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2 weeks ago
Worst experience ever. I have filed complaints with the State Attorney General, Better Business Bureau and AZDRE. Owners, of note, I rented a home for 18 months and there was no move in inspection with me, not ONCE did they ever check the condition of the home, so you...
2 weeks ago
I'd think twice before hiring this company. They have destroyed our roads, ditches and our property. They don't fix anything they mess up. They left trash at every place they worked that day. They park equipment way past the easement and don't care. I asked ...
2 weeks ago
This is an OK place. I was satisfied and would also recommend it. The pricing is affordable.
2 weeks ago
CHECK THE BBB COMPLAINTS! I had a horrible experience. My dog was vomiting with bloody diarrhea and I brought her to this animal hospital. They put me in a room and it was seven hours before a veterinarian came in. They didn’t want to give her water and then that seve...
3 weeks ago
These guys are amazing. I have an 8 mo Pekingese puppy who doesn’t want you to touch his feet his face NOTHING. I had these guys groom him with my fingers crossed. They did the most beautiful job on him I’ve ever had done on any of my dogs. They were able to do his ...
Karen Hall
4 weeks ago
We couldn't be more thrilled with the service we received from Agave home loans. I was surprised to learn that this is a new company as the service we received was superior to that of any company we've worked with in the past. We were fortunate enough to work w...
1 month ago
Great very helpful in answering legal questions.
1 month ago
Girlfriend and I live at Cortez and the new manager really cares alot. We almost got evicted but she said-Mechel she would help with resources. She made us angry at first but we are so thankful she was there for us in end. we never had apartment manager like her. We are...