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Albree Dog Training

Albree Dog Training

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Albree Dog Training is a Sacramento-based company that has served the area since 1982. Alan and Renee Miller find the greatest joy in helping dog owners communicate with their dogs using communication techniques that work. They use "positive reinforcement" to train dogs in a way that is both humane and effective. You don't have to make your dog "fear you" in order for him to obey. Both you and your pet should enjoy the training process. Alan and Renee have each over 37 years of experience in obedience training, search andrescue, therapy work and herding. They are also experts at behavior problems and solving aggression. Renee Miller also has over 20 years experience as a Vet Tech, which helps her to identify medical issues that can cause behavior problems. Alan and Renee both have a number of titles and awards for many breeds in different structured events. The most popular ones are sponsored by The American Kennel Club. Each dog is different, so there's no one size fits all method. The way each dog reacts to corrections is different. What motivates one dog may not be the same as what motivates another. Alan and Renee studied under some of America's best trainers. They have an extensive knowledge of dog breeds in terms of temperaments, characteristics, and behavior associated with each breed, along with dog psychology, motivation and behavioral modification. They have perfected a unique training approach that uses the best techniques to train each dog, and their handlers. This results in optimum performance. They have many students who compete in dog shows or are involved with other aspects of dog training.


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