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1 week ago
I want to thank Neal C. Schulwolf, Esquire and Meghann Fund for taking good care of me they are an excellent team I would definitely use them again and I would definitely recommend
2 weeks ago
My wife and I have been to MISTER JEWELRY numerous times, she for an occasional jewelry chain repair or ring cleaning, I for battery replacement (which they do on the spot for >$15). That is why I went recently, to have the battery in my old faithful Seiko replaced. N...
3 months ago
This is the second time I needed a lawyer in a calendar year so once again I called Cole Roberts. I cannot recommend Cole enough. He was extremely knowledgeable, professional, and dedicated to helping me with my case. He was always available to answer my questions and ...
4 months ago
This was a very bad move the complete process was bad. I thought this was a good firm had good reviews. I needed an Attorney for my Divorce case Motion for Temporary and Permanent Possession of Martial Property. I contact by text message on phone received a reply. My fi...
5 months ago
Chris is an amazing instructor. He has so much patience and gave tips in driving.Got timely updates abt schedules.Amazing exp. Giving 10/10
5 months ago
this company will just bill you and bill you for hours of no work. DO NOT GO NEAR THIS LAW FIRM. They charged me $30,000 for research before my case went to court. Bo depositions were ever done. Then admitted that they overcharged me. Never gave me the money overcharge...
7 months ago
Do not waste your money here. Substandard service and haughty staff
7 months ago
Marc is nothing short of spectacular. He's been working on me for the last few months, and I haven't felt this well in 2 years. He clearly is well versed in body dynamics and functional movement. Today's session was particularly fantastic. My left rhomboid h...
7 months ago
Hi All, I have booked an appointment in MassageLuxe Chesapeake on October 16th 2023 at 7:00 PM EST. At 6:00 PM EST someone called me from the MassageLuxe and informed that one of their massage therapist quit the job and I have to reschedule the appointment. They have r...
8 months ago
Professional and courteous, I highly recommend.
8 months ago
Very unprofessional, I have never dealt with a cleaning service that didn't want to clean??? They started over and hour late and they did not stay within the 4 hour allotted time. I had used the service twice before they did pretty good work. Usually 1 pro came in a...
8 months ago
0 stars. 3 months after purchasing the 2014 chevy equinox it stopped working on the highway. there was a problem with the fuel pump module failing, the engine, and oil system component failure and leaking engine gaskets. i called to let them know they sold me a messed...
8 months ago
My daughter loves to dance at Regency and has learned so much from her teachers. She loves to compete and has made some amazing friends. This program is unique to the Richmond area and is for the dancer who wants to dance more than taking a weekly class. The owner is am...
9 months ago
Terrible. Never received battery for solar system. The positive reviews are fake. RUN DONT GO WITH NOBLE SOLAR. So nice on the phone and in person, don’t believe a word of it. Ass soon as they get your $$$ it’s all downhill. 2 years of stress and they haven’t fix...
9 months ago
Dannie Sutton is a phenomenal attorney. He knows what evidence you need to bring and how to make his client feel well prepared, but on top of that he knows how to present said evidence to a judge! Dannie is knowledgeable about what the judges look for, how they normally...
9 months ago
Do not use the attorney Robert Miller. He does not listen nor do what is right by the client but will take your money. They never have made it right but just kept pushing it off. However, they wanted to know how things were going with it all. Attorney Robert Miller whi...
10 months ago
I used the family law services at Byler and met my attorney Palmer E. Hurst. He was compassionate and listened to my story. When we were court he turned into a bulldog and caught my accuser in every lie she told. I felt vindicated, but he did it with respect and profess...
10 months ago
Great service!!!
11 months ago
I can't begin to explain how irritating the non-responsiveness and lack of effort to do right by paying customers is, when purchasing a solar system from Noble Solar. It has been 8 plus months and counting after installation with no incentive check, or reimbursemen...
11 months ago
I have been emailing Hannah back and forth for a week trying to set up a Consultation about donor contracts. She asked countless questions, I answered them all. By the end of it, they told me, "Unfortunately, we’re unable to assist at this time", With no expla...
11 months ago
Truly a pleasure working Mr. Hobbs. I live in North Carolina & got a ticket in Virginia. Never had to show up to court, he had the case dismissed after I paid all associated fees and fines. Thanks again.
1 year ago
I have been a patient at Advanced Dermatology for years. Their actual medical service is fine, but this review is in response to their super shady billing practices. I went for a routine skin exam in March of this year with the same provider I have been seeing for years...
1 year ago
So disappointed. These guys are all talk and no game. Once called out for delivering poor results, they take no responsibility and blame the client for everything. Here's how it goes: They pitch big, wanting at least $5,000/month and a 12-month contract. It all soun...
