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Last Updated: May 19th, 2024


Edu Jungles

Edu Jungles is a reputable essay writing service with over 12 years of experience, providing top-notch assignment writing, essay writing, nursing essay writing, and research paper writing services. Customers appreciate the 24/7 US-based customer support, with 1-hour urgent writing services available. The company offers a satisfaction guarantee and a 15% discount for first-time c more...

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(206) 445-0607
2567 152nd Ave NE, Redmond, WA 98052, United States
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Essay Kitchen

Positive Reviews Summary: Essay Kitchen has received praise for its categories including essay writing, essay writing services, research paper writing, and term paper writing. Customers appreciate the consistent quality of the papers, thorough research, well-structured essays, and the availability of a wide range of topics and samples. The writers are well-versed in their field more...

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167 Peachtree St SW, Atlanta, GA 30303, USA
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Edubirdie Writing Platform

Positive Reviews: Customers have praised Edubirdie for their coding homework help, essay writing services, and research paper writing. They appreciate the high level of expertise and thorough understanding of topics displayed by the writers. Many have mentioned that the writers take the time to deliver well-researched and comprehensive assignments, allowing them to learn from t more...

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1000 N West St Suite 1200, Wilmington, DE 19801, USA
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DarwinEssay has received glowing reviews in the categories of admissions essay writing, dissertation writing services, essay writing, and research paper writing. Customers appreciate the high quality of the essays, which are created from scratch and unique, with well-organized content that is not available online. The team of certified authors consists of highly skilled writers more...

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600 Third Avenue 2nd floor, New York, NY 10016, USA
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Academic Writers Bureau

All types of academic writing can be provided You won't feel embarrassed if you fail to finish your assignment on time. Your paper will be written by a professional writer. It will be as though you're getting your paper done by an expert in the field. These professionals do more than just complete assignments. Our focus is on how their work will impact your academic grad more...

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450 W 33rd St, New York, NY 10001, USA
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It is normal to need help with writing during college years. Students often try to manage all their studying on their own. However, this can lead them to lose their leisure and social lives. It is difficult to keep up with the complex curriculums at universities, colleges and schools . Our service offers professional help, which is why we are becoming more popular. Our goal is t more...

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1892 Morris Ave, The Bronx, NY 10453, USA
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Best Research Paper Writing Service Online

A research paper writing service is a professional service that provides assistance to students and researchers in creating high-quality academic research papers.

These services typically have a team of expert writers who specialize in various subjects and can help with research, writing, editing, and formatting.

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5 Best Research Paper Writing Services

A big part of academic life is taking classes, attending seminars, and then writing about the things learned in these settings in essays and papers. Students need to write unique papers in record time to make sure that they are not left out in the grading game.

The fact that much of academic success is directly proportional to the quality and quantity of research papers submitted before the deadline is concerning for students. It is because they often lack the expertise and grasp of ideas to research, write, and proofread papers that can stand out from the rest of the competition.

Since it is hard to make students better at research paper writing in a single guide, we can point them in the right direction. This page is dedicated to connecting them with the top term paper writing services for guaranteed success.

Writing A Research Paper in School & College

A research paper resembles a lot with an essay, especially in terms of structure and focal points. The tone and voice of the research paper are what makes it distinct from its counterparts across the aisle.

To define a term paper, it is necessary to divide it into three parts - the analysis of the problem, the argument of the hypothesis, and the backing of the main ideas by empirical evidence. Any piece of writing that lacks one or all of the things in it cannot be termed a research paper.

In schools, there is less frequency of assignments for research papers because students are still in their formative phases and do not have in-depth knowledge about any topic. However, the story is very much different in colleges and universities. Students and scholars have to come up with different angles to analyze and then argue about their authenticity through proof. The papers need to be of the highest quality to stand a chance of getting noticed or proper grades from instructors.

How A Research Paper Writing Service Works

Whether you are in school or college, you might have to write a research paper. Instead of investing a lot of time and effort in writing a single piece and still having your fingers crossed for its efficacy, you can get in touch with a professional research paper writing service. They have all the resources to make the best of the topic and ensure that all the bases are covered. 

In this section, we will take a look at the logical flow of steps that prospects and customers go through while placing an order for a research paper with an online brand.

Collection of Order

The first step of the process is the collection of orders or submission of the form. In this step, the customer tells the company about the expectations and the demand for the paper.

