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The Human Dog Team
The Human Dog Team
The Human Dog Team
The Human Dog Team

The Human Dog Team

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4414 33rd St, San Diego, CA 92116, USA Get Directions
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My name is Gonzalo. Gonzalo helps humans and their dogs to build better relationships. My reward is your dog's favorite (play, toys, praise, treats, freedom, etc.) Also, I help to remove unwanted behaviors. It's important to first educate the humans. This session is designed to help you set goals and learn the basics of dog training. It is a great feeling to be able communicate with and live alongside your dog. I am happy to provide you with safety and communication tips that will help your dog-human team become a reality. For over a decade I have helped dogs and their owners with relationship problems. I combine the natural behavior of each dog with the most effective training methods. My goal is long-term success. My training methods are based on natural and structured techniques that make it fun. My dog training program incorporates modern scientific methods and tools for training dogs. Positive reinforcement, relationship-based training and model training are all included. It is an easy technique to use. My parents are from Argentina. As an American, I was always fascinated with how animals communicate. I was particularly interested in the communication between people and dogs. In my early teens and twenties I worked as a vet assistant. I also managed a pet care. Veterinarians gave me valuable information and I also gained a lot of experience dealing with animals. I have seen many different human-animal interactions over the years. Then I realized dog owners needed a fun, natural and constructive approach to the learning process of their dogs. My passion for solving this communication problem led me to a continuous search of training techniques which fit the dogs' biology rather than just concentrating on "popular" methods. I always use natural, interactive methods. Both dog and owner will enjoy and benefit from the training. You should reflect your lifestyle and strengths in how you raise dogs. Specialize in enhancing human-dog interactions and eliminating undesirable behaviors. You will be given step-by-step instruction and the reasons why certain behaviors occur. Looking forward to working with you and your dog.


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