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1 month ago
WORST attorney ever. I picked him looking at the ratings which btw he said he pays to remove any negative comments so this might disappear too. Arrogant showoff who threats to sue his own clients. Left for his birthday party to another state and came monday morning hun...
2 months ago
I used Attorney Panou Ruanjsan and associate for criminal case. They did an amazing job. They did everything they could to get the best outcome. They worked really hard and listened to my questions and concerns. Explained everything clearly. I believe they went above an...
3 months ago
Not just once, but on two occasions Milestonz actually caused my credit score to DROP! the first time they bIantantly and intentionally did NOT charge my monthly payment the amount that I had already set up to pay. I kept increased my monthly payments after about six mo...
3 months ago
Don't fall for these 5 star fabricated reviews. I hired Chris Parkhurst Law Firm to assist me in a criminal case. I was told by Chris that it will cost me $2500 for him to fight my case, which I paid immediately. He sent me confirmation and paperwork using a Gmail a...
5 months ago
We highly recommend Crowell law firm Mr. Daniel A Martin thank you so much for your kindness, hard work and for helping with our son's case. You have taken a long prison term down to a jail sentence of 9 months. You have made a big difference in his life. He feels y...
7 months ago
Rana Law Firm has been a lifeline for me during a challenging legal situation. Their team not only provided expert advice but also showed genuine care and understanding. I felt like they were fighting for my best interests. Thank you, Rana Law, for being not just my leg...
7 months ago
Kevin's Jewelry is the spot to go to if you're trying to build credit. They approve everyone as long as you have a job. The crew in Arden Fair Mall is so nice. Big shout out to them all! Gave us a trip to Vegas and everything as well.
1 year ago
Dr Developers did an outstanding job on my gun store's graphics. Their work was brilliant and exceeded my expectations. Highly recommended!
1 year ago
Communication with the Dr Developers team was excellent throughout the project. They kept me informed about the progress, providing regular updates and promptly addressing any questions or concerns I had. Their responsiveness and attentiveness were truly commendable.
Darla T.
1 year ago
Throughout the project, Dr Developers maintained excellent communication, keeping me updated on the progress and promptly addressing any concerns or questions I had. They were responsive and receptive to my feedback, making the necessary adjustments promptly. Furthermo...
1 year ago
The owner runs an IT sweatshop and mistreats his employees. Look elsewhere for IT support. Check Indeed for employee reviews to see what I am talking about and do not support a tyrant who mistreats his employees.
1 year ago
Dr Developers is an esteemed software development company with a long-standing reputation for delivering superior quality applications that meet the exacting needs of their clients. Their team of highly qualified and experienced engineers possess a deep and broad expert...
1 year ago
A bud tender (white bald guy with a big beard) was a Total Clown. I was waiting at the register waiting and 2 people walked in after me. He Looked right at me put up one finger and said he'd be right with me and started showing the 2 people that walked in after me ...