Since a generic submission form cannot anticipate the demands, they also have the option of attaching relevant files and samples to convey their expectations. Another aspect of this step is the deadline setting. Students should make sure that they have chosen the right date because the pricing and ultimate delivery of the order are directly related to this.

Payment of Term Paper

The payment for the term paper is the most crucial step as without it, orders do not get activated internally. Also, customers often face issues with security matters so they must check the integrity of the site before giving their financial credentials.

As a general rule of thumb, any site with an active SSL certificate should be secure enough to collect and process information from users discreetly. Still, they can also use online tools to gauge the security level of the company before moving forward. Once the payment is secured, a writer is assigned to the order.

Researching for Paper

This is where the writer gets started on the research paper. All professional companies have qualified academic writers with ample experience and expertise in their relevant fields. Yet, they must collect the latest information before even outlining the paper.

The research includes scouring resources of both primary and secondary nature and verifying them before using the information in the paper. After all, a research paper is called so for a reason! When all the information is collected, it is time to move to the next step - outlining the paper.

Outlining The Paper

Many writers consider outlining the paper as sacrilege because they think that outlining kills the creativity and spontaneity of the art. This could not be further from the truth as mapping out the whole paper could be counterproductive to the art and craft of the process.

On the contrary, it irons out all the wrinkles and even helps writers anticipate the problems down the road. After outlining the research paper and writing it, writers are allowed to have new and novel ideas. But instead of integrating them right away, they can jot them down and think about them in the proofreading phase. 

Writing The First Draft

This is the most visible and kind of the finished product of the whole process. What we see as the paper comes from the work at this stage. Since we have already outlined the paper, all writers need to do is populate the headings and paragraphs with the relevant content.

To preserve speed and ensure that no time is lost, they go through this phase quickly and do not care much about errors and mistakes in the text. The most important need of this step is to be done as quickly as possible.

Editing & Proofreading

Simply writing a research paper and then submitting it for evaluation is a prelude to academic disaster. Even when a writer is prolific and meticulous, there are always errors and mistakes in the text that may not seem visible from the outset.

That’s why every one of the best research paper writing companies has a dedicated phase of editing and proofreading. In this, writers go through the text to identify and resolve issues with spelling, grammar, context, and more. The purpose behind this is to make the paper more presentable for the readers.

Finalization & Delivery of Order

After editing and proofreading have taken place, many research paper writing services have quality control departments to once again check the quality and other parameters of the research paper. After the green light from them, they move to the delivery step.

Again, students never have to go through the trouble of searching the database for their papers. All the top brands deliver submission-ready papers to their inboxes. They can check the papers and even edit them if they want to enhance the quality. For more deeper and serious issues, it is best to submit revisions and reviews, which are often free and unlimited for a set period.

What Makes The Best Research Paper Writing Company

Although we have gone through the whole process of how brands go through writing the research paper, we have not discussed the things that make a brand the best in business. Students who are new to the task of finding and hiring the best research paper writing services need to know how to distinguish a solid company from a mediocre one. 

This section is dedicated to discussing the traits and qualities that all the reliable companies in the academic writing sphere share among them. Before placing the order, students need to check them and ensure that they are available. Otherwise, they would not give the best value for the money.

Market-Matched Pricing

Pricing is one of the most important things for any product or service. Academic writing is no exception to this rule. Since students are not the most affluent class of society, they need to have a certain ceiling for all the things they get and pay for. When a research paper is too costly, it becomes less acquirable for them and they look for other avenues.

However, the best term papers do not cost a fortune. Companies have fine-tuned their processes and made sure that students always have the best value. This is evident from market-matched pricing and perks bundled with the orders.

Team of Research Paper Writers & Editors

The only indicator for students to find the best company, when the price is no issue, is the availability of writers and editors. Writing a research paper is hard and even people with relevant qualifications and no experience in the field struggle with tasks.

That’s why students should always check the qualifications and credentials of the writers and editors of a company before handing over their money. As a pro tip, all the companies with the best research paper writers do not miss a chance to show off their team. On the other hand, those who rely on generalist writers are always coy about showing their teams.

In-Depth Research & Quality Checks

Writing is a subjective thing and there is no doubt about it. There are always cases when one thing seems to work perfectly for one but is perceived as non-sense by another. In addition to this, research paper writing requires a lot of research to make sure that all the bases are covered.

After the process of researching, writing, and editing, companies have quality checks in place to check the finished papers one last time. This way, they get to look at the paper critically before dispatching it to the clients. If a company is lacking in one or all of these aspects, it is a red flag for the users and they should stay away from that brand.

