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Kam Law Firm

Kam Law Firm

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Sasha Kamfiroozie founded Kam Law Firm in 2001, which is a corporate and trust law firm. Sasha's law practice includes all issues related to incapacity and death, including trust administration, estate planning, conservatorship, and elder financial abuse. She uses estate planning to help clients manage assets, achieve estate planning objectives and plan for the future. Sasha also has extensive experience in handling estate and trust litigation, as well as advising her clients on trusts and estate administration. Sasha is also a court-appointed attorney and Guardian ad Litem for Conservatorship cases. The term "probate" is used by the courts to refer to the process of transferring the assets (estates) of a deceased to their legal heirs and beneficiaries. Meeting with an experienced attorney can help you manage and understand this complex process. In the absence of a Will, a family member, usually, an immediate relative, who is entitled to inherit will petition the court for Probate to become Administrator. The court may require that the individual have a good credit rating unless the legal heirs of the deceased (first- and second-degree relatives) waive the bond and reside in California. It is not easy to understand the rules that govern dealing with creditors. You should hire a probate lawyer who is experienced to guide you throughout the process and in particular when dealing with creditors' claims. You must first determine whether creditor claims are valid before paying them. Creditors must follow special rules to be paid. (Except for secured creditors like mortgage holders). If creditors do not follow these procedures, they may lose their rights to be paid.


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