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Artists' Studio by Serg Jara

Artists' Studio by Serg Jara

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serg Jara, S@rj HaRa Deg1982, Inglewood (USA) makes mixed media art and photographs. Jara experiments with aleatoric methods and creates with everyday, easily identifiable elements, an unimaginable situation where the viewer confronts his conditioning of perception and must reevaluate his bias position. His work encourages us to reconsider mixed media art being an autistic or reactive medium. He also comments on the oppressive themes of our modern society. He questions the notion of movement and discovers that it reveals an inherent awkwardness that is a joke that mirrors our vulnerabilities. The artist considers movement to be a metaphor for the man in constant loss. His works do not refer to any recognizable form. The results can be deconstructed in such a way that the meaning shifts and the possibilities of interpretation become multifaceted. He rejects objective truths and cultural narratives that are global in nature and highlights the conscious composition behind seemingly random results. The thought processes are often revealed as assemblages. They are private and subjective, with no filtering. His works are a combination of accidental, coincidental and unplanned connections that make it possible for art historians to refresh and even enhance it. Combining unrelated elements can lead to unexpected analogies. He creates personal, intense moments by using abstraction. His works are able to isolate and track the movement of people or objects. By doing this, new sequences can be created that reveal a close relationship between sound and motion. serg Jara lives in Los Angeles and currently works there.


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