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7 months ago
PUPSI NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOUR PET IS INJURED WHILE IN THEIR CARE. My pet was injured during boarding at Pupsi.. Vet bills will be $4000+. Trace let me know that Pupsi takes no responsibility for injuries to dogs in Pupsi's care for boarding or day care. If you plan ...
8 months ago
Podcast who harasses people on YouTube contact them put their life in danger. I really don’t think I would use her as my lawyer. Hard enough for people to testify in court without having a lawyer throw their name all over kick dirt on them make fun of them. Published...
9 months ago
My daughter went there to get a nail fixed and literally left in tears because Theresa was beyond rude to her. My daughter just had her nails done there two weeks ago by Theresa and wrote down the color. Theresa denies doing her nails and insists they don’t have tha...
10 months ago
I had the best experience ever! I'm 70 years old and had scared through my eyebrow as a child so all my adult life I wore bangs and thinned my brows to disguise my problem. I went to Claire for eyebrow henna tattoo treatment. I love them, it has become the focal po...
11 months ago
I came here to get a liquid gel manicure, only to be rushed, and for the nail tech Amanda to not apply the liquid gel right and skip steps so I could be in an out within 35 minutes. I had to go out of town for a family emergency, which I communicated with the UrbanChic ...
1 year ago
AVOID PUPSI IN CARY FOR BOARDING—I can’t find a vacation foster for my foster dog for 2 weeks in July so I went online to Pupsi to see what they had. They require a day of daycare before boarding so I completed that and paid for it and went online that night to requ...
1 year ago
Employee; employee family or friend; compensated with goods. Which one? The amount of unethical 5 stars to bring scores up for a practice that treats patients like cattle and disregards their health and time is disgusting. We notice all the “new reviews” in the past...
1 year ago
The technician was good but the salon was not clear on their pricing and within a week after getting my nails done one of them broke completely in half. I called to verify what I was charged and got 3 different prices from the 3 different people that I talked to. It cha...
1 year ago
**BEWARE** Needed a small spot removed on inside of nose near eye. Although referral was sent, they told me it wasn't + do it again. Ends up they did have it. I waited for weeks and had to call them. The office is VERY disorganized – one hand does not seem to kno...