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2 weeks ago
Very grateful!
1 month ago
2 months ago
West Coast Singles is the best dating site you can use. Verification and real members is their specialty.
4 months ago
Fraud/scam alert!!! Operating under suspended license (see legal records). Eli walked out on job and stole $10k from our family on a garage remodel. Make sure to read all the 1 star reviews (other positive ones are fake reviews posted by his assistant). Buyer beware. ST...
5 months ago
Revive Body MD has exceptional staff who are both professional and friendly. The office is always clean, and their service is consistently prompt. What makes them stand out is their approach to suggesting treatments instead of pressuring customers into purchasing them. ...
5 months ago
Both my parents spent time at White Blossom. My dad for months over a period of 3 years and my mom for just 10 days. My dad fell at least 9 times. My mom fell 3 times. The third fall resulted in 10 days in the ICU where she died due to a subdural hematoma! This all took...
5 months ago
I recently had the pleasure of working with Attorney Renee Gardner, and am grateful for her outstanding legal guidance. Ms. Gardner proved to be a consummate professional with an unparalleled commitment to her clients. What sets Ms. Gardner apart is not only her extens...
6 months ago
I am so glad I came across this place after my friend asked me to check it out and it came out so handy in time of need. They helped me to schedule appointment right away as I was preparing myself for an event and the doctor knew exactly what i needed, what is good for ...
6 months ago
My mom lived at Oakmont San Jose for five years. After being at three other memory care facilities (Belmont Village Sunnyvale and Atria Foster City), OSJ was the perfect solution, and where she lived out her final days. My mom was accustomed to high-end hotels and a gla...
6 months ago
Something so fishy is going on at this place and when you have to have your own daughter with the last name Thaker right a review you are truly hard up. At best these are drug pushers who are very overpriced and don't give a crap about the patients. Kira who is a n...
7 months ago
At SVR, people find hope and compassion. I have yet to come across another treatment center that exhibits the same level of compassion as SVR. I love this Place!!! Thank you so much for showing how much you ALL really care about each person!
7 months ago
I was referred here for a snore guard, after $1200 out of pocket, I’m still at square one with two options — one at $5000 and another at $10000. Dr. Phelps reviewed my test results with another doctor, me being the audience in the back. Then, I was left with a piece...
8 months ago
The manager tipped himself $4 off a $13 check last night when I picked up my online order. It’s only a few dollars but I’m pissed enough to write a review. So use cash and caution
8 months ago
She is the worst- a counselor who gives ammunition to couples against each other so that they continue fighting and hence contimue seeing her - this is how unethical people make money !!
8 months ago
When you there to buy, they will say what ever to please you so you can buy, but if they do not write on your receipt then do not trust them. They said they buy back the GiA diamond if I need to resale it, but they do not honor that. What kind of big store that do not h...
8 months ago
I had no choice but to use crash champions in Wall, NJ as my brand new car was in an accident and his insurance put me in this shop. It took 2 months to replace the bumper. In the meantime my new Audi Q5 sat in their wooded lot and became a home for hundreds and hundred...
9 months ago
Absolutely robbery. And not just the massage price. I had my wallet robbed from the "locked" locker in the locker room. I went for a one hour massage to come back to a wallet with my money gone!! Manager was not willing to help at all to look at the video record...
9 months ago
I am hard of hearing on the phone, but Emily resolved all issues via email, and improved my anxious moving mood with her optimism. Two Atlanteans arrived, Vladimir and Mansur, alerting me via SMS 15 minutes in advance. They worked incredibly fast, but extremely carefull...
9 months ago
The method they use to so called treat you is the same for all no matter the issue. I signed up for 4 adjustments a month and later when I tried to cancel they would only do it if I showed up in person. I had to leave town for work. Paid 2 months for nothing becau...
10 months ago
Don't recommend.
10 months ago
My experience was average to be honest. No issues,
10 months ago
I recently hired a web design service to create a website for my online business. After researching several options, I chose a reputable agency known for its creativity and technical expertise. Throughout the process, they impressed me with their professionalism and att...
10 months ago
Attention Disabled Veterans and anyone who has had a hard life DO NOT GO TO BUTTERFLY DENTAL at 4302 Moorpark Avenue in San Jose. I literally walked out mid-appointment because the doctor, I believe her name was Dr. Qwong (female) she basically made fun of me for havin...
10 months ago
Don’t work for them. Over worked & underpaid. They don’t care about their supervisors nor Employee
10 months ago
I got the social media marketing service from them. The communication skills and the creativity demonstrated by them was up to the mark. They delivered promised results.
10 months ago
Horrible experience!
10 months ago
I was introduced to Webnificent by an acquaintance, and upon their recommendation, I decided to purchase their comprehensive branding package. I must express my satisfaction with the impeccable level of service they provided, which not only met but exceeded my expectati...