1 year ago
DON'T USE THIS SHOP!!! They charged me for 4 hours of labor when they had my car for 2 hours 45 minutes total! They told me their estimate was for the TOTAL JOB PRICE, not the total service cost. Charging for labor that never happened is wrong and scummy. This shop ...
1 year ago
I stopped by to get advice as a first time grower. Talked to the owner Mike for advice. He shared his thoughts. Then he asked if I would like him to get them started for me. Three weeks later I returned to pick them up they were healthy and strong. He did it without hes...
1 year ago
I don't have problems with the doctors but the people who are selling skin products. Two weeks ago I asked them If I can have OBAGI Face Serum, she said they are not carry that anymore. She checked it again and she found two bottles left (I think they are expired) b...
1 year ago
Crap attorney! He did nothing for me. I called every week up to my court date. His secretary Raven would just say that they were waiting on the discovery. I finally got a call back from him (the only time he ever tried to contact me) the day before I was supposed to go...
1 year ago
Trash. Security dude is cool. Female cashier with dreads, not so much. Edibles ARE NOT the mg dosage that the package suggests. Taste great though.
1 year ago
Putting my review at a 2 star because this is definitely a case of caveat emptor aka "buyer beware." The installation was executed well but I would recommend anyone proceed with caution as I definitely feel as they though walked the line of capitalizing on a sc...
1 year ago
I wish I would have done a little more research before choosing this company. Solar was installed initially in October but failed city inspection for not submitting proper diagrams. Submitted proper paperwork then City failed for not up to code. Finally got it to pass...
1 year ago
my front wheel hub gave out. I had my 2009 GMC YUKON towed in for repairs. They checked my GAP insurance to see if both hubs were covered. And they were. The work was done in about a week. However, Only one front wheel hub was relaced on my YUKON. According to the descr...
1 year ago
Unequivocally rave review after hiring Hampton's for our move from Tucson to Southern Cal. Truly exceptional service from our first contact on. Let me count the ways: 1. Great communications throughout. Kevin and Melissa were always available and willing to explain ...
1 year ago
I want to start by saying that I have had a positive experience with Justin, our salesperson, Heather, the office manager, project manager Nick, and master electrician Josh, who were all helpful throughout the installation process. However, I'm giving Noble Solar LL...
1 year ago
Lack of communication. Poor follow-up. No accountability for work agreed to. And their sales force continues to be a revolving door. There are competitors to BR, I suggest you seek their offers. Avoid BR before you make a mistake like I did.
1 year ago
Their jingle “ Where we are working to make your life better” is so far from the truth . This business will not return any calls or emails. Once they have your money … you’re done. My electric bill prior to install averaged $109 / month. Since install close...
1 year ago
Very unprofessional and disrespectful to their customers. Will not meet any of their project deadlines and do not have the curtesy to call and let you know the progress of work until you reach out. They have the worse customer service ever. I will definitely not recomme...
1 year ago
Love Dr. Fischer but it’s impossible to get a hold of the office. I do not understand how difficult it can be to send a refill for one prescription. Not to mention extremely unprofessional staff. After calling and leaving message about (1) prescription three times a M...
1 year ago
I highly dont like this place the area manager is a big Cunt rude throws things that people does not listen to employees makes people uncomfortable and I have a really don’t think you should bring your dogs are because they’re very abusive to dogs
1 year ago
I showed up to my appointment, and the receptionist was so bad that I left. She was being very aggressive towards me when asking about the paperwork that they already had on file. The doctors are amazing, but at least one of the receptionists was extremely lacking.
1 year ago
We had the pleasure of meeting our solar consultant Mr. Robert Karetny this past October. He was incredible every step of the way. Our system was installed in less then a month and Robert was right there with us. He’s part of our family now! What a enjoyable experienc...
1 year ago
Terrible people, terrible service
1 year ago
Our house got struck by lightning 7/12/22 and the fire department came quickly to put the fire out. They told us we needed to call an electrician to make sure everything was okay before turning the power back on. We called AG based on their high reviews and they sent an...
1 year ago
I would give this place zero stars if possible. Don't trust this company or anyone that works here. My family's house was struck by lightning back in July and these people tried scamming my parents out of over $20,000 worth of repairs that weren't even neces...
1 year ago
Amazing is how I would describe my experience with Sunrise Kitchen & Bath remodeling! I did an internet search and was satisfied with the photos of jobs they had done and the comments and reviews that were written. My husband called and set up a time to meet. Jacque...
1 year ago
Grossly over-priced!!! Charge 10 times the actual cost of a cable, 10 times the cost of parts (box and fuses), and 5 times the cost of labor. Charged $500 for the permit and it was never pulled. Looked for ways to add costs unnecessarily. Literally added a $4,000+ n...