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For victims of serious personal injuries, many life-changing events have happened. The cause could be a complex set of circumstances, or an accident. Trevor Ford is committed to providing the best advice and service for clients, no matter the complexity of the case. Ford can help reduce your stress during stressful times by being available to you for personal communication and informing you that your case was handled personally and professionally. Ford will help restore your life by giving you the best possible legal advice in the courtroom and during negotiations. Some fatal accidents cause the families to be too upset to deal with legal issues or recognize that a claim is possible. It is possible that they do not realize the value of seeking legal counsel to see if there are damages due from the death. Trevor offers a no-cost initial consultation that is often enough to establish if a case is viable. Trevor represents the family if there is a reasonable case. His fee will only be charged if the outcome of the case is successful. Trevor Ford represents victims in slip-and-fall accidents since more than 30 years. The term "slip and fall", which is used to describe injuries caused by a person falling due to the conditions of an premise, has become a popular catchphrase. Slip and fall accidents in Alberta are usually caused by ice. Slip and fall accidents can occur in many different ways, including at construction sites or in supermarkets. They may also be the result of uneven surfaces and poorly designed stairs. Experience and a thorough understanding of relevant laws and cases are required to practice slip and fall injury. In Alberta, the Occupiers' Liability Act governs injuries resulting from slips and falls. The law says that the occupier is responsible for ensuring that a premises is safe. You may be able to sue the owner if you fall on a premises that was not properly maintained. It is important that you gather as much information as possible about an accident, no matter what the cause. Evidence from independent witnesses, as well as photographs taken at the site of an accident, can prove crucial in a slip and fall case.


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