Diverse Range of Delivery Times

Delivery time is one of the most crucial things that students care about with a brand. First, many good research paper writing services have extended deadline setups. They cannot accommodate quick or fast requests and take their good time to deliver a custom paper.

On the other hand, the best term paper writing services have diverse delivery options to meet the demands of the clients. In many cases, students do not submit the order unless the deadline is right around the corner. Instead of falling into panic, they need to find these services and place their orders with the relevant deadline options. 

Support Services For Clients

Customer support is a big part of the deal for many students. From signing up for the service to getting started on the order, there are many issues that they could potentially face. In many instances, issues arise in tracking the order or making sure whether the payment has been finalized or not.

All of the above require an active team of customer support available 24/7. Whether it is a holiday or after hours, students should always be able to connect with the brand and sort out the issues accordingly. If you connect with a brand that does not have customer support services, it is better to avoid that and look for another one.

Secrecy & Privacy Across The Board

Personal information is the biggest currency of the virtual world. Both marketing companies and people with malicious intentions look for the personal data of users. That’s the reason all online companies are required to have meticulous safety guards and checks in place.

Confidentiality is one of the parts of the deal that should not be compromised or overlooked at all. Again, students can use online resources to check the online reputation of the brand and make sure that their information and data will be secure later on. This is another non-negotiable part of the deal as customers should not settle for shady sellers because they are offering better pricing at the cost of cyber security threats.

How Research Paper Writing Services Write Your Paper

Many students wonder how professional research paper writing services go about their business - writing papers for clients. We can’t say much about rundown companies with poor structures and quality assurance teams. But for the ones covered on this page, we can create a riveting picture of how it goes behind the stage. 

This section will cover the process, one step after the other, to make sure that you learn a thing or two about writing a research paper.

Topic Fishing & Title Creation

The first step of the process is finding the right topic. Since students specify the topic in the order submission form, writers have a clear direction to look for and create a title. Since you are new to the game of writing research papers, it is worth noting that a title is much different than a topic as it is much more focused and angled toward a single objective or goal. Before creating a title, writers cannot commence the research and outline process.

Researching & Mapping Out The Whole Paper

Once they are done with topic selection and title creation, the next logical step is intensive research. There is no denying that professional writers have advanced degrees and in-depth knowledge of their fields. Still, they must collect relevant information before embarking on the journey. They employ both primary and secondary research to cover the latest data on the topic.

While doing so, they also outline the whole paper - from start to finish. This will not only help writers at the best essay writing service determine the scope and depth of the paper but to avoid any bottlenecks or writer’s block along the way. When the outlining is done, they proceed to write the first draft.

Writing The First Draft

Many writers think that waiting for a while after the pre-writing phase can lead to better results. Instead, the quickly you get on with the writing process, the better your prospects will be to finish the writing in time. There is no need to mind grammatical and contextual errors because they will have a dedicated session to resolve issues related to this.

Proofreading & Editing

After writing the whole paper in the first draft, now is the time to relax a little and get back to the paper with a new perspective. It is best to be more critical and look at the paper from the point of view of an instructor or a teacher.

That way, writers can easily point out inconsistencies so that the paper is in its best form. They also employ online tools such as Grammarly and Hemingway Editor to speed up the process.

There you have it - the process of researching, writing, and editing a research paper!

Unique Selling Points (USPs) of Top Research Paper Writing Services


Who can help me write a research paper?

Essay Kitchen is considered to be one of the best research paper writing companies on the internet. If the name is any indication, you know that this is where all the best research, writing, and editing are cooked up.

The company is proud of its large consumer base, cutting-edge solutions, and legacy of customer trust-building and support. They also offer diverse delivery options, so if you are in a pinch and need the best research paper, this is the place to go.

Can you pay a professional to write a research paper? 

Currently, there are no laws or restrictions in the world that can stop a person from getting help in academic matters. Essentially, this is what all the schools and colleges do. When you get help from a professional, you get to pay them for their time and expertise.

There are no restrictions that can hinder a person from doing so. Many students are under the impression that professional research paper writing services are illegal. This is just a misunderstanding or an urban myth that many students come to believe.

What could be the best price to get a research paper from academic writers?

Even though pricing is one of the most important factors that students could look for before placing their order, it is hard to determine the price of a research paper outright. Certain factors go into the matter such as delivery time, scope of the essay, context, academic level, and so on.

The best way to find the approximate price of a research paper is to go through it using an on-site calculator. On average, a research paper can cost around $15 a page!

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