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Progressive Automations Inc - Electric Linear Actuators Manufacturer

Progressive Automations is a specialist in motion control and automation. Our electric linear actuators and compatible power supplies are key to this. We have developed a variety of lifting columns sets, television lifts, and electric standing desks for home and office automation in recent years. Automation is our passion! more...

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6691 Elmbridge Way #160, Richmond, BC V7C 4N1, Canada
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Everest Parts Supplies LLC.

Everest Parts Supplies was founded in 2012 by Ashton & Paul Carroll who wanted to figure out a way of paying for college. They quickly realized how much customers liked their growing product line and the excellent customer service. After much consideration, they decided not to return to school and instead pursue full-time growth of EPS. They have been tireless in bringing a more...

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2245 Porter Lake Dr, Sarasota, FL 34240, USA
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Electromate Inc.

Electromate is a company whose core purpose it to assist manufacturers in global competition by creating better machines with differentiated automation technology. Our focus is on Industrial Automation Robotic and Mechatronic Solutions. Electromate(r), a trusted source of High Performance Automation and Motion Control Components & Systems is regarded by its customers as a le more...

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6221 Hwy 7 Unit #15, Woodbridge, ON L4H 0K8, Canada
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Firgelli Automations

Firgelli Automations Inc is a manufacturer of Linear Actuators and Sit-stand desks lifts. We also manufacture TV Lifts, Dropdown TV Lift mechanisms, as well as other linear motion control system for almost every industry since 2003. With a special focus on Industrial, Home and Office applications, we serve all industries. We are experts in creating custom motion control actuator more...

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1350 Slater Rd Unit 11 & 12, Ferndale, WA 98248, USA
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Zaber Technologies

A group of friends founded Zaber in 1997. Precision linear actuators used DC motors that had gearboxes or encoders. They also required large controllers as well as a variety of accessories. It was difficult and expensive to setup and use precision motion control. The T-LA28 Series, a precision linear actuator that incorporates a controller and is affordable, was created by Zabe more...

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605 W Kent Ave N #2, Vancouver, BC V6P 6T7, Canada
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BURR Mobile Lifts

Burr Engineering has been designing and building linear actuators since 1960 from their production facilities in Battle Creek. Michigan. Whether you choose from our large selection of stock actuators or order units custom built to your specifications you will get products at competitive prices…even in small quantities. Burr actuators feature die-cast aluminum power heads availab more...

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1125 Watkins Rd, Battle Creek, MI 49015, USA
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Del-Tron Precision, Inc.

available sub miniature ball slide. Since then, our premise has been to provide automated equipment manufacturers with high quality and reasonably priced anti-friction linear bearings. As an ISO 2001:2015/AS9100D certified company, we offer one of the broadest product ranges in the industry and we still concentrate on our greatest strength, which is to supply linear components more...

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5 Trowbridge Dr, Bethel, CT 06801, USA


You are welcome to ServoCity, where you will find all the components you need to make your idea a reality. We strive to provide the highest quality components, backed with unparalleled technical support, from actuators and Actobotics, to servos and switches. Open X-Rail is used as the frame for this linear actuator kit. It has a small profile and offers many mounting options. A more...

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3850 E 12th Ave, Winfield, KS 67156, USA
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Ultra Motion

Ultra Motion designs and manufactures precision, high performance electromechanical linear actuators and related products. Made in USA. Cutchogue, NY. more...

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22355 Middle Rd, Cutchogue, NY 11935, USA
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Isotech, Inc.

Isotech is a manufacturer's representative and distributor of proprietary mechanical and electromechanical products to the industrial, medical and military OEM and in-plant markets. Our products include Ball and Crossed Roller Slides and Tables, Linear Bushings and Shafting, Pneumatic, Micrometer and Motorized Tables, Linear Actuators, Air Cylinders, Dashpots/Actuators, Nois more...

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2299 Amber Dr Suite 120, Hatfield, PA 19440, USA
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Micro Linear Actuator Online

A microlinear actuator is a small device that converts rotational motion into linear motion. It consists of a motor, a lead screw, and a nut. When the motor rotates, it drives the lead screw, causing the nut to move along its threads, resulting in linear motion.

These actuators are compact, lightweight, and typically used in applications that require precise and controlled movement in tight spaces, such as robotics, medical devices, automation systems, and more. They can provide accurate positioning and are often programmable for specific tasks.

⭐️ Best Micro Linear Actuator Online

TOP Micro Linear Actuators Online

⚡️ Micro Linear Actuator

High Precision and Compact Size

⏳ Rodless Linear Actuator the HLR

High Load Capacity

✒️ Micro Servo Linear Actuator

Precise positioning in small spaces

☔️ Cheapest Micro Linear Actuator Online

$10 to $12

❗️ Average Cost of Micro Linear Actuator

$17.99 to $44.99

What are Microlinear Actuators Used For?

