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Beach Cities DUI

Beach Cities DUI

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DUI Lawyer Beach Cities DUI is aware that DUI arrests are common. DUI will result in a driver's license being suspended by the DMV and criminal court sanctions. DUI lawyers can stop DMV suspensions and reduce charges or dismiss DUI charges. We offer the most affordable DUI legal services in south bay. Beach Cities DUI offers a no-obligation consultation for you to hear the honest opinion of an experienced DUI attorney. Every day, we fight DUI cases in court and before the DMV because this is all that we do. In countless cases, police arrest someone without having ever seen them driving. In many instances, we have handled cases in which people were sleeping in their vehicles and there was no driving. Police arrived at the accident scene and did not see any driving. There can't be a DUI conviction if there wasn't any driving. You can challenge the results of a field sobriety test. Officers often do not perform the field sobriety test correctly, or they may not have described the tests properly. National Highway Traffic Association conducted numerous tests that laid out the guidelines for testing. Officers must adhere to the exact guidelines, or else the test is useless. The tests can be affected by many external factors, which may affect the performance of a driver on this very challenging roadside test. The arguments need to be supported by legal arguments, but they can help you fight DUI charges. The Blood Alcohol Content can also be challenged. California Code of Regulations Title 17 contains guidelines on proper testing. The police must adhere to the rules or else the results will not be admissible. You can challenge the accuracy and/or reliability of breathalyzers or blood tests. You can challenge whether police officers followed procedures specified in the Code.


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