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3 months ago
CONSUMER BEWARE!!!! LV Restoration is false advertising their free estimates. I had water damage to my home so I contacted Joe ,the owner, based on his websites advertisement for FREE ESTIMATES. Joe came to the property and he was polite, but adamant about me signing wo...
4 months ago
Never rent a car from Budget Car Rental in Las Vegas as they charge you a drop off fee even when it's not warranted. I picked up a car from Budget Car Rental in Las Vegas on January 14, 2024 and experienced a car problem when I was driving to Salt Lake City. Budget�...
7 months ago
UNPROFESSIONAL, HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE, DISGUSTING, NO ETHICS, UNEDUCATED, BARBARIC, UNCIVILIZED, NO MANNERS, DISRESPECTFUL, RUDE Upon entering my house they are like crazy wild animals invading our house pushing pulling furnishings all over, anything in their way t...
7 months ago
Wow. This law firm goes down as one of the worst in my book. Do not hire them for your personal injury case or workers comp case. They will straight up lie to your face and tell you everything wonderful you will want to hear when they are trying to get you to sign a con...
8 months ago
We have had such a successful experience with Melon Local and are very happy we decided to move forward and join. Our results have been impressive, and many new opportunities have come our way from making the adjustments necessary to have a larger online presence. Cassi...
8 months ago
I thought originally these guys were great. Been with them a year. We just found out in October that we paid our "friends" at Clicklt Social roughly $12,000 to not do what they said they could/would. They were supposed to monitor our website. They could not even...
8 months ago
Joe and Collin were the best! Extremely friendly and super easy to work with. Joe covered all my questions and concerns with detail in terms that I could understand. Collin was very knowledgeable and efficient with the installation. We know feel very safe in our ADT cov...
10 months ago
I always tell my friends when they come into town that they need to experience buying from Jardin. It's a vibe. Plus you can always find a good deal on something there.
10 months ago
Very bad service and disappointed. My panel doesn't work , like they said in my contract.. They don't answer phone call , and never come in house to check my solar panel.. They just make money and disappear
10 months ago
In the beginning they were really helpful went above and beyond on helping me all the way around getting me to my doctor's appointment to surgery got me advances they were good that's y it's been a lil hard for me to do this but I'm at a point that I don...
10 months ago
Racist company, liked a comment on Instagram under a post of Black women where a user claimed their race was “very ugly” and deleted my comment calling them out! Post is from July 28th.
10 months ago
HONESTLY ONE THE BEST delivery services ever. Highly recommend lol (highly)
11 months ago
I had a amazing experience the employees are so helpful especially the one guy I think his name Ryan or Brian he knew everything and was super nice and respectful also hilarious, anyway everyone should check it out.
11 months ago
I am so pleased with the outcome of my settlement Cynthia Armas was my Ladeh law firm contact and she took great care of me and my son we were both injured and in need of excellent legal representation, from start to finish with my case Cynthia was a God send. I had ne...
11 months ago
They install like crap was surprised it looked so bad when they showed me what it would look like they didn't tell me I have to paint my own conduit or that it would be running all over my house
11 months ago
Small dance studio where you feel like a part of a family. I've read one review where the dancer complained about the studio and losing friends. This dancer was angry because SHE didn't place at competitions. She was suspended from the studio for unprofessionali...
11 months ago
Garbage. Trash. That would explain it to most folks but let me go further. Can't write a motion. Doesn't care about the client's well being. Has to change the name of the firm because his name is trash in the legal field. Ask any other Personal Injury attorn...
1 year ago
Placed a order online for delivery and this is the second time my bag is tampered with. One container was opened and is missing some flower. Last time they only left one nug for 3.5grams. Definitely don’t order delivery and ask to check if containers are sealed and no...
1 year ago
Toxic studio. I used to be a dancer here for 3 about to be 4 years. This studio was very welcoming at first, but it was obvious there was favoritism to dancers that have been there since a younger age. I loved it, but the beggining of this season started off rough with...
1 year ago
My name Rachael. I have spoken to John several times for information and advice I have never been in trouble with courts or law before. He made me feel more at ease. Let me know what to expect. He took his time and answered my questions very nice man !!!!!...
1 year ago
Absolutely trash!!! I wish I could give zero stars! Can't ever contact support! No one comes out to fix anything. The sales rep paid me to try out the service and promised it would be easy. And every time you call with a problem it's only more bullcrap from them...
1 year ago
Incompetent attorney Compulsive liar She abandoned my case with no warning. No I’m stuck to sue her
1 year ago
Very happy to be a Direct Solar customer. All my questions were answered before by an experienced customer service representative before ever purchasing my panels. And every claim turned out to be completely true! My solar panels have reduced my energy bill to $13-15/m...
1 year ago
Amazing customer service, and savings. Not only did they keep in touch but walked me through the process and showed me the best way to save money..SOLAR. My sales guy Nik was polite, honest, knowledgeable and courteous of my decision. At 1st I told him that I wasn't...
1 year ago
This place is a complete joke! Only way to get customers through the door is to scam them in by displaying sale prices online then saying it is more cause I did not read the disclaimer!?! The staff is incompetent. Security is rude. OVERPRICED OVERPRICED OVERPRICED! Go t...
1 year ago
Dominic & Davi had great customer service. Had an issue with my disposal was in and out within seconds.
1 year ago
Great staff friendly gals on the phone walked me through turning on my solar panels. Tempo Solar World did a fantastic job! Professional installers and local in Las Vegas Carmelo genuinely cared and took the time to build the correct system for my home.
1 year ago
Not recommended. We had a terrible experience.
1 year ago
Gabriel & Rosa Ybarra I had such a great experience with Wooldridge Law. I always spoke with Jon Padilla. He is so pleasant and professional and very helpful, Jon would send me periodic updates. He was always available to talk to me on the phone to answer any questi...
1 year ago
Justin came over to get us some information about going solar. He was very detailed with the information and my wife and I decided to start the process on the spot. He stayed in constant communication with us throughout the process and took the time to make sure we unde...
1 year ago
Lydia P. with perhaps her advising personnel and/or team in Red Rock catering, made our experience unpleasant and very not favorable. I spent over 40,000.00 dollars on this Red Rock event and am not pleased. The critical event was a prior postponement of our wedding by ...
1 year ago
.Mando and Chris's D were cool dudes to talk to and big thanks to Trinity for her service she was great.
1 year ago
I have s question. My dr assistant told me that there are at least 2 Las Vegas dispensaries who throw good weed out weekly and it’s good weed!! She said Google it. But as i suspected, nothing. Anyone know about this?
1 year ago
Gee was an amazing agent.. I had bought a 2pk airbuds and didn't realized I didn't have a battery for it... Gee took care of it and even showed me how to use it... Thanks Gee!
Sir Anthony
1 year ago
Let me start by saying I am a college educated Army Veteran that suffers from PTSD the Iraq War. I am a medical patient that has consistently shopped for my medication at The Source on Eastern Ave in Las Vegas. Today (11/15/22) I wanted to share my experience with Manag...
1 year ago
I bought my son a silver chain in October and the clasp broke so I took it back just to be told it would be 108$ to fix it Don’t buy from this company so 1100$ chain not covered worn 3 weeks