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Our Leadership Team

Val S.
Co-founder, tech
Business person, Advanced IT expert with over 20 years of experience
Andrey U.
Co-founder, operations
Business person, IT and Operations expert with over 14 years of experience
Oleg M.
Online Marketing Director
Online Marketing expert with over 12 years of experience
Denis L.
Senior IT, team leader
Senior IT, team manager with over 8 years in IT
Stas T.
Gets tasks done faster than you can post them
Iryna U.
HR & recruiting
Gets the right experts on board, globally
Yaroslav O.
Design, UI
Senior Design, UI, UX & frontend expert
Our vision:
1 / 5
Andrey U.
"TrustAnalytica has been created to save business time, money and get more leads. Essentially, we are combining easy to use, user-friendly tools that semi-automate or fully automate invoices, payments, bookings, lead processing, reputation management, promo campaigns, e-signatures, processed appointment details (notes) and much more."
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