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Freeberg Lloyd

Freeberg Lloyd

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Jury trials were the most exciting part of my first few years in practice. It was always difficult to persuade twelve good men and women of the innocence of a client. In the vast majority of cases, clients are guilty. The challenge was fun and I got paid well for it. It was Bill W, a young man who was referred to as "Bill W" by the recovery community. This person's case changed my practice forever. Bill Wilson was known as Bill W in the community of recovery. I didn't know him at that time, but I came to learn about his work. A Fullerton Police officer was patrolling routinely one afternoon when he noticed a car parked along the curb, with someone slumped on the wheel. He approached the car and repeatedly knocked at the window without any response. He opened the door to see if anyone inside needed help. Bill fell out of the vehicle when he did so. Bill was arrested for DUI following a subsequent investigation. A blood test revealed that his alcohol content was.22. Bill hired me and I didn't spend much time examining the reasons why an 18-year-old man would be intoxicated enough to fall asleep while driving in the afternoon. For which I charged a significant amount, my focus was on getting him "off" the case. Bill's case got dismissed because I only questioned the circumstances surrounding the arrest and intrusion of the officer. To me, being well paid and achieving a miracle were the only things that mattered. I continued on with my life without thinking about Bill.


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