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Like any other business, your eCommerce business runs on trust. Your reputation and what the previous customers have to say about you will guide your future customers. A growing amount of reference data shows that reviews lead to increased revenue. Online reviews are a key component of eCommerce. They can help you sell more of […]

by  Brad S |  May 11, 2022 |  Read 4 min

Like any other business, your eCommerce business runs on trust. Your reputation and what the previous customers have to say about you will guide your future customers. A growing amount of reference data shows that reviews lead to increased revenue. Online reviews are a key component of eCommerce. They can help you sell more of your product, build trust with your customers, and make your product or service seem more valuable.

product or service

However, they can also cause considerable damage to your company and brand. That’s why online customer reviews are so crucial for an eCommerce salesperson. If you aren’t running a successful and market-share-winning business, you are likely missing out on huge opportunities for growth and expansion. Here’s why customer reviews are important, and you should get on the customer review bandwagon immediately.

Run a Customer Service Experiment

As an eCommerce company, you’re bound to get busy. You’re probably dealing with customers, filling their orders, and dealing with delivery issues. You need to quickly and accurately respond to customer service issues. But the old way of doing business has left a lot to be desired in this department.

Customers expect fast, reliable, and friendly customer service. But many eCommerce businesses actually give poor customer service. That’s a big mistake. In fact, poor customer service has the opposite effect that you might have hoped for. Poor customer service can turn customers off from your brand. And when it comes to eCommerce, that can be a huge loss for you.

Poor customer service

Boost Buyer Trust

Trust is the backbone of any relationship. It’s what holds a community together and allows individuals to interact with each other. It’s what makes a business’s products or services desirable to its customers. And when it comes to eCommerce, it’s what allows you to sell more of your product or service.

Trust isn’t just something you build over time. It can be destroyed in an instant. That’s why positive reviews are important, as they help build and maintain trust with your customers. However, you can’t expect to earn trust once you’ve got it. You have to earn it every day throughout the sales cycle. That’s where customer reviews come in. Among all the benefits of online reviews for customers, helping you acquire their trust is the most important.

Show Off the Value of Your Reviews

Why pay someone to write a glowing review for your product when you can do it yourself and have them share their experience with the world? And this is especially true when it comes to customer reviews on websites where they are free to leave them. If you write a customer review for an eCommerce store, you’re essentially saying, “I love this product. And I’m going to give it five stars to say so.” You’re essentially putting your spin on the review and using it as a tool to sell.

But what if you could also use customer reviews to boost the perceived value of your product or service? You can. That’s what guest-posting websites allow. You can write a review and share it on these websites. And if the review is positive, the retailer will reward you with a gift.

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Leverage Organic Customer Reviews

Almost two-thirds of consumers believe that reading customer reviews online is critical to making an informed purchasing decision. In their hunt to find the greatest shopping sites, they rely on user reviews rather than their own family and friends.

You’ve probably seen these beautiful pictures on social media and thought, “This product looks pretty good. I wonder if I should buy it.” But then you put it on the shelf and read the reviews. And it looks even better. And you’re like, “Oh goodness, this is actually a pretty good product. I should probably buy this.” And then you do. And you’re like, “I love this thing. It couldn’t be better.”That is how organic customer reviews on online platforms work. It’s not just the bad ones that matter. The ones that aren’t just glowing but insightful, candid, and truth-telling matter too.

Ask for Paid Reviews

If you’re an eCommerce business, you’ve probably already realized that paid reviews are the way to go. Paid reviews are still organic customer reviews, but they are paid in dollars and cents. You can find several paid online review sites where you can place a bid to get a review.

Don’t Forget About Existing Reviews

You’ve probably seen the infographic that shows the average time it takes to complete a purchase compared to the time it takes to research and read a product review. But what if you could speed that process up by 100 times? What if you could start a conversation with a potential customer and then head-to-head-compare your products and services before purchasing? You can. And that’s what you can do with existing reviews.

Ways to Deal with Negative Reviews Without Having Them Damage Your Brand

Up to 97% of people who read online reviews expect to see comments from the brand. As a rule of thumb, you should respond to positive reviews, but it’s necessary to respond to bad reviews. Any false or excessive claims must be dealt with in a calm and reasonable manner by the brand.

In keeping with your brand’s other aspects, attempt to write your comments naturally. Some brands’ reactions are just soulless because they’re rigid and robotic. If you get bad reviews, but the reviewer has a point, you should address their issues. This is a subtler change, but one that will ultimately lead to higher levels of client satisfaction and increased revenue.

Bottom Line

Online customer reviews research is an essential part of online shopping. Customer reviews allow you to show off your product and get potential customers interested in your brand. But don’t just rely on customer reviews to sell. Run a customer service experiment, boost buyer trust, show off the value of your reviews, and leverage organic customer reviews. Then sell better, faster, and with more confidence.

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