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Regency Law Group
Regency Law Group

Regency Law Group

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Our Estate Litigation Lawyers are here to help, no matter if you're the trustee, a family member, a beneficiary, or a guardian. Our team of caring professionals has years of experience in mediating and litigating matters involving estates, including challenging validity and capacity of testators. After the loss of a close relative, it can be hard to strike the balance between grief and emotions. Regency Law Group is committed to protecting your rights, with tact and compassion. Your safety and security are dependent on professional legal services. You also want to feel valued. You need to be understood. You want the attention and care that you deserve, from lawyers with experience who understand your situation. Regency Law Group bases every decision on loyalty, passion and commitment. Regency Law Group makes the best choice. Every working relationship has two sides. We have the experience to help you resolve workplace conflicts, terminate employees, address human rights concerns, and meet employment standards. We can help you reduce conflict in the workplace, saving time and money. Included in this is the creation of employment agreements, confidentiality, noncompete and nonsolicitation contracts. We often advise clients on how to end an employment relationship in a way that minimizes future legal and conflict exposure. We will defend your rights if you're an employee. We will protect your rights if you have been constructively dismissed or unfairly terminated, are a victim or workplace harassment or discrimination, or need help negotiating a separation agreement. To ensure that your position is protected, we take the time to truly understand your business. We educate ourselves on your business and its needs so that we are uniquely positioned to recommend and implement the right strategy to ensure key goals are achieved. At Regency Law Group, we act as a member of your executive team – without the additional overhead cost. We’re here to identify problems and fix them. With our army of support staff, we have the bench strength to assist in any way and handle the most complex tasks. Whether it’s the creation of sole proprietorships, partnerships, incorporations or joint ventures, to advising on matters involving shareholder agreements, strategic planning, mergers, acquisitions, and oppression remedies, our corporate lawyers work tirelessly to achieve competitive advantages for your business in today’s market.


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