The purpose of a microlinear actuator is to provide precise and controlled linear motion in compact and confined spaces. 

These actuators are designed to convert rotational motion into linear motion, allowing for accurate positioning and movement in applications where space is limited. 

They are commonly used in various industries and applications such as robotics, automation systems, medical devices, aerospace, automotive, and more. 

What can you do with a microlinear actuator?

Micro-linear actuators enable tasks such as opening and closing doors, adjusting valves, controlling robotic limbs, fine-tuning optical components, and performing intricate movements precisely and efficiently.

How to Choose the Best Micro Linear Actuator Supplier Online? ⭐️

When choosing the best micro linear actuator supplier online, several factors must be considered. Here are some tips to help you make an informed decision:

✔️Research the Supplier's Reputation: Look for suppliers with a positive reputation in the industry. Read customer reviews and testimonials to gauge their reliability and customer satisfaction.

✔️Check for Product Documentation: A reputable supplier should provide datasheets, 3D files, and drawings to assist you both before and after your purchase. These resources can help you understand the product specifications and ensure it meets your requirements.

✔️Consider the Application: Determine the specific requirements of your application. Whether you need high force, precise positioning, or compact size, choose a supplier that offers actuators suitable for your application.

✔️Compare Pricing: While pricing is important, it shouldn't be the sole determining factor. Compare prices among different suppliers, but also consider the quality, features, and support they provide.

✔️Look for Technical Support: Ensure that the supplier offers technical support to assist you with any questions or issues that may arise during installation or operation.

All Types of Micro Actuators

Pneumatic Actuators: These microlinear actuators use compressed air to generate linear motion, making them ideal for applications requiring quick and powerful movements.

Electromechanical Actuators: These actuators convert electrical energy into mechanical motion, providing precise and controlled linear movement. They are commonly used in robotics and automation systems.

Linear Motor Actuators: These actuators utilize the principle of electromagnetic induction to produce linear motion. They offer high speeds and excellent positioning accuracy, making them suitable for various industrial and scientific applications.

Thermal Actuators: These actuators rely on thermal expansion or contraction of materials to generate linear motion. They are often used in temperature-sensitive applications, such as valves and dampers.

Magnetic Actuators: These actuators use the attractive or repulsive forces of magnets to create linear motion. They are efficient and can operate silently, making them suitable for a wide range of applications, including robotics and medical devices.

Mechanical Actuators: These actuators involve the use of gears, cams, or levers to convert rotary motion into linear motion. They are simple and reliable, often used in various mechanical systems.

Human-Powered Actuators: These actuators rely on human input, such as hand cranks or pedals, to generate linear motion. They are commonly found in manual lifting or adjustment mechanisms.

What is the Difference Between Circular and Linear Micro Actuator?

Circular (rotary) movement of a microactuator refers to a motion that occurs in a circular or curved path around a fixed point. This type of movement involves rotation around an axis, where an object or a part of an object moves continuously along a circular trajectory.

Examples of circular movement include the rotation of a wheel, the spinning of a top, or the movement of a ceiling fan.

On the other hand, linear movement micro actuator involves straight push-and-pull motion along a single line or path. It is characterized by movement in a straight line from one point to another. Linear motion can be either unidirectional or bidirectional, depending on whether it moves in only one direction or back and forth.

Examples of linear movement include the sliding of a drawer, the extension of a telescopic antenna, or the movement of a piston in an engine.

Best Micro Linear Actuator Suppliers Online ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Here are a few notable microlinear actuator suppliers that you can explore:

✔️Progressive Automations Inc: Progressive Automation is known for its electric linear actuators and offers a wide range of products. They have a good reputation for quality and reliability. 

✔️Actuonix Motion Devices: Actuonix Motion Devices specializes in micro actuators and servos. They offer a variety of options suitable for different applications. 

✔️TrustAnalytica: TrustAnalytica provides a list of the top microlinear actuator suppliers. You can refer to their website at trustanalytica.com for more information.

✔️FIRGELLI Automations: FIRGELLI Automation offers a wide variety of high-quality microlinear actuators. They have been in the industry for a considerable amount of time. 

Micro Servo Linear Actuator⚡️

A micro servo linear actuator is a small and compact device that integrates a servo motor and a linear actuator. It is designed to convert rotary motion into linear motion, enabling precise positioning in confined spaces.

What is a Micro Servo Linear Actuator Used For?

A micro servo linear actuator is used for precise positioning in small spaces. It is commonly used in robotics, automation, and electronic components positioning. These actuators offer programmable features and come in various sizes and force capacities. They provide accurate and controlled linear motion.

