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Fricker's Furry Friends Dog Grooming

Fricker's Furry Friends Dog Grooming

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30 Arvida Ave, Halifax, NS B3K 1R6, Canada Get Directions
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Rex, a large black labrador named Rex was the beginning of my love for dogs. Rex had a wild spirit and would not allow himself to be confined in any type of kennel. He allowed a young girl to dress up Rex, drag her on a sled or cuddle him for many hours. Rex is long gone, but I still cherish the respect and love for dogs that he instilled in me. It has been my dream to work with animals. My dream became a reality in 2007 when, after sixteen years of working in Human Services, I completed a dog grooming class. Soon after I started grooming other people who share the same passion as me. After moving back to Cape Breton, I opened my grooming business. My business was successful and I met many wonderful dog owners and dogs. In 2016, I moved to Spryfield and am looking forward to creating a similar atmosphere. The majority of dogs dislike being groomed. Some dogs get nervous, but they will usually improve with time and consistent grooming. Some dogs, however, are aggressive because of their dislike and fear for grooming. They are welcome. Sheba, and Jersey could react aggressively in some situations. When they weren't in stressful situations, my girls were loyal, loving and great friends. The behaviors I see are a result of the situation. They deserve someone patient, who cares, is firm and caring, but does not intimidate them easily. The owner will never be embarrassed, made to feel bad or worried that the dog or the groomer might be injured. It may take some dogs a long time to build trust. The challenge is what I love. Groomers need to know how to read the body language of a dog and what it needs.


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