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Positive reviews for Sparkling Clean Pro highlight the company's exceptional house cleaning services. Customers appreciate the attention to detail and thoroughness of the cleaners, as well as their professionalism and punctuality. The upfront pricing and reminders provided by the company are also commended. With bi-weekly visits, customers have consistently experienced good work, with multiple cleaners receiving recommendations. Additionally, customers have been impressed with the quality of the cleaning, noting that their homes were left sparkling clean and fresh. Overall, Sparkling Clean Pro is praised for their reliable and efficient service in maintaining a clean and healthy environment for their clients. Unique facts about Sparkling Clean Pro: 1. Diamond Certified Company: Sparkling Clean Pro is a Diamond Certified Company, which is a prestigious certification that recognizes companies for their high-quality service and customer satisfaction. 2. Eco-friendly cleaning: Sparkling Clean Pro is committed to using eco-friendly cleaning products, ensuring a safe and non-toxic environment for their clients. 3. Vigilance during COVID-19: Sparkling Clean Pro remains vigilant to COVID-19's potential risks and has adapted their cleaning practices to prioritize the removal of pathogens, providing an extra layer of safety and peace of mind to their customers. Sparkling Clean Pro specializes in providing high-quality, eco-friendly residential cleaning services in San Francisco. Their understanding of the importance of cleanliness in the fight against COVID-19 has led them to adapt their cleaning practices accordingly. They recognize that cleaning is no longer just about aesthetics but also the elimination of pathogens to maintain a healthy environment for work, worship, business, or play. Sparkling Clean Pro's dedication to providing thorough and effective cleaning services in the face of this new reality sets them apart in the industry.


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