Best Micro Servo Linear Actuator Suppliers Online ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

When it comes to buying the best micro servo linear actuator online, there are several reputable options available. Here are some notable sources:

✔️Actuonix Motion Devices - They offer a range of microlinear actuators and servos with precise control and reliable performance. 

✔️Tolomatic - Known for their compact and heavy-duty IMA linear servo actuators, Tolomatic integrates servo motors for enhanced performance. 

✔️Ultra Motion - They specialize in industrial-grade linear servo actuators with built-in control electronics and expanded control options. 

Micro Precision Linear Actuator⚡️

A micro-precision linear actuator is a small device used for precise and accurate linear motion in applications requiring fine positioning. It uses advanced technologies like piezoelectric materials or stepper motors to achieve nanometer-level accuracy. 

What is a Micro Precision Linear Actuator Used for?

These actuators are commonly used in fields such as microscopy, biomedical devices, and optics. They offer programmable features and come in various sizes. Overall, they enable precise movement in miniature systems where accuracy is crucial.

Best Micro precision Linear Actuator Supplier Online ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

When it comes to finding the best micro precision linear actuator supplier online, there are several reputable options available. Here are some notable sources:

✔️Actuonix Motion Devices: Shop micro actuators online at Actuonix Motion Devices. They offer a unique line of small linear actuators and servos. 

✔️Progressive Automation: They have a huge selection of linear actuators for various applications. Their products come with an 18-month warranty.

✔️TPA Motion: TPA Motion offers small linear actuators with low-cost single-axis precision. 

✔️NanoActuators: They are a leading manufacturer of high-precision compact actuators and stages with nanometer accuracy. 

Diy Micro Linear Actuator⚡️

A DIY micro linear actuator is a small actuator that can be built or assembled by individuals themselves for various projects. It typically consists of a small DC-geared motor that drives a threaded rod, causing a push arm to extend or retract as the rod rotates. 

What is a Micro Linear Actuator Used for?

These actuators are commonly used in DIY applications where precise linear motion is required, such as automation projects, robotics, or home improvement tasks. 

They are often operated using a simple 12V power supply by reversing the polarity of the applied voltage. DIY microlinear actuators provide individuals with the flexibility to create customized solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Best Diy Micro Linear Actuator Online Supplier ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Actuonix Motion Devices: Actuonix Motion Devices offers a unique line of small linear actuators and servos that can be used for DIY projects. Their products are known for their quality and reliability. 

✔️Progressive Automations: Progressive Automation offers a wide selection of linear actuators suitable for various applications. They have a good reputation for their expertise in motion control and provide an 18-month warranty on their products.

✔️Firgelli Automations: Firgelli Automation provides a range of 12V and 24V electric linear actuators. Their products come with different stroke lengths and forces, making them suitable for DIY projects. 

12v Micro Linear Actuator⚡️

A 12V microlinear actuator is a type of linear actuator that operates on a 12-volt DC power supply. It consists of a small electric motor, gearbox, and lead screw mechanism. When powered, the motor rotates the gearbox, which converts the rotational motion into linear motion by driving the lead screw. This linear motion is used to extend or retract a push rod or shaft.

What is a 12v Micro Linear Actuator Used For?

The 12V power supply is commonly used in many applications due to its availability and compatibility with various electronic systems. The compact size and low voltage requirement make 12V microlinear actuators suitable for small-scale projects, such as robotics, home automation, automotive applications, and DIY projects.

Important Features of a 12v Micro Linear Actuator:⚠️

These actuators often have features like adjustable stroke length, built-in limit switches for precise positioning, and options for feedback control. They are versatile, easy to install, and offer reliable performance for applications where controlled linear motion is required.

Best 12v Micro Linear Actuator Supplier Online ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

When it comes to finding the best 12V micro linear actuator supplier online, the following are some notable options:

✔️Progressive Automations: Progressive Automation offers a wide range of 12V linear actuators and is highly recommended by customers. They are known for their quality products and excellent customer service.

✔️Electric Linear Actuators: This online store specializes in micro linear actuators and offers a collection of small, light, and durable 12V actuators. They provide products suitable for applications with limited space and minimal force.

✔️Firgelli Auto: Firgelli Auto offers 12V linear actuators that are built to last and provide good value. With stroke lengths ranging from 1" to 60", they have a wide selection to choose from.

Kitronik Linear Actuator Micro Servo Kit⚡️

The Kitronik Linear Actuator Micro Servo Kit is a product offered by Kitronik. It features a miniature Fitec servo that converts circular movement into linear motion in a straight line. This kit provides a means to control the movement of the servo motor and utilize it as a linear actuator.

