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Mosher Chedore

Mosher Chedore

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885 Danells Dr, Saint John, NB E2M 5A9, Canada Get Directions
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Saint John legal services are provided by Mosher Chedore. Mosher Chedore is able to handle your legal needs, including as an attorney or a lawyer counselor. The lawyer is available to help you in cases of separation, divorce or child custody, as well as with any immigration queries. The lawyer is available to assist you in the incorporation and contracting matters. Mosher Chedore is available to assist you in obtaining damages compensation or seeking bodily injury lawsuits. You can get advice on occupational safety and collective bargaining. There are many situations that estate law can cover. All of these situations can be handled by our lawyers. If you are appointed Executor by a Will. Our services can help you complete your duties which may sometimes seem overwhelming. Our estate administration services can range from simple redirection of mail to cancelling utilities or more complex arrangements such as the preparation of all details involved in disposing an estate and making it available for distribution. If a person dies without leaving a Will. New Brunswick laws have established rules that govern what happens to an estate if a person passes away without leaving a will. This process can be complicated and we can help you to understand it. If you're a beneficiary of a Will. If you are entitled to any part of the estate, we can help. We offer advice, and if needed, legal assistance. Sometimes, a loved person does not have Power of Attorney. We are able to assist them in making financial and personal decisions. It is possible to request a Committee to be appointed by the Court in these situations. You can trust our lawyers to help you navigate this difficult process.


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