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Refine Anti-Aging Medicine and Aesthetics

Refine Anti-Aging Medicine and Aesthetics

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3645 Grand Ave Ste 302, Oakland, CA 94610, USA Get Directions
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Refine Anti Aging Medicine & Aesthetics, a medical concierge practice, specializes in Bio-identical Hormone Therapy for Women and Men, Testosterone Therapy and Hormone Pellet Therapy. We also offer supervised medical weight reduction. Medical Aesthetics treatments include Botox and Juvaderm fillers. We are also experts in Microneedling with Vivace RF, Chemical Peels, and Medical Grade Skin Care. We offer IV Vitamin Drip treatments ranging from Meyers Drips Glutathione and IV NAD to help with Anti Aging, Chronic Illness, Immunity, Energy, Health Optimization, and Boosting immunity. Reshma Vaanwala has dedicated 20 years of her career to internal medicine and acute hospital care. She was forced to take time out when she began to experience severe fatigue that had no explanation. She started to expand her knowledge of medical treatment beyond the "standard". She learned about testosterone and bioidentical replacement hormone therapy after months of misdiagnosis and being ignored. She noticed a dramatic improvement in her health after being treated effectively with testosterone therapy. After experiencing the results, and with a newfound energy and enthusiasm, Dr. Vasanwala immersed herself in learning about HRT treatments and Anti-Aging science. She received a fellowship in Anti-Aging Functional and Regenerative Medicine from A4M. She is certified in Peptide Therapy, Hormone Pellet Therapy, IV Vitamin Therapies, Ozone Treatments, PRP Treatments, and Peptide Therapy. She has also completed advanced training in Aesthetic Medicine and enjoys attending conferences to keep up with new developments.


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