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Bitu's Pet Services - Pet Grooming & K9 Aquafitness/Hydrotherapy
Bitu's Pet Services - Pet Grooming & K9 Aquafitness/Hydrotherapy
Bitu's Pet Services - Pet Grooming & K9 Aquafitness/Hydrotherapy

Bitu's Pet Services - Pet Grooming & K9 Aquafitness/Hydrotherapy

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20-145 Clarence St, Brampton, ON L6W 1T2, Canada Get Directions


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Bitu's Pet Services is a result of the love and respect we have for our animals. My experience in the rescue, rehabilitation, and care of feathered and furry friends has taught me that pet handling requires special skills and training. It doesn't matter if you have it, or not. We do. We are more content to be able to assist our animals in whatever way possible. We were pet owners and Bittu was always anxious when Bittu needed her hair done. She had a tendency to be stressed both before and after the grooming and nobody seemed to understand or offer a solution. We worked long hours and had to be away from our home because the cost of daycares was too high. Bittu was getting older and we wanted to spend more time outdoors with her than we did in an office. After a life-threatening accident, I began my training to become a pet stylist and a pet care specialist. Bitu's Pet Services was founded when we pledged that our lives would be dedicated to animal welfare. Our Pet Grooming and Styling Skills were acquired from the top and we received a certificate in honors for pet grooming. It has been a great experience to work side-by side with experts and industry leaders. We have exceptional customer service skills and pet handling abilities. Bitu's Pet Services was founded to provide what we were looking for in a professional and we never found it confidence, expertise, knowledge and genuineness. This was our destiny, and we committed to it for the rest of our lives. We saw our pet getting older as the years went by. All of us want them to live as long as possible. We also know that exercise and diet are key components in determining how our pets' lives will be. The diet was taken care of by feeding our dog Canine Life Muffins. We wanted her to stay active and happy throughout her entire life. Swimming is the best form of exercise. It offers full motion for every muscle and has zero impact on your joints. Swimming is the best preventative method we know of to prevent muscle and joint loss due to arthritis, as well as other conditions and complications. Our journey began to provide Hydrotherapy for dogs to help with pain and to prevent future problems. Our hope was that there would be pet owners who wanted the same quality of life as us for our baby. Our promise was to be the best pet parents and to do all we could to make our pets happy. We are committed to achieving a healthy and happy lifestyle for our pets. We have also completed extensive training in Canine Hydrtherapy and Water Wellness, and we launched K9 Aquafitness in Brampton. We are proud to be members of the International Association of Canine Water Therapy.


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