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Dauphinee's K-Nine Services

Dauphinee's K-Nine Services

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15 Station Rd, Head Of St Margarets Bay, NS B3Z 2B9, Canada Get Directions
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SUMMARY   Services Excellence Summary

Dauphinee K-Nine Services is owned by Cory Dauphinee and Amanda Dauphinee. We are professional dog trainers. Tantallon is where we live and work. Five dogs, Rellik Nika Gemma Ursa Scarlet, and Scarlet, are our current pets. For many years, we have loved and owned dogs. It is a joy to watch people smile when their dog has been trained and behaved. We have trained dogs of all breeds and sizes. Humane, Effective, and Logical dog training techniques are taught. Also, we use a lot of positive reinforcement (5% treats and 95% Verbal/Physical Praise) in order to motivate and train your dog. We only give your dog 5% of the treats you use, so they won't expect to get a reward every time. It is important that they listen even if you do not have any treats. We are dog trainers. We are teachers. We're flexible. Our dog training plans can be adjusted to suit each individual dog. It is insulting for us to be judged by what tools we use or don't. It's all about helping each customer with their dog (and giving them dog kisses!) Don't tolerate dangerous or undesirable behaviors. We can help. The first command system was designed to help you and your pet prepare for the real world. This 8-week novice obedience program will get you and your pet off on the right foot/paw. This 8-week novice dog training course can help with a variety of behavior issues, such as jumping on people or dogs and/or you, lunging when the door opens, and pulling you along the street on walks. Your dog's behavior will improve and you will have a stronger bond. You can take your dog out more often in public, instead of leaving him or her home. This 10-week beginner dog training program takes place once per week over 8 weeks.


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