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Every business owner out there wants to have a strong online presence, especially after the recent Covid-19 pandemic. A good online presence is not just necessary for client engagement but also boosts the online reputation of that business. Maintaining a good customer experience is the key to making sure your business will keep running smoothly. […]

by  Brad S |  April 20, 2022 |  Read 4 min

Every business owner out there wants to have a strong online presence, especially after the recent Covid-19 pandemic. A good online presence is not just necessary for client engagement but also boosts the online reputation of that business. Maintaining a good customer experience is the key to making sure your business will keep running smoothly. The web chat feature allows businesses to do all that from the convenience of their own website. Webchat is a feature that has the ability to convert visitors into customers. It’s easy to use and it can help resolve customer product related queries in real-time. Hence, webchat has loads of potential for boosting the online reputation of your business if used properly. 

In this article we will shed light on what is webchat, why is it important, and how can webchat help you convert your website visitors into customers.  

What is WebChat?

Webchat, also known to many as live chat is a web tool that enables website visitors to engage with website administrators in real-time. The web chat window usually pops out from the bottom right of the screen allowing the user to directly start chatting with the website customer support representative. 

Importance of WebChat

Webchat is one of the most preferred mediums of communication for customers while making an online purchase. According to a recently published survey report, a whopping 73% of online customers prefer webchat while only 44% prefer phone calls and 61% prefer emails. According to another report, businesses that have live chat enabled to see the most number of returning customers. Webchats are also a far better option to connect to a customer service representative as compared to calls or emails as webchats enable lightning-fast replies, unlike emails and phones. 

Keep reading this article to learn how you can use webchat to convert ordinary website visitors into customers. 

Benefits of Using Web Chat

According to a survey report from Market Insider, more than 80% of customers in the US pay more to have a better customer experience. Webchat always ensures the best customer experience as it resolves customer queries in real-time. By using webchat the right way business owners can get a competitive edge over all their competitors. 

Here are some other important benefits of using webchat:

Unlike phone calls in which most of the valuable and critical information from the customer is lost, webchat doesn’t let that happen. While replying to a customer query the customer support representative has access to all the details about the problem the customer is facing. This makes it easy to give the most relevant reply to that customer to resolve their problem in real-time.  

Unlike emails that have many different threads for every chat or phone call that are hard to keep a record of a business owner can keep the complete history of web chat from a specific customer. This helps business owners keep track of different customers and reward them with some loyalty program to ensure they always return to buy products from you. 

Real-time communication through webchat allows CSR representatives to resolve customer queries in real-time, thus increasing the conversion rate as well as the returns on investment. 

Web chat allows customer service communication through live chat software. This enables customers to get instant help with all their queries in real-time. Moreover, web chat is a more reliable platform than phone calls, SMS, and MMS as customers get assistance with their problems in real-time rather than waiting for hours to finally get a reply.   

Nowadays almost all the online customers that visit a company’s product website expect web chat to be up and running. Webchat has become a part of the culture for online customers as this is one of the first sources of reliable information for all customers. Not having a webchat feature on your website can land a devastating blow to the company’s online reputation. Therefore it is now absolutely necessary for small and large businesses to implement web chat features in order to be more accessible to online customers.

Customers tend to have more trust in an online product or service after getting assistance regarding the product from an online representative. After customers receive products in accordance with how they were advertised they become more loyal to the company. This also increases their chances of coming back and buying more products from that online business.

The Best Online Platform to Manage Online Chats from All Platforms

Online Platform to Manage Online

The best overall online reputation management platform of 2022

TrustAnalytica is an online reputation management software that enables users to receive and respond to chats through a single easy to manage platform. This particular feature is known as Unified Messaging. By using this feature business owners can respond to all chats from different customers through one unified platform. This feature enables users to receive and respond to messages and voice mails through SMS, MMS, E-Mails, Facebook, Instagram, Other social media chats, and web chats. Moreover unified messaging features also make it easy for you to respond to voice mails and other chats that are initiated through action buttons. 

In addition to unified messaging, TrustAnalyica also provides its users with booking automation, Google review management, invoice and sales management, SMS + Email Marketing, Booking Automation and much more. All these reliable reputation management features are offered at a very cheap price as compared to other platforms. Therefore book a 14 Day Free Trial and experience all these world-class features making a difference for your business before you buy any services. 

In conclusion, an online business can no longer survive without a web chat feature enabled. Responding to webchats and all other chats in real-time to resolve customer queries is essential to boost and maintain the online reputation of a business. Webchat tool is not only cheap, and easy to implement and manage but also helps organizations build a brand image for themselves. If you haven’t enabled web chat for your business until now then it’s time you go out there and use Trust Analytica to enhance your online presence.

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