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North Valley Personal Training

Do you worry injuring yourself while exercising because you are unqualified in this field, or do you want to change your physique but don't know where to begin? If you responded yes to at least one question, you should seek personal training under the supervision of a trained teacher. North Valley Personal Training is one of the places in Phoenix where you may obtain assistance. Individualized fitness transformation often begins with a screening and fitness assessment. The professional will ask you various questions about your lifestyle, diet, and medical histo more...

34975 N North Valley Pkwy, Phoenix, AZ 85086, USA
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Underground Fitness

Underground Fitness is Stamford's first and only 24-hour gym. Since its start, the mission of Underground Fitness has been to provide all of the comfort and facilities of a high-priced gym at a low cost. Underground has spent no money to deliver the most up-to-date cardio and strength equipment to our locations. Underground's cardio equipment includes an HD TV and is iPod, iPhone, PC, Kindle, and Nook compatible. Underground also provides free WiFi at all of its locations. When you join Underground, you'll be granted an electronic gym ticket that gives more...

9714 N 7th St, Phoenix, AZ 85020, USA
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Thurston Personal Training

Working one-on-one with a professional Thurston Results Coach is unlike anything you've ever experienced. Your friends and family care about you, but they can't regularly provide the type of proven counsel, support, and accountability that our expert coaches can. If you can't seem to accomplish it on your own, or if you're feeling overwhelmed and trapped, a Thurston Results Coach will come into your life with one goal in mind: to increase your progress and results in life So, if you need support staying dedicated and motivated, and you're weary more...

3624 E Bell Rd A, Phoenix, AZ 85032, USA
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Physiques Gym

Physiques Club is a public-access private personal training gym in Phoenix. Personal training, group personal training and group fitness, focused functional fitness training, nutrition counseling and meal plans are all available. Physiques Gym is a fitness center that has developed a distinct training approach. This form of personal training is not currently available in the corporate fitness industry, making us exceptionally unique and successful. We welcome athletes of all levels to participate, from beginners with basic fitness knowledge to extreme and real athl more...

2718 E Bell Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85032, USA
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Self Made Training Facility Phoenix

Making things happen in the face of adversity is a rare ability - Miguel Aguilar possesses it. All the odds were stacked against him. He was ten years old when his mother became a heroin addict. When he was 16, his father was sentenced to 22 years in jail. As a result, he became homeless and lived in his car. He had to fight his way through the streets to live he grew up on the terrible streets. Miguel Aguilar was attempting to figure out how to make himself into someone. There was no plain sailing for him; he was hampered by drug addiction, bankruptcy, and other s more...

14647 S 50th St Suite B100, Phoenix, AZ 85044, USA
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TriFIT Wellness

At TriFit, we are fully devoted to providing our customers with all they require to succeed. Training, nutrition, accountability, and support are all important. The "Tri" in TriFit Wellness refers to the "three planes of motion," which is the principle underlying our training programs. This functional training method assists our customers in improving their movement patterns, range of motion, function, and even injury prevention. The "Wellness" element of our name refers to our all-encompassing approach to health. True "fitness&qu more...

505 E Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85012, USA
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Pamela Young Fitness

Pamela Young Fitness's mission is to assist customers in achieving comprehensive body composition transformation in a fun and encouraging setting. We specialize in severe weight reduction, hormone balancing, and corrective fitness, as well as general fitness training for anyone looking to make a long-term, good change in their lives. Pam's approach as a Phoenix, AZ fitness teacher centered around the Five Point Fitness system. This entails total-body workouts and a holistic approach to fitness, rather than merely exercising in one or two areas. Pam uses a c more...

1095 E Indian School Rd Ste 500, Phoenix, AZ 85014, USA
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FitPro, LLC

To me, fitness is everything. It's my universe, my heart, and my soul. I believe that the pursuit of fitness is eternally intriguing and that individuals who engage in it on a regular basis will learn a lifetime of lessons. Fitness may provide physical benefits such as strength, power, endurance, agility, balance, rhythm, elegance, flexibility, and mastery. On a deeper level, though, fitness may provide a plethora of advantages worth seeking, including confidence, patience, courage, clarity, persistence, tenacity, poise, composure, and an unshakeable sense of s more...

1500 E Thomas Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85014, USA
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Todd Smith Fitness - AZ

Our goal is to be the world's best training facility! We attempt to provide a pleasant and vibrant environment that promotes serious outcomes. We strive hard to demonstrate to each member that we care about their health and fitness and are invested in their success. TSF is not your typical workout center. We are a group of health and fitness specialists with decades of expertise. Our objective is to assist you in achieving optimal health. We want you to have the energy to deal with anything life throws at you, as well as better posture, strength, and flexibilit more...

4041 E Thomas Rd #122, Phoenix, AZ 85018, USA
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High Altitude Personal Training

Fitness Collective is a personal training firm. Started with a single objective and vision in mind: to alter people's lives. Our training technique is founded on the idea that you, your body, your objectives, your ambitions, and any ailments or limits you may be experiencing are all unique. As a result, your training regimen should be as well. We urge you to break out from the "one size fits all" approach that is so prevalent in the fitness industry today. Our firm started small. We began in 2009 under the moniker "High Altitude Personal Training more...

4605 E. Cactus Rd. Ste #2A02, Phoenix, AZ 85032, USA
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