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Studio Verve Pilates

Pilates is a total-body workout that is both low-impact and effective. Spring resistance + different props employ stress to strengthen + align. Find healing through movement + a strong, lean, and defined body. Who We Best Serve You are ready to nurture your body – gone are the days of beating yourself up You are a quality seeker and value customized attention – you are worth the investment Tired of gimmicks, challenges, and new work out fads, ready for a program you will stick to that brings you results

4545 N 36th St Suite 113, Phoenix, AZ 85018, USA
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Club Pilates

Pilates, we feel, is the way to a more fulfilling physical existence. We think that controlling your body allows you to control your life. And, best of all, we believe you may begin at any moment. There is a Pilates class for everyone, regardless of age or fitness level. Examine your alternatives and choose the best workout for you. Club Pilates teachers must complete hundreds of hours of training in order to fulfill teacher requirements and give the finest quality Pilates workouts.

6819 N 16th St Ste. 7, Phoenix, AZ 85016, USA
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Personalized Pilates

Personalized Pilates is a group of expert pilates teachers who help individuals feel and look better than ever before by tailoring pilates to their specific needs and body type. Over the last 20 years, we've helped over 5,000 people achieve their fitness objectives! Book a pilates lesson if you've never done it before or want to try something new. We'd be delighted to meet you! Our knowledgeable teachers are qualified to detect imbalances in your body and personalize your workout to your individual requirements. Don't settle for fitness that isn' more...

5010 E Shea Blvd UNIT 260, Phoenix, AZ 85028, USA
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BURN Total Body Conditioning-A Lagree Studio

You are able to BURN! All that is required is perseverance. You're more than capable. You have enough coordination. Will you put forth the effort? Certainly! Anything new requires effort. But we guarantee that if you stick with it, you'll get addicted to the challenge and the results! Intensity plus efficacy equals efficiency. We'll train HUNDREDS of muscles in 45 minutes. This takes hours with other types of exercise.

5600 N 7th St #120, Phoenix, AZ 85014, USA
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BASI Pilates Academy, Phoenix

BASI Pilates honors Pilates history and Joseph Pilates' legacy by providing our students with a firm foundation in all parts of the Pilates Method. As a result, the complete original repertoire is handled, as well as every equipment. We also combine respect for history and tradition with openness to scientific and technological advances. This openness has resulted in the BASI Block System, the F2 System, BASI Interactive, and several other developments that organically enhance Joseph Pilates' pioneering work. BASI is an acronym that stands for excellence an more...

805 E Thunderbird Rd #105, Phoenix, AZ 85022, USA
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Orange Blossom Pilates

Orange Blossom Pilates is your Phoenix, Arizona home for safer Pilates. We're a downtown boutique studio that specializes on movement that helps you feel great in your own skin. We use modern Pilates concepts to help your body move correctly so you may continue doing the activities you like. Orange Blossom Pilates offers private and group Pilates equipment sessions, as well as outdoor mat Pilates courses. Learn more about the Pilates approach and why it could be a good fit for you!

122 E Culver St, Phoenix, AZ 85004, USA
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Reformed Pilates

Reformed Pilates is a modern take on the fundamental features of reformer Pilates. To get the best outcomes, we employ a certain STRUCTURE, FLOW, and METHOD. And then you simply know it's time to start something fresh and believe in the power of beginnings. First-class? FIRST AND FOREMOST! Don't be concerned. Believe in the magic! Learn what you should pack, what to wear, and what to anticipate. Our routines are meticulously planned to keep equipment and directional changes to a minimum. Our flow, along with pre-transitioning exercises, allows students to m more...

4325 E Indian School Rd #110, Phoenix, AZ 85018, USA
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Remedy Pilates & Barre | Arcadia

Remedy is more than just a workout studio. Pilates is a life-changing activity that improves muscle balance, core strength, and flexibility. Pilates is a spring-based resistance exercise that targets deep muscle fibers and is suitable for people of all ages, illnesses, and goals. We mix conventional and contemporary Pilates methodologies to present our clients with a one-of-a-kind experience. Our instructors have completed the 500+ hour Pilates Sports Center Teacher Training and are well-versed in both the Pilates Method and anatomy. We train to meet the needs of o more...

3629 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85018, USA
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Bird Dog Pilates & Fitness

The studio is a tiny, intimate place, and it was built to make the most of it. There are three rooms in total: the main studio area, the private studio space, and the washroom. The studio has only three permanent structures: a ballet barre, a Ped-O-Pul, and a TRX multi-mount structure on the east wall. To create an open studio area for mat classes, barre, and Fletcher Floorwork, all of the other Pilates equipment may be pulled out of the main room and kept in the rear room (or private studio space).

109 W Portland St, Phoenix, AZ 85003, USA
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Bloom Pilates

Bloom is a pleasant and friendly private studio in the heart of Phoenix. At Bloom, you can expect a fully private pilates experience in which Katie and you may concentrate on your unique objectives and needs. This one-of-a-kind setting allows you to train without being distracted by other trainers or clients. Bloom is outfitted with two professional Balanced Body Allegro Reformers, a Balanced Body EXO Chair, two springboards, floor mats, and different props to do over 500 Pilates movements.

1540 E Maryland Ave Suite 202, Phoenix, AZ 85014, USA
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