What is a Kitronik Linear Actuator Micro Servo Kit Used for?

The kit allows users to build projects where precise linear motion is required. It can be used in various applications, including robotics, DIY projects, and educational purposes. By harnessing the power of the servo motor, the linear actuator kit enables controlled and predictable linear movement.

Top Linear Actuator Micro Servo Kit Suppliers Online ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Here are some top suppliers of linear actuator micro servo kits online:

✔️Progressive Automations: Progressive Automations is a reputable manufacturer of electric linear actuators. They offer high-quality products with an 18-month warranty.

✔️FB-RC: FB-RC provides L12-R micro linear actuators for RC applications. These small linear servos can be used as direct replacements for standard rotary servos.

✔️RobotShop: RobotShop offers a variety of linear motors and actuators, including micro/mini linear servo motor actuators. They have a collection of linear actuator products suitable for different applications.

Cheap Microlinear Actuators⚡️

Here are some sources where you can find affordable microlinear actuators online:

✔️RobotShop: RobotShop provides Micro/Mini Linear Motor Actuators with a 22mm stroke, built-in limit switches, and a 12V power supply. 

✔️TPA Motion: TPA Motion offers small linear actuators at a low cost, ranging from single-axis precision to multi-axis platforms. 

✔️Progressive Automations: Progressive Automations manufactures 12 Volt Electric Linear Actuators for various applications. They provide a wide selection of linear actuators with an 18-month warranty. 

Price of Micro Linear Actuator Online

The actual cost of a microlinear actuator varies from one supplier to another depending on factors such as stroke length, force capacity, and brand. 

Here are some examples of the average prices of Micro Linear Actuator Online:

✔️Electric Linear Actuators: These miniature linear actuators are small, light, quiet, and durable. 

✔️Amazon: Micro Linear Electric Actuator - Prices range from $30 to $100, depending on the specifications and brand. 

✔️Electric Linear Actuators: Micro Linear Actuator G - Prices range from $50 to $150, depending on the specifications and features. 

✔️Alibaba: Micro Linear Actuator - Prices vary depending on the supplier and specifications. It ranges from $24 to $45 per piece. 

✔️Progressive Automations: Micro Linear Actuators - Prices vary depending on the specific model, stroke length, and force capacity. They offer a wide range of options at competitive prices. 

Frequently Asked Question

What is the average Cost of Micro Linear Actuator?

The average cost of microlinear actuators can vary depending on the specifications and brand. Prices range from around $17.99 to $44.99 on platforms like eBay. It is recommended to visit the provided websites for more accurate pricing information.

What is a PQ12 micro linear actuator?

The PQ12 microlinear actuator is a compact and precision-engineered device that converts electrical energy into linear motion. It is part of the PQ12 series of linear actuators, known for their small size and high performance.

What is the PQ12-P series microlinear actuator?

The “P” series actuators feature an analog position feed­back signal that can be input to an external controller. The “P” series can plug directly into our Linear Actuator Control Board (LAC) to give the “P” series the ability to be controlled with USB, 0-5v, 4-20mA, RC Servo, or PWM.

What is the PQ12-S series micro linear actuator?

The PQ12-S Series actuators can be controlled by reversing polarity on pins 2 and 3 of the flat cable. They come with end-of-stroke limit switches to prevent damage from reaching the end stop. These actuators can be operated using a DPDT switch, relay, or brushed DC motor controller.

What is the PQ12-R Series micro actuator?

The PQ12-R series linear servos are a direct replacement for rotary servos. They can be driven using the same standard 3-wire connector and are compatible with RC receivers, Arduino boards, and VEX microcontrollers. The PQ12-R offers linear motion with a 20mm stroke and gear ratio options of 30:1, 63:1, and 100:1, making it suitable for various applications.

What is a Micro Stepper Motor linear actuator?

A micro stepper motor linear actuator is a small device that converts electrical pulses into precise linear motion. It utilizes a stepper motor, which moves in discrete steps, to drive a mechanism that produces linear movement instead of rotational movement.

What is the difference between industrial strength actuators, soft actuators, and microactuators?

Industrial strength actuators: Designed for heavy-duty applications, these actuators generate high force and are used in industries like manufacturing and robotics.

Soft actuators: Made from flexible materials, these actuators mimic natural movements and find applications in soft robotics, biomedical devices, and wearables.

Microactuators: Miniaturized and precise, these actuators excel in small-scale applications like MEMS, optical devices, and microfluidics, offering high accuracy and low power consumption.

What is a L12-S Micro Linear Actuator with Limit Switches?

The L12-S Micro Linear Actuator with Limit Switches is a compact and versatile device that converts electrical energy into linear motion. It features built-in limit switches, which provide precise control over the actuator's extension and retraction.

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