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5 days ago
Awful experience. Lacks reasonable judgment.
2 weeks ago
If only I had heeded the warnings of the reviewer before me, I might have spared myself the discomfort and frustration of my recent experience. Regrettably, I ignored the red flags and proceeded with booking a massage, only to find myself swiftly heading for the exit be...
3 weeks ago
I am very pleased with the results that Raman helped get me cleared in court and we never meet but I am very happy with the work she put in to help me get my named all cleared up and I’m so glad we worked through together I suggest to use Raman if you need an amazing ...
4 weeks ago
This company hires people with no working rights then refuses to pay them at the end of the week. They also use the same truck to move customers furniture after they have completed their dump Runs with all kinds of waste that stinks and leaks all over the truck
1 month ago
After several phone conversations and several discussions about my belongings, being concerned about my antiques and heavy items, they insisted that they knew how to move a one-bedroom, even though I recommended that they come and look at my belongings. They insisted th...
1 month ago
I just recently required a lawyer for what could have been a messy, drawn out separation, but thanks to Brendan Riley and Dempsey Nobert it went swiftly and very smooth. There advice was always welcome and definitely helped me in any decision I had on how to proceed. I ...
Rina Patricia
1 month ago
We are happy to be a part of Anago as their franchisee. Their guidance, training and support have helped us grow and expand our cleaning business! From our humble beginnings, Mariko has been an integral key player in finding us the right clients to work with, while Dani...
1 month ago
This was first experience with movers. I haven't moved for 25 years. I had everything packed and the bed frames were dismantled for them ahead of time. I wasn't sure what to expect and was concerned about hidden costs, but that wasn't the case. I was quot...
2 months ago
Not telling the car had too many scratches hidden with a white material that was washed out the next days
2 months ago
Lakehill Preschool is the best place to start your children's schooling journey. The ECE's care for each and every child as if they were their own, and the kids know and feel this which creates the most caring and encouraging environment. I've had the Lakehi...
2 months ago
My husband and I had a fabulous experience working with Laura. Her expertise proved invaluable when we purchased a home and then needed to port our mortgage to a different property. What she was able to accomplish as an experienced mortgage broker went above and beyond ...
2 months ago
We recently dealt with Sunny at Tathgar Law. He was able to see us in a time that worked for us, and was so professional, yet full of great humour and kindness. He did a fabulous job for us and we look forward to using his services again.
3 months ago
I engaged GVRD Roofing to resurface a rooftop deck over the kitchen area. The workmanship was very shoddy and we experienced very, very serious leaking in several areas from the kitchen ceiling and down the windows and walls. GVRD Roofing was unable to solve the proble...
3 months ago
All 3 plants I ordered died during shipping because they didn't insulate the box or add a heat pack even though they say every winter order comes with an insulated box. They packed it like a local delivery with a piece of paper around the plants secured by an elasti...
3 months ago
My experience securing a loan was very good. it was easy and very fast. I will recommend Fair stone anytime.
3 months ago
Would never buy here again.!
3 months ago
RDH charges 30 percent more for their services. The customer service is poor. Once, they were paid in full, there was a huge delay in scheduling a meeting with the Strata Council to discuss the report, only wanting to do zoom meetings. Until now, no meeting. Report 7 mo...
3 months ago
Stopped coming here after about a year with the new owners. My dog started getting butchered so I stopped coming here. The new owner needs to work on her customer service skills. Definitely different from David and Christopher. I saw my dog being groomed by some n...
3 months ago
Michael Reed is an exceptional lawyer who not only assisted with my property matters but also proved to be invaluable during another sensitive situation. His kindness and willingness to go above and beyond, along with the dedication of his staff, exemplify their commitm...
Smoking da blunts
3 months ago
Do you want to hire a week transsexual who's mouth literally stinks like cock shit, who comes to court in a dress and can't sit due to being dicked poked in the ass would not hire Chris Johnson
3 months ago
If you are a supplier, beware of this business. I was burnt badly by Andrea the owner. In late 2022, I was asked to rebrand their business to move away from a female focused local bike shop towards a more inclusive store that welcomed all and to appeal to a broader cus...
3 months ago
Asheesh Arora help me with my Litigation file and was very helpful and informative experience was great and stress free thanks again
4 months ago
Not getting a free pillow for this review. So very unhappy with ZED!!!!!! Bought local . Not always best. Wrong mattress delivered, frame box previously opened. Manual missing, parts missing and all over box, battery box empty.. Box taped up with painters tape. A real ...
4 months ago
I was and still am having issues with my employer! An x coworker who had similar issues as I and had success with Priddle group with his claim and he highly recommended them to me. So i talked with and sent a retainer of $1000.00 to the Priddle lawyers. Then everything ...
4 months ago
A massive shoutout to Bumblebee Recruitment! Their expertise, swift service, and perfect candidate matches have been a game-changer for my SaaS company. Thanks for being our go-to recruitment partner and for the exceptional talent you've brought our way. Truly outs...