10 months ago
Thank you so much for developing my website and giving me the results that I wanted. I would definitely recommend others to get service from them.
11 months ago
Don't get scammed liked me! Stay as far away from this place as you can. I brought my 2 year old German shepherd Ranger, in for training to address specific things he was doing. Prior to coming to Cali K9, he knew basic obedience and on leash healing, stay and I...
11 months ago
A Remarkable Experience with Dr. Jane at Jenesis Lipoplasty & Laser:
11 months ago
Worst experience ever. Waited an hour and half to see the vetenarian. She had no intention of speaking with me or examining my cats in front of me. Told me I had to request her to examine them in my presence! Very very expensive.
1 year ago
I don't suggest people work with them. I was talking to a mean and rude recruiter called Hannah yesterday. I applied for a call center position. I don't consider myself to have zero calling experience, so I answered yes on experience. I understand I never worked...
1 year ago
I recently went through a divorce and hired Law Offices of Steven A. Dinneen P.C. to represent me during the process. I am extremely satisfied with the services provided by their team, and I highly recommend them to anyone in need of a divorce lawyer. From the initial ...
1 year ago
They took my money, gave me completely inappropriate dates. I asked for healthy lifestyle, someone reasonably fit to go on walks with. I was set up with admitted addicts, a smoker and someone who couldn't walk to the door of the restaurant to leave. I got nothing I...
1 year ago
I got an appointment with Niloo for a haircut and color. Niloo is a well-trained hairstylist with over 15 years of experience. She delivers excellent customer service. Niloo is passionate about her work. The salon is well decorated and well-lit. I will definitely return...
1 year ago
AVOID these people at all costs. The team at Orbit Design Agency is incompetent, unprofessional, and downright criminal in their business practices. They will not meet any of your deadlines, perform any quality work or changes. Some changes took 6 different notification...
1 year ago
I wanted to replace my roof and asked for a quote, The estimator visited the property and did an review and told me that i had 2 layers of roof and he would send an updated quote in next couple of hours. I was in a hurry to get the process started so i followed up the ...
1 year ago
We highly recommend Core Academics for their excellency and effectiveness. Our child received very strong supports from Core Academics in the past 4 years since she entered the high school. She received very high quality services from them ranging from tutoring to colle...
1 year ago
Don't hire this company! We have solar, and wanted battery backup. We went with NRG Clean Power in April, 2022. I currently have a battery sitting in my garage, uninstalled. EVERY time estimate they have given for completion has been wrong (the first saleswoman said...
1 year ago
The engraver can't spell, also doesn't know how to center align the words. He misspelled a word then tried to hide the mistake by putting a nasty crimp in the metal. Absolutely ruined the piece. The manager was arrogant and very disrespectful to my wife and I wh...
1 year ago
Joshua is the best teacher I have had at C2. They are super helpful and gives lots of a ideas to make your writing better.
1 year ago
Urban Leaf is by far the top dispensary in San Jose. A tucked away, hidden gem. Very clean and professional. It took less than a minute to check in and required no paper work at all; just a quick ID scan and BOOM. Once I was inside they had multiple bud tenders working ...
1 year ago
Midland Gems Lousy, lousy experience and they will not stand behind the 100% satisfaction promise. Prepaid for the service and after 6 weeks, absolutely no progress. Requested and was promised repayment, then surprise/surprise they did not refund. Do not recommend this ...
1 year ago
Extremely unprofessional business. If you're looking for a reliable tattoo shop, do not waste your time with Soul Imagez Tattoo. Their scheduling process, or lack thereof, is shameful. The tattoo that I trusted this shop with has a lot of sentimental value and I w...
1 year ago
This company is an elaborate scam! I hired them for a simple website in Jan 2022, and it is now Dec 2022. Started off going back and forth for months with the design and I always gave them the benefit of the doubt as to why it was taking so long. Around August, all my p...
Elsie Le
1 year ago
I only found the reception desk professional and courtesy, the rest of staff that our family have dealt with were not honest and prompt.
1 year ago
Shanika was AMAZING!!! She got me where I wanted and needed to be quickly and efficiently!!!! She deserves a RAISE!!!!!! Shanika is OUTSTANDING!!!
1 year ago
Shanika was great and helped me solve my problem.
1 year ago
Rocket Resume has a great system, with timely callbacks from agents. I am very pleased with the customer service I received from Nicky today. Thanks!
1 year ago
Anh is amazing! She is tutoring my son in Calculus and Physics. Her ability to breakdown complex problems and patiently explain new concepts has completely changed my son's attitude toward learning. He has a more positive attitude and is definitely more confident. W...