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Skin Care and Body Sculpting

Skin Care and Body Sculpting

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8280 Florence Ave Suite 130, Downey, CA 90240, USA Get Directions
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We want you to be the best version of yourself. Customized Skin Care Treatments and Customized Body Sculpting/Conturing treatments are available. Also, we specialize in post-op care. We have over seven years experience. Our team is licensed and certified. We can help you to love your skin. Body Sculpting, and facials are our specialties. This is just a small list of services we provide. Please feel free to browse and always remember: Always love your skin. It can seem impossible to achieve the ideal body contours or a smooth skin texture. Cosmetic treatments are now more accessible to many thanks to the advances in medical science. Radio Frequency (RF) is one of the treatments that are gaining in popularity. The RF treatment for skin tightening and fat loss works by sending energy waves into the target area. This heats up tissues beneath the surface of the skin. This article will discuss RF in detail and provide all necessary information. Benefits of RF Skin Tightening and Fat Loss: FDA approved, RF treatment is non-surgical and FDA approved for skin tightening and fat reduction. RF has many benefits, including: The non-invasiveness of RF compared with traditional surgery: Traditional procedures like liposuction or tummy Tucks are associated with high risks and long recovery times. The RF treatment does not require any downtime and is completely non-invasive. Skin tightening, fat reduction and skin tightening: The RF stimulates the collagen and elastin production by heating the tissues beneath the surface of the skin. The skin becomes firmer and tighter. The heat waves also help you to achieve the desired body shape by breaking down stubborn fat. Body contouring is improved: The RF treatment can be an effective alternative to people who have stubborn deposits of fat that will not move despite regular exercise and healthy eating. RF treatment is painless and safe. It has minimal side effects. Heat energy waves target only the tissues and fat cells below the surface of the skin, leaving it unharmed.


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