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Wholistic Canine

Wholistic Canine

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Dog Relationship coach that helps clients learn basic obedience, advanced behavior and anxiety-related behaviors. Included are fear aggression, stranger safety and separation anxiety. For training, we use the reward-based approach. As we know that not every dog is the same size, our methods can be adjusted to fit each individual dog. This is not a program that fits everyone. It's a program that encourages you to do what is best for your pet. Wholistic Canine, a dog training and behavior modification business based in Sacramento, CA. Our conflict-free training methods are based on Training Between The Ears and a combination of the skills that we've acquired over 12 years of dog training. We aim to identify the root causes of the unwanted behavior(s) your dog is exhibiting in order to change it. This will also help your dog think more positively, while strengthening the relationship with you. We want to help your dog gain a positive perspective of life, with less anxiety, fear and aggression. Our goal is to create a dog that has a more positive outlook on life, one who seeks relaxation and calmness. They can also handle vet and grooming visits without stress and even make new friends. We use reward-based training methods to promote conflict-free communication with your dog. This will be achieved through relaxation and bridge training as well as target training. We can achieve the life quality you and your pet deserve together.


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