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9 months ago
My experience with SolarSME was mediocre. My salesperson Jim was very personable and designed a system customized to my property’s needs. First and foremost, SolarSME is very, very (very!) expensive. Even with an 800+ credit score, SolarSME’s interest rate was mo...
10 months ago
An attorney must zealously defend their clients in an adversarial system. In my case, Kathy was biased towards police departments and the district attorney’s office. Do not trust your freedom to this attorney. Tarrant County Sheriff's Department did NOT Execute ...
11 months ago
Because of my priors The DA automatically enhanced my case to a felony.It didnt matter whether or not I was innocent.Kathy & her team got my case dismissed.Now my life can begin again.It looked hopeless but she did it.Thank you .
1 year ago
If I could leave zero stars, I would. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. I have been waiting for this solar installation for 8 months now and the company seems to be more lost every time I talk to them. The customer service is horrendous. Every time I call with questions, the pro...
1 year ago
John S. Came to my home and I signed on 9/16/22. Today the system finally got connected...By the way you receive an email with directions on how to connect to solar...they do not send a tech to connect or walk you through. John the sales rep is not familiar with insura...
1 year ago
Lumio (was AKE Energy when I did business with them) had a representative come out to my home in Mid 2020 to sell me a Solar System. After meeting with the representative, I agreed and bought they service thru them. They in turn, sold the service to someone else who fu...
1 year ago
Anthony and Sara were very informative and helpful in explaining solar and now the system works. I'll be sure to mention them if I hear anyone asking about solar. Kevin Hulshoff