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Law Offices of Mariya Melkonyan

Law Offices of Mariya Melkonyan

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Melkonyan has a record of success in felony jury trials. She is a 13-year veteran Deputy District attorney with Jury Trial Experience ranging from minor misdemeanors up to violent and serious felonies. Her experience as a Deputy District Attorney can now work to your benefit. She has extensive experience with experts from different areas such as Toxicology and Medical professionals, DNA, Forensic pathology, Child Sexual Accommodation Syndrome (CSAS), Forensic pathology, Forensic Medicine, DRE. DUI (driving under the influence) and DUI (driving while impaired by drugs) are both serious charges which can affect your life. You can get your life on track and overcome the charge, but you will need an experienced attorney that knows how to deal with these cases. Melkonyan firm offers a no-cost consultation to anyone who needs a California DUI attorney. You will face many legal steps if you're arrested for DUI in Los Angeles. Law Offices Mariya Melkonyan has experienced Los Angeles attorneys who are well versed in DUI defense. Mariya Melkonyan, a USC graduate and former deputy district prosecutor with over 13 years of experience in the field, is an experienced DUI defense attorney. As your DUI attorney, she will use her years of expertise in examining experts from different fields and forensic pathologists to help you.


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