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11 Best Pest control Services in Hamilton

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All Corners Pest Control

All Corners Pest Control is proud of the pest control work that we provide for our customers. All of our services come with a minimum six month warranty. We will schedule another appointment with you if the pests return within the warranty period. All Corners Pest Control charges fair market prices without cutting corners. We will inform you upfront about the cost of your servic more...

Pros & Cons
recommend (32)
highly recommend ... (19)
very professiona ... (12)
very friendly (10)
would not recomm ... (1)
not recommend (1)
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265 Barton Street #33F, Stoney Creek, ON L8E 2K4, Canada

Action Pest Control Services

Due to the rapid increase in Southern Ontario's population over the past few years and new highways being built, rodents like mice are rapidly losing their natural habitat. Because they are drawn to dark areas for nesting, this makes it difficult to get rid of rodents. There are many factors that influence the way rodents live. One of these is that many people resort to usin more...

Pros & Cons
recommend (24)
highly recommend ... (12)
very friendly (5)
great job (5)
would not recomm ... (1)
not recommend (1)
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263 W 2nd St, Hamilton, ON L9C 3G6, Canada

Abell Pest Control

GPS Pest Control is located in Taguig City, Philippines. Pest control services are available in metro Manila and the surrounding provinces. GPS Pest Control is a leader in the pest control business since 2009. To ensure the highest quality workmanship, our technicians have undergone extensive training at our academy. We use Integrated Pest Management to provide a comprehensive a more...

Pros & Cons
very professiona ... (7)
recommend (6)
excellent servic ... (5)
on time (4)
never returned m ... (1)
very poor custom ... (1)
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201 Barton St E, Stoney Creek, ON L8E 2K3, Canada

Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control

Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control was established in 1989 to provide homeowners with humane, effective and compassionate solutions for wildlife conflict. Bill Dowd, the founder and president of Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control believed that there must be an alternative to the cruel, inhumane and ineffective ways in which they were used. We have been able to develop a more human more...

Pros & Cons
recommend (24)
highly recommend ... (11)
very professiona ... (11)
on time (7)
expensive (2)
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1288 Osprey Dr, Ancaster, ON L9G 4V5, Canada

Orkin Canada Pest Control

Stoney Creek, like most areas of Canada is confronted with common pest control issues. Homes and businesses in the region also need to contend with unusual threats like subterranean termites or rabies-carrying wildlife. Orkin Canada employs local pest controllers to solve common and unusual problems. more...

Pros & Cons
recommend (13)
on time (5)
highly recommend ... (4)
very knowledgeab ... (4)
very disappointe ... (1)
disappointed (1)
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442 Millen Rd #14, Stoney Creek, ON L8E 6H2, Canada

Done Right Pest and Wildlife Control

Inspect all areas that are high in moisture and wood contact with soil. Also inspect exposed structural lumber. Determine if you have an actual infestation or just individual ants in your home. You should look for an area with a large number of ants, such as under your kitchen sink. . Be aware of the movements and patterns of foraging ants. One example is a trail that may connec more...

Pros & Cons
recommend (37)
highly recommend ... (20)
very professiona ... (9)
great service (7)
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1830 Main St W #201, Hamilton, ON L8S 1H5, Canada

Maximum Pest Control Services.

We are proud of our commitment and the results we achieve. All our customers can rely on us to provide professional and timely pest control solutions. We offer a wide range of treatment options in the Greater Toronto Area. We are able to deliver pest management solutions that work and get results for our customers. This is what makes us successful. We can help you with maximum p more...

Pros & Cons
recommend (31)
highly recommend ... (10)
on time (8)
great job (6)
very uncomfortab ... (1)
uncomfortable (1)
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96 Kenilworth Ave N, Hamilton, ON L8H 4R5, Canada

EMBO Pest Control

As you would take pride in the work we do, so should your business. Our vehicles are unmarked so that your neighbors don't have to be aware of what is happening. Our pest and wildlife services come with a guarantee. Get a list of our references. Our first priority is safety. We aim to remove all insects permanently, which includes roaches and wasps as well as ants and earwig more...

Pros & Cons
recommend (24)
highly recommend ... (17)
very professiona ... (7)
great service (4)
overcharge (1)
bad customer ser ... (1)
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27 Lancer Ct, Hamilton, ON L9B 2B2, Canada

Aanteater Pest Control and Wildlife Services Inc.

Aanteater Pest Control and Wildlife Services Inc." provides pest control services in Burlington and Oakville as well as the surrounding communities. Aanteater Pest Control provides effective and environmentally-friendly extermination services for homeowners, property managers, as well as wildlife control. more...

Pros & Cons
recommend (19)
highly recommend ... (9)
on time (6)
very professiona ... (5)
rude (1)
disrespectful (1)
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210 Mohawk Rd E, Hamilton, ON L9A 2H6, Canada

Toodaloo Pest Control

Toodaloo Pest & Wildlife Control, an independent company that manages pests in all Canadian communities. Toodaloo locations offer complete structural pest management services at competitive prices. Toodaloo professionals are certified to handle pest problems in commercial, residential and industrial settings in an environmentally-friendly manner. We offer a variety of servic more...

Pros & Cons
recommend (14)
highly recommend ... (6)
great service (4)
very professiona ... (4)
unprofessional (1)
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Ste 79038, 1300 Garth St, Hamilton, ON L9C 3N6, Canada

Economic Pest Solutions

Economic Pest Solutions is proud of the services that we provide for our clients. Nearly all our services are covered by a minimum three month warranty. We will make an appointment for you to return the pests at your earliest convenience if they reappear within the warranty period. Hamilton is home to a family-owned pest control business. Our goal is to deliver the best quality more...

Pros & Cons
recommend (7)
very personable (2)
highly recommend ... (2)
recommended (2)
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22 Rosslyn Ave N, Hamilton, ON L8L 7P2, Canada

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