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We are an Indianapolis law firm practicing throughout the great State of Indiana. As Indiana trial and transaction lawyers, McNevin McInnes, LLP represent clients from all around the world in a broad range of legal issues. We have a reputation for being aggressive advocates, and we like it that way. We still believe in “We the People.” It is an ideal at the very heart of our firm’s organizational culture. It is what we see when we look in the mirror every day, promising to fight the good fight and refusing to be bought by “big money” and ruthless insurance companies. We have sworn an oath to defend the constitutions of the United States and the great State of Indiana, and that oath starts with the people, whether they be a widow with three children or a small business owner with a payroll to meet. Our office is conveniently located just south of the 465 loop off of US 31 South. We have free ample parking and our building is ADA compliant. For many people owning a business is like owning a piece of the American Dream. If you’ve got the ambition to take on the challenges of business ownership, you may just have the moxie to be a great success. There’s lots of blood, sweat, and tears between launch and orbit, but once you get a taste for it, there’s nothing like it.


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