the types and rationale of the campaign.

Introduction to Bulk SMS Marketing

It is considered to be one of the oldest modes of marketing, yet it hasn’t lost its spark. Customers feel insured and connected when they can reach and be reached by brands. 

The response rate for SMS marketing is also staggering. Some estimates put it around 98% of engagement as compared to 22% of email marketing.

The Cost of Bulk SMS Marketing

Bulk SMS marketing is not free and may never be but the engagement rate alone is striking enough to give it a shot. People have their smartphones in their person almost throughout the day. When compared to email applications, SMS applications are smoother, readily available, and hassle-free.

The Cost of Bulk SMS Marketing

The basic packages for bulk SMS marketing campaigns start from a couple of orders. Still, they are perfect for reaching out to customers and prospects with the latest news and development.

How to Integrate Bulk SMS Marketing Into Your Business System

Bulk SMS marketing cannot be truly cost-effective unless it is integrated into the system through a custom API. This will not only provide a smooth workflow to a business but also allows it to reach out to its customers base in real-time. Many companies have OTC applications that often come out perfectly compatible with companies’ proprietary software solutions. 

With the rise of instant messaging (IM) services such as Whatsapp, it becomes easier and more affordable for businesses to integrate bulk SMS marketing into their systems. Since Whatsapp has a user base of over 2 billion, this is a goldmine for marketers to exploit this route and reap instant as well long-lasting rewards.

Usage of Bulk SMS Marketing

Bulk SMS marketing is synonymous with quick and reliable communication with clients and prospects. The most unique feature is instant connectivity. In this light, businesses use bulk SMS marketing to connect with customers and convey important messages.

Usage of Bulk SMS Marketing

Be it a service-related business or a goods-making company, there are often developments, discounts, sales, etc, that they want their clients to know as early as possible. Even asking for leaving a Google review is a common use of the bulk SMS systems, which leads us to the next section of the post.

Following are some of the common use for bulk SMS marketing:

Personalized Offers & Promotions

The goal of communication with customers is to make them feel special and more attracted to the brand. Bulk SMS marketing can help achieve that goal by connecting with clients through a simple yet effective message. Many bulk SMS marketing companies allow brands to add first names, store locations, hyperlinks for coupons, and gift cards. When all of these are combined with customized messages, customers can see that the brand cares for them and wants them to avail special promotions and offers.

Limited Time Deals

Out of all the marketing tools available, bulk SMS allows businesses to connect with potentially billions of customers and prospects. This tool mostly comes in handy when companies have to make limited-time deals and see a significant turnaround. 

Industries like food chains and hospitality take advantage of this service to lure customers in during holidays and weekends.


Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) is an evolutionary step from simple and static SMS. MMS allows brands to have a creative advantage by offering room for employing complex ideas. Through MMS, brands can send out custom-made videos, GIFs, audio clips, and so on directly to the mobile phones of the customers.

MMS surely helps in improving engagement with eye-grabbing content and interaction with specially-crafted dynamic messages.

Which Industries Can Utilize Bulk SMS Marketing To Their Maximum Advantage

These days, no industry is privy to live long without creating a strong communications channel with its end-users and clients. There is always a need to convey important messages, new deals & offers, as well time-sensitive promotions to customers for maximum satisfaction.

So, from banking to retail, hospitality to food industries, each one can have bulk SMS marketing to help them connect with their customers for improved communication.


Bulk SMS marketing is a great way for businesses to engage and convert prospects while keeping in touch with existing customers. It allows easy and cost-effective access to the system to convey instant messages to customers regarding news and developments about the company. There are alternatives, such as social media or email marketing, but SMS marketing is multiple steps ahead. With a superior engagement rate, customer-centric approach, and potential to enhance conversions, companies will increase their reach and revenues tremendously with bulk SMS marketing. 


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