4 months ago
As a rising SaaS company owner, hiring the appropriate staff is essential to success and innovation. Bumblebee Recruitment excels here and has shaped our journey. The Bumblebee crew deserves a hearty thank you for their excellent service and crucial part in our progress...
4 months ago
From the outset, Bumblebee recruiting stood out as a leader in recruiting. Their professionalism, promptness, and expertise expedited our hiring process, making it fast and simple. Bumblebee Recruitment understands organizations' and job seekers' distinct vision...
4 months ago
From our first meeting, Bumblebee recruiting stood out in the recruiting sector. Their unparalleled professionalism, responsiveness, and knowledge made the recruitment process easy and fast. Bumblebee Recruitment stands out by really understanding company and applicant ...
4 months ago
I decided to sell my truck and go through the drama of getting another vehicle, which is an ordeal on its own. But long story short. The car we were looking at was like brand new on the outside, and I prepared myself for a trashed interior, but the interior was of sam...
4 months ago
Lime Light Wellness Clinic exceeded my expectations! After just one session, I noticed a significant reduction in dark spots on my skin. The results were immediate and impressive. I highly recommend their services, especially their skincare treatments, to anyone lookin...
4 months ago
Mark Brade did an excellent job handling our Wills and Estate review and documents. I was pleased with the review with Mark and his suggestions. Well Done! Thank-you!
4 months ago
Andrea Donaldson was nothing but amazing! although they are not able to help me with what we are dealing with; She did go above and beyond to send me to the right places if I did not agree with the outcome of the investigation within the hospital. Thank you so much An...
4 months ago
Be very careful when choosing to be a homestay for this school as they provide absolutely no support to the homestay families - they don't care what happens, as long as they get their money from the students. If you ever have an issue, it is next to impossible to r...
4 months ago
Preszler law firm is terrible. Their services satisfactory is on the scale from one to ten is about two. They settled my catastrophic injury case for $350,000. After all deductions I have received 223,000 only. I have lost both of my legs and the use of my right hand b...
4 months ago
Really disappointed with the shenanigans at this firm.
4 months ago
I ordered a down jacket (MEC APEX St Elias Expedition) at clearance price from MEC online, but they didn't fulfill the order even though the jacket was available in many stores when I did my order. My brother bought the last large clearance jacket in the Vancouver s...
5 months ago
I love Hustle Gym. The friendly staff, fantastic trainers, great music, shower and towel service make it easy to show up and work out hard and consistant for over a year. I wish I had found this gym earlier:)
5 months ago
Great experience replacing our Bradford hot water tank with Ed.
5 months ago
If I could give a negative 5 star review, I would. This process has been nothing but frustrating, stressful and a time sucker. I was strapped for time, so I delegated my amazon product to Kenji ROI. I thought I was in good hands, but it turned out to be quite the oppo...
5 months ago
Absolutely loved my visit to the OVO medi spa! A beauty clinic, the staff is so friendly and knowledgeable, The OVO talented team made me feel like a million bucks. Highly recommend checking them out!
5 months ago
if you are looking for an incomprehensible service with terrible conditions, such as: we found you a car and approved a loan for it (what was the point of doing this?!) and the car is not worth attention at all - then you should come here. at the same time, your credit ...
5 months ago
I am a retired nurse. I have advanced bilateral knee joint osteoarthritis with bone on bone in knees. I also have mild osteoarthritis both hips with moderate to severe osteoarthritis lower back. I was having swelling behind the knees and pain going up & down stairs or h...
5 months ago
Went for an oil change. Service and report seems thorough. However I also encountered the unfortunate manner of the reception (Paul C) that I see written about in other reviews. He provided me with unsolicited personal advice and also asked me if I was single... not wha...
5 months ago
I wonder which Canadians will be named. Considering Trudeau’s failed marriage and the fact that his wife is now involved with a doctor from CHEO who helps children, this may be an indicator of more scandals to come. Certain Canadians most definitely were involved wi...
5 months ago
These positive reviews are fake. Mike is a con. He quoted me $450 for first 3 hours and $115 for every hour after. Never mentioned travel time. Movers were very slow packing their truck and I tried letting Mike know and he didn't respond. We got to my new place and ...
5 months ago
When my pride and joy, my 2006 Jaguar was damaged, I thought there was no way it could be repaired as it is now 17 years old. Limas created a miracle and my Jag looks like a new car. On top of their incredible work they are such nice people to deal with. Kind considerat...
6 months ago
The service and quality of product from this store is extremely unsatisfactory. I bought an Oscar dining suite in 2021. It has been used less than 30 times, only for family occasions. The last time one of the chairs snapped while my son was sitting in it. Luckily ...
6 months ago
We have repaired the flat tire a couple of times and the service provided has been good. However, after December 6, 2023, the service quality does not seem to be the same. On December 6, 2023, at around 3:30pm, we dropped off the car to fix a flat tire after that flat ...
6 months ago
I have a baby 19 months at Hillside Center now. There are no words to express my appreciation toward Ms. Brenda - the owner and Ms. Joanne - the main teacher of the center. My baby enjoys coming to the center every day with a big smile. I would highly recommend Simply F...
6 months ago